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    If not snowboarding I like to bicycle or kayak .
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    Kayak fishing, snowboarding, bicycling
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    I am a data base administrator for shop rite

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  1. Prowler is narrower, lighter, faster. Trident is wider, heavier, slower , and the bottom caves in near the rod pod area.
  2. C12 is for people of small stature. The c14 works great out front. Surf launches in waves over 3 feet not advised for most fisherman. Trident hulls are soft and will defform. Also they are slow.Good luck with your decision. If you get an ocean kayak get a prowler.
  3. Yes beach launches
  4. I tie my rod flat to the deck for launches and landings. I keep the reel in a dry bag with some lures. Best surfing fishing kayak on the planet. Also light weight.
  5. I use a 7 foot rod with my scrambler. It works well. Good luck with your rod selection. I like the 1 piece ugly stick tiger lites
  6. Bump I need my kayak porn too. Good luck with your modifications Al. This site needs another kayak paddler
  7. Check out an eddyline caribbean 14. The hull does not deform. The are light weight and paddle and glide well. Good luck with your decision. Keep in mind you will spend more on accessories then the cost of the kayak. Fish finders, vhf radio, clothes for paddling, paddle.
  8. All great advice. What model hobie do you have? Some surf better then others. 3 foot waves are pretty big for most people I have kayaked with. Also the amount of time between waves is important. The longer the time between waves the better. If you ever want to go send me a pm. I live in Monmouth county. Good luck and be safe. Dress for immersion:)
  9. I think the problem has been resolved. No issues yesterday for me from my cell phone or computer.
  10. I got this reply from Tim S There has been an increase in these popup ads that are getting through one of the ad networks. We are working on it, my apologies. To get rid of it you need to close your browser - and when you restart it, click the backbutton at the top left as it's starting. That bad ad is stuck in your browser at the moment TimS
  11. According to google the problem is wit this site. I don’t have the issue on other sites.
  12. Resetting the history did not help me either
  13. iPhone 6 for me
  14. Is anybody else getting an amazon ad telling them they won a 1000 gift card and to fill out a survey? Only comes up on phone not computer. Only on this site? Just curious? If this happens to you exit immediately. The survey will take a week to finish.
  15. I have yet to find a kayak that did not leak. The rod pod on my trident 13 seemed to leak more the most hatches on a kayak. You can always secure your rods to the deck by laying them flat and attaching them and removing the reels. If you have 2 piece rods they would likely fit inside your front hatch. . If you want things to remain dry i would suggest you place them in a dry bag. If center storage area between your legs is not open to the inside of the hull I would not open it it could cause structural problems. Good luck with your decision. I would suggest you practice your surf launch and landings without any gear. Also dress for immersion.