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  1. No. Once I pair up a rod and reel, it stays as an complete out fit. I like this method. Gives you a reason for owning many rods and reels. Hope the wife don't read this.
  2. Look what ever you want to call it. Born a man, still and always will be a man. Same go's if born a woman. What ever it feels it wants to be, D N A still say's it will be what it was born. Poor America, what have we become.?
  3. I'm in. Thank's.
  4. Hi, When I was young I could cast pretty far out. Now I'm 68, I might hit 70 to 80 yds on a good day. But I try to put it were the fish are any way. Most fish I get are between 20 to 50 yds out. Tight lines. Buy the way, I use 20# mono most of the time. 25# or 30# when I'm going for Bull drum.
  5. I agree, I'm a substitute teacher since I retired. You wouldn't believe some of these kid's we deal with. I didn't see as much bad attitudes when I was drafted in the Army. There are a lot of good students that want to learn, But some times the bad one's make it impossible for them. Oh yeah, some of the Dr's that run the schools let them get away with it.
  6. After a tragic shooting like that , You would have to be a really sick puppy to bring up politics, and the race card . Wonder how he would feel if it was one of his kid's were shot by a mad dog. Get a Life !
  7. It's really the Federal Boro of ineptness. There to busy playing politics.
  8. Send it back to Penn, They will fix it. It has a warranty.
  9. So, If we gave into the left and had no guns. Think he would of made a bomb . You bet ,A knife, you bet. This guy was reported to the F.B.I. about his remark about wanting to be a school shooter. They did nothing, there to busy doing things to Trump. We need more Nut hut's to take care of these people. When he was a rotten bully in school he should have been reported. Law's mean sh%t if there not enforced. I'll keep all my gun's.
  10. I would check with a local tackle store near the water. Let your fingers do the walking on your computer.
  11. I'm in, Happy Valentine's Day.
  12. I have a 7' Ugly stick I use for Whiting, anything close in the surf. The rod is great, has great feel. Love it.
  13. A lot of Bean customer's have abused there liberal policy. I'm o.k. with the new policy.
  14. Will the hood bling come standard or is an option. I like both.
  15. Welcome to the forum.