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  1. I’m in. Nice gesture
  2. I know what you mean about the cut offs. This do it mold recommends adding a swivel before pouring. = a little more length + different action. I would try some with one.
  3. They look good. I missed the concept in the beginning and thought you were carving plugs. We fish similar metals here and they catch as is or powder coated. I’m sure those will do well.
  4. You never know what’s going to work until you try it. How did you install the wire?
  5. Sure is. It was given to a friend at IBSP
  6. Got in NJ
  7. Got a few macks and some others finished. Haven’t tried many Mack patterns but the black sharpie did the trick.
  8. Wow
  9. I’m in
  10. ,325 tail grommet #51 nose grommet i think these are striper swipers that didn't make the cut for they all have slight imperfections and the belly swivel is cut. They are packaged as " bluefish ". I thought I read they were some type of foam poured solid. Very cheap less than 10$ if you search the auction sites. Just getting harder to find them. I actually got a couple of the striper swipers cheap and ended up using them without the belly hooks also. Just one of my go to plugs I have used for awhile. They fly great and throw a ton of water. Had to reconfigure the nose loop for ease of use. Remove the tail hook and they work great as an agitator with a trailer. Like the casting eggs.
  11. Yes
  12. The 2 wire eyes were just formed and cast so there is a tag end on each eye. They pulled easily after nipping the eye in two. For the record the tag end was the top piece. Heated the ends and spun back and forth with pliers til I saw the other side moving. Nip one side clean and spin and pull on the other. Redrilled and wired. Sudsy you are on the right track with the charge heating the wire. I can't remember where I read it but that was stuck in my head. I hoped someone knew a good way to do that when I posted this. I'll get back in touch with a couple electrician friends and ask them. Haven't seen them in a while.
  13. Got it.
  14. Maybe it will drill. I'll try something soon.