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  1. Remember to NOT over-inflate, as they tend to "pop" before you do...
  2. Remember to NOT over-inflate, as they tend to "pop" before you do...
  3. Get some Dry-lock and spray yourself crack-to-sack. Then when "the boys" swell up like grapefruit you can join the circus side show!
  4. The two dim bulbs that had a run in at Duxbury were (by the terms used by the EPO's) harassing the shark, provoking the encounter.
  5. What really makes you wonder is that they instituted the salt water license, but where has that money gone? Increased EPO's? More enforcement? no, just better "equipment" for existing staff. Pretty much the same thing with freshwater license. You can fish some waters and never see a game warden or EPO, but fish "prominent" waterways and they come out of the woodwork. The state closed many of their fisheries and have their officers from Westborough travel across the eastern part of the state. I was checked some years back while fishing in Westford and he was stationed in Westborough. Seems like they only patrol the "major" waterways, in the most popular locales..... Just saying.....
  6. Was on vacation years back, and went to a local shop that specialized in local art and craft works. I saw a pair of $1,200.00 silver earrings with opal settings that my wife would love. Not knowing the conversion rate for that region, I simply asked the women behind the counter if the price was negotiable. She shrugged her shoulders so I asked he "If I have $1,000.00 how much would you take off, and she replied without batting an eye..."Everything but my earrings!"
  7. That's the "wolf in sheep's clothing" approach. Male cheerleaders in college are usually players that couldn't play anymore due to injury, but didn't want to leave the game. Where else can you watch a game AND get to handle girls butts on a regular basis (without having to pay for it, of course)???
  8. Either she has connections or really puts out....again and again and again!!!
  9. She was probably like that proverbial librarian...wholesome, squeaky clean to the world, but behind closed doors a complete freak that would take on Greg, Sam AND Alice...
  10. If you hadn't had a problem in recent years, it could be a "rainfall evasion" where they seek shelter from raising water levels. Then it could also be scouting for a new nest with a new queen that has left the old nest. We had a new queen try to start a new nest under a fruit bowl on our counter top. They snuck in undetected, which is impressive in itself, and would have been hidden well until they started foraging. Once detected and eradicated, they never tried to re-establish a nest inside our house again. Those liquid ant traps do work, just be careful when placing them as the liquid is a pain to clean up when spilled!
  11. Dad needs to suffer the same fate and take the same amount KNOWING it will kill him! Record it and it would be a you tube sensation overnight!
  12. Only if I had had a "lop-it-off-amy" done...
  13. Of course many think of chickens as "pets" instead of "food", and they treat them as such. That usually includes holding them and coddling them like a small pet. If you are going to have chickens, you need to supply plenty of (and replace regularly) straw/hay for them to root and poop in. Add to this the lack of proper hygiene and you get what you deserve!
  14. Fiberglass clippings and rubbing alcohol works great. You'll be forgetting the itch in no time! Talc used to be a go-to (Gold Bond powder) but when you get the swamp-ass, it turns into crotch cake-batter in the worst way.