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  1. Check the hands for callouses. If they have them on the palm it usually indicates that they are hard working. If they have them on their thumbs it indicates that they are hardly working except for speed-texting. I look forward to the day when we experience a major solar flare that fries our communication network. I will walk around laughing at all the mindless zombies moping around because they can't "connect" and have to actually DO SOMETHING for themselves. Of course that will be after they all completely lose their minds because they will be forced to talk to people FACE to FACE instead of blindly texting every piece of worthless/useless drivel that fills their lives. BRING ON THE AMMAGEDDON!!!!
  2. What does Jimbo say on South Park, right before he shoots at an animal? "He's heading right for us!" .....and he shoots a rabbit, squirrel or a bird in flight.
  3. Probably the same clowns that watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and survivor religiously week after week and get pissed when "their" choice gets axed. Then there's the special section of these royaltards that will be tuning into HSN and QVC to snap up every "royal wedding" plate and mug set they cart out!
  4. Thought it was about a$$hats getting tea-bagged. I have about as much interest in ANY royal wedding as I do about any celebrity, politician or sports star wedding....NONE. Maybe someone can explain how this event, in any way, shape or form, will impact or improve our lives? Maybe if the bride was willing to give everyone a rub-n-tug, but ONLY the bride.
  5. The dog may need counseling due to its experience with a idiotic owner! When I heard the report last night I laughed out loud, realizing that they couldn't be seriously reporting this. When they played the 911 call, we kept wondering how the operator couldn't keep from laughing either. Maybe they should have a friendly discussion with the women and see if she might need to consider some sort of financial compensation for a false/unwarranted 911 call???
  6. I would suggest trying whatever rod setup you plan on using on land before heading out (and discovering that you are unable to cast as desired). sit in a beach chair and try casting...easy as it gets. I did the same thing with my spinning gear before heading out, to gauge how hard it might be to cast well from a kayak. Hint: The more you do it, the better you WILL get!!!
  7. 2X a week (end), 1 or 2 nights during the week, April thru November. Average travel is 2-4 miles per trip. (1/2 heading out, 1/2 heading back) Some salt, mostly fresh. 60% day. 40% night
  8. There are quite a few different brands available, and no one is any better than another, except when they add "special features" to entice the buyers. I've been wearing one for a couple of years now, and was wearing a "French foreign-legion" type setup before that. I also wear long sleeves AND gloves. I get fewer and fewer strange looks as people are starting to see more and more of them nowadays.
  9. Reel size does matter, but that first guide matters just as much. If the spool width is too large in comparison to that first guide, then casts will be restricted by friction of line loops constantly hitting the guide and causing drag. If the spool is equal to, or slightly larger that the guide the drag effect is drastically decreased. Line selection can have an impact as well, as mono vs. braid. Braid will loop less and not cause as much drag as mono, but cost more, and can be a PIA when knotted/tangled. Do some comparisons when looking at a new rod and reel to optimize your overall results.
  10. Looks like a "safari" divorce. No contention, as she CHOSE to get out of the car. Maybe he sprayed her with a meat flavored aroma, or cat pheromones???
  11. Didn't know that they made a "gender-neutral" toilet? What makes them so special? Do they blast "We are the world" when you sit down? Vermont has ALWAYS had gender-neutral bathrooms.....just step outside and find your own tree or hole in the ground! This topic is nothing more that a political attention getter, like the spoiled brat longing for attention! Back in the 80's and 90's they were called "unisex" bathrooms, and no one cared who used them as long as you behaved civil and weren't a complete slob!
  12. Pretty much everyone has the ability to sing. It falls in the same line of thought as humming. Whether or not you will be good at it will be determined by practice and experience. (remember that singing doesn't HAVE to have words, just a tune), so unless you are born WITHOUT vocal cords, you can sing. All this means is that you can make sounds that might be construed as a song, but could also just be nonsensical noises like when a baby babbles and "talks" to themselves.
  13. Every year when we have cooler-than-usual springs we get the same questions/complaints/observations. What it boils down to is that cold weather will slow the spring spawn & migrations. That just means you will have to work harder to get the fish. SO....unless you fully expect fish to jump in your boat or at your feet at shore on every cast, it turns out to be "just one of those" seasons. I think of it as a chance to fine-tune my tackle and presentations. Luckily for me the pickerel and perch have been active (post-spawn for both).
  14. This thread has survived longer than most fish do!
  15. Cheetahs use that same throat crushing move all the big cats use, so claws or no claws, the kid could have been dead AND gone in seconds! The video also proves another thing....that the Dutch ALSO hate the French...