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  1. Like obuma cared about the Vet's. ha, ha,
  2. Right ,eddy. I always thought we were a Republic. Canada HaHa. They couldn't defend there own a#s in a conflict, W W 1 and W W 2 we had to support them also. If you guy's like Canada so much why don't you join the sh#t head draft dodger's up there, and move there. Looks like the Canadian people are getting fed up with there P.M. with his crazy imagration views. See people eventually get fed up with all these B.S. idiots.
  3. Hey old goat, I remember doing that. Now they know how really old we are. Lol. Out of all the 4 X 4's I've had I think I liked my 1979 G.M.C. Jimmy the best, Big, roomy, real 4 X 4 and loved the 350. And yes it had real bumpers. Ran her till she rusted away.
  4. glensave, I agree with you. Don't know about what that guy caught, But I got infected last year. I was fishing at IRI, De. I caught a fish and wasn't paying attension were I stepped plus the fact my studs on my boots were worn out. Now have Korkkers. Well I go down Broke the rod tip, and hit my right shin pretty hard. Man it was bleeding and started to swell like a soft ball from the fall. So what to I do , pack up, put a band aid on her and go buy a new rod. After fishing in pain with the leg. I go back to the motel and clean everything and go eat. Next day at home I go to the Doctor, I had a bacterial infection from the Water on the rocks , had to take to antibiotics because there is one bacteria for the bay water, and one for the ocean water. Go figure, All healed but still dis colored skin on the shin.You have to watch out , but the fall was all on me. Not the climate or Al Gore.
  5. I had a Triumph 19' Bay boat. She was great on the bay and the Flats. Then I went to a Triumph 210 , another great boat . Unforntunatly they don't make them any more. I liked them Better than the Mako I got rid of. Smooth ride in rough water, But a 20' boat will be fine. I would stick with a V hull, skiffs beat the Heck out of you. Plus get one built with a double hull. If you go used ,I'd try to find a used Triumph. They made a 20' v hull too. But a Bayliner is a pretty good boat. .
  6. Were do you get the Gaul to compare Lizzzz with Mussolini, He was better looking. LOL. But they all get hung by there feet sooner or later. Old saying , give them enough rope ,tie it off and they will hang themselves. These idiots that come up with this communist B.S. don't believe it themselves. They need these forums to be heard , that is there right under the constitution of America, witch they want to change. On the street's , Nobody would listen to them. I love it for the entertainment factor.
  7. I agree, But once they suck us dry. Were will the cash come from then. Sounds like what happened to the USSR, How happy we are.
  8. Riverboat, They do see the difference, They just won't man up and admit it. They Bitch and complain about America, But there still here. There to stupid to see even if there right, the money people in this country won't and will stop them from ever taking power. See they stay because they can get away with what they say, Socialist country's , they may not and communist country's them and there family's would be dead, or in a nice over crowded prison provided by the state . I only like to read and answer what they said for entertainment. They live in a dream world. Good people, but stupid way of thinking.
  9. Game, Is this what you really want America to become. Yes or no. Germany's NSADP party let people own business. Very socialistic, . Russia CCCP, was really a true communist country, No ownership of any thing by the people, very low wages, poor housing provided by the government. Wow ! our Capitalist America survived , were are the other to socialist , Germany NAZI, USSR communist country's. Kaput!
  10. Zimmy, Right now there allowing 12 trucks on the North O.S.V. and 18 trucks on the South osv. I don't like the North osv only because they don't have an air pump there. I'm to lazy to set mine up. So the South OSV is were I went. Sand is very soft, But if you have a real 4 X 4 system and air down you will be ok. Fishing was slow, Taylor blues, Whiting , And a lot of spot, now the Blue was about 16" the whiting were about 6" to 8" but a nice one big one, spot ranged from small to very large , mostly large. FBBW out fished sqiudde, and spot. I gave up on the big rod and just fished for the smaller fish after 2 days of no big fish. One guy caught a skate. Want shark's then fish at night.The crowds were all over the swimming beach every day, OSV , there always was room, I showed up on a daily time of about 8:30 to 9: 00 a.m. every morning, I was either the first truck or the second one for the OSV. You have to sign in before driving on and flip a number plaque over . Oh yeah, there was more beach and better entry at the south OSV to drive on. Only people who got stuck were AWD cars, people that didn't air down, and people that backed up to the wet sand line. I didn't think they have a week pass for the OSV sections. I bought one in MD for 90 bucks and is good all year on A.I.MD and A. I. VA. Hope this helps.
  11. Why don't we call them what they rally are. There real name is Communist. There out to destroy the U.S.A. I think it was President Eisenhuaer that said the U.S.A. will never fall to an other country, We will fall from whiten from our own people. So lets stop calling them a less horrible name like they want, Let's call them what they are, Communist. We don't have to be polite to them.,
  12. Take it. There great on the beach. Just make sure you air down, Try 4 h, second gear. you should be good to go. If she bogs a little put her in 4 low. I like second gear better than drive, stops the trany to stop searching for O.D. Other than Jeeps and 4 funner's ,I like them very much on the beach.I have a Jeep, great shape . I give her a coat of spray wax before I go to the beach, and a good under carraige and body rinse before heading home or when I get home.. Unless it 's raining.Tight Lines.
  13. Went to A.I.Va for a week surf fishing. Took a day off and felt rested and ready to fish again.
  14. A.I. VA. taylor Blues, few whiting ( Kings) tons of spot. All fish caught about 30 to 40 yds off beach OSV south.
  15. North side or the south side, Whithing, spot, if real lucky ,I mean real lucky, maybe a flounder. If you use bigger tackle you might try for sharks.