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  1. L&H

    Sportsman center closed? when did this happen?
  2. L&H

    Sad to see another fly shop close.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  4. The Somerset place was sold. Edison place is a bigger place tucked in the back of an industrial park.
  5. Dronlee is one of a kind. I'm a big fan of his work. I don't know how I missed this fly.
  6. These are cool. Can we get a closeup pics of one?
  7. I have the same plug. Pic of it on the thread below.
  8. 30 min Devcon does turn yellow. Use it on something white and you will see it yellow. UV stuff is not cheap but I've had good success with it. They stopped making the stuff I was using and just started using Loon UV.
  9. What a great thread!
  10. The guys who backed out on you are to blame not Hogy. You got burned by your pals.
  11. Also a Hot shower before bedtime and buy some melatonin. Its a natural supplement that will augment the melatonin your body produces. it will help you stay asleep.
  12. I got the cheeky tyro triple pack for my 8wt fw Bass rod. So far its a solid reel.
  13. I watched it also. The footage of the bug hatch on silver creek is crazy.
  14. Look up Shannons fly shop in Califon for flies to use.