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  1. Mine has a rotisserie motor at about 3 rpm. As long as you have plugs tensioned good I havent seen any problems. Loose plugs will try to right themselves on each revolution. 30 rpm sounds fast. Time it and count rpms
  2. Wow. What’s the wood?
  3. When my local water cleans up I want to swim them. The other thing I thought about changing was 2 belly hooks and a flag on one of them. I worry about taking away from the strength of the wood also. On a fat piece of wood you can drill and fill without worrying. Not sure how much these skinny things will take. That maple is beautiful. I would have trouble painting it. I’d consider some colored stains.
  4. Those are sharp. How long are they?
  5. I might have to try that. Usually the last thing before putting on the spinner is swab eyes out with q-tip.
  6. Challenge here too. I’m a needle rookie but yes there are 2 in it. I drilled out the tail weights some to balance. Ive only made a few this size. It’s still a work in progress. It’s still pretty tail heavy but I will have to see what it does when the water gets better. Ive never caught on one or fished them much so it’s a new one for me.
  7. Distracted by snow removal
  8. That’s me.
  9. The adjustment on the back is excellent. I knew what I wanted but never made it happen.
  10. Here ya go. I do most things by hand but the center finder is one of the basic things I use. Insert end tap tap. Spin 90 degrees tap tap. Works on square and round. The marker is a hacksaw blade epoxied into a 2x
  11. Got a sweet glider today. Excellent work on this. I think it was Rui. Thanks for a great plug. Top notch. Can’t wait to swim it.
  12. Good luck
  13. The 5 minute epoxy fills in around them and gets into the gouges. And I try to fill it up to match the contour. Let dry and rough shape with a half round bastard file. It works.
  14. Something like this
  15. I don’t have any turned at the moment but I’ll get you some pics. The shot is very small so I drill shallow and gouge a few places in the bottom of the hole with a scratch awl befofore I seal so the 5 minute epoxy will have something to grab into. What do you fill your weight holes with?