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  1. Why is the dock out in the middle on nowhere?
  2. BFT Before you retired did you have an outside job or inside job?
  3. I've seen the same thing at Sears. People returning tools that they got at a flea market. Last Sep I got a pair of LL Bean waders because of the warranty. Oh well. Without this they are just like everyone else out there. I'll give them 2-3 years before the go under.
  4. On windy days I reach for the spin surf rod.
  5. I gave up on all the mags because they have minimal content and maximum ads. They are all a shell of what they were.
  6. You can use an 8wt to toss small flies. I do it all the time.
  7. I use an 8 wt Sage. The 8 wt helps when the large mouths make a run for the pond gup. Also I can throw big flies and still toss tiny flies if needed. SMB are good fighters and give me a good time on this rod.
  8. ill take them for 20 shipped
  9. More space made it better to walk around. I was able to use one of the casting pools for the first time ever. I enjoyed it.
  10. Whatever I find a flea market for around $2.
  11. I saw those boxes in the Rip Lips booth today.
  12. Much better in the new place. More space was just what this show needed.
  13. I see you are using the homemade craft store fly box. I use these all the time and they work great.
  14. Ever watch all those shows on Velocity? They all have cars in the background being worked on to be sold at auction. They have rebuilding old cars to a science and auctions pay the bills.
  15. Sorry to hear this. He was a nice guy and I enjoyed talking to him at several of the plugfest.