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  1. I’m Not good with the gliders at all but what he says is gospel. Things that float & things that sink. Every move you make will change something. not always a bad thing.
  2. Are those what you’re making from the hard maple? That looks great. My glider builds aren’t there yet. Luckily I have a pal that builds good ones.
  3. It’s soft. Definitely not as durable as maple but takes a lot of sealer. The dust isn’t toxic like the cedars.
  4. JJ have you tried any basswood for carvings? Not sure about your tolerances to it but if you haven’t tried it you should. A joy to turn also.
  5. Love the paint on that pencil. What is it? White and chromish? Nice
  6. In
  7. Amazing how far and straight they fly with no line attached.
  8. 10 points for TK. Great explanation.
  9. Do you use anything to remove the Pam from the weights before epoxying? not sure of your sequencing when you build these. Noticed a few have been having ghost epoxy issues.
  10. I bumped a thread up. Maybe something in it will help
  11. Bump
  12. I do about the same as LFOD Rarely miss on most wood. Maples are the toughest for me. It’s not for everyone. You either get good or bleed.