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  1. New tire is leaking. Wheeleez no bueno.
  2. Like glass this am .
  3. Check out the cloud seat. Pretty comfortable. Also the surf to summit is pretty good too. The surf to summit seat has brass clips and a rigid bottom. The cloud seat has stainless clips and a flexible bottom. Like most things I think this is a personal choice . Ideally you would want to see them in person or even better sit on one. My concern would be the old revo seat screwed into the hull. These seats do not.
  4. Wow that looks like my hook 4 screen this am. Mine was fluctuating between 2 and 15 feet. Must have been whales passing below me?
  5. Received the new tire. Came partially inflated. Easy install the new valve is working. Noticed the valve on the other tire is failing now. Talked to a fellow kayaker on the beach today with the same issue. I guess they can’t make money if the valves last more then 2 years?
  6. You can always watch a video from you tube on how to paddle, self rescue, tie kayak on car rack? Pretty much a you tube video for anything?
  7. Monmouth county parks offers kayak lessons. They are pretty good.
  8. I order from them all the time. Never had an issue. Mostly snowboard stuff and winter clothes. Try outdoorplay for a semi dry suit?
  9. I would add the hull bottom should be transducer ready to fit any size transducer. A battery bag would be nice? Nice design features.
  10. The best advice someone can give a new kayak fisherman is less is more. Don't bring too many rods, lures, nets, reels.. More stuff to clean after fishing. More stuff to keep track of on the kayak. More stuff to disappear when you flip. If you have a paddle kayak a paddle leash is very important in case you drop your paddle. You can never have too much water for drinking, sun screen to prevent burning, or safety gear including the proper clothing, pfd. Good luck and be safe.
  11. Sunday sounds good to me.
  12. If your dry suit has feet in it that are over sized you may need to order the next size up. Also if you plan on wearing socks in the spring and fall the extra space on the larger sided might come in handy. In a perfect world back when kayak stores were local you could go in and try the stuff on. Unfortunately we live in an internet world these days. Good luck with your decision.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Great ideas. I will close the thread since it was duplicated a few months ago.