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  1. Dry suits on sale . 20% off. Out door play
  2. Nice day for a paddle/pedal.
  3. Anybody fishing out front this weekend? I hear the false albacore are still around . Weather looks pretty good. Waves around 2 feet. Wind not too bad ?
  4. Thanks for sharing. I would agree a wet suit is cheaper and more durable and you can swim better in it. A dry suit is more comfortable and more likely to fail and more expensive. I always thought a wet suit was designed to be wet or used when in the water and a dry suit was designed to be used out of the water not in the water ? I prefer the dry suit but I can see how a wet suit has it's advantages.
  5. No longer available
  6. There is some guy who fishes for tuna out of his kayak at the cape. He brings swim fins, dive mask, snorkel. He fishes out of a sit inside kayak. I use to bring the fins , dive mask, snorkel also. I stopped bringing them. I am not sure how good I could swim in a semi dry suit? I used to use a wet suit. I think I could swim better with the wet suit. Good luck and be safe. I would love to see 3 people swim 100 yards in a wet suit, semi dry suit, waders. I think the dude in the wet suit would win? I have never seen a video of people swimming with a pfd, dry suit, waders, wet suit? Fins would help with wet suit. Not sure about the waders or dry suit. Unfortunately we can kayak much further then we can swim. This leaves us vulnerable if our kayak sinks. Not sure there is an easy solution to this dilemma? Compound this by the fact that most middle age men are not in great shape?
  7. Thanks for the tip Bill.
  8. My dry bag for my radio has a clip I can attach to the deck. I really don’t want anything else attached to my pfd. It would interfere with re-entry and my paddle stroke. If I was pedaling I may carry more gear on my vest. I also don’t bring an extra paddle either. Really living on the edge ?
  9. Good point Bill. The plan would involve keeping my kayak afloat with the pump and paddling it back to shore. If the kayak sinks abruptly and I can’t access my hatch I would have to rely on my dry suit and pfd and ability to swim back to shore. Let’s face it every decision you make can change your life. I am not going to paddle with a vhf radio attached to my pfd. I have a whistle and a knife. I guess you would consider this reckless. It has worked for me so far. Everyone has to assess their own level of risk they want to assume when the paddle out in their kayak. My solution may not be the best but I am comfortable with it. Good luck out there and be safe.
  10. My Grumman canoe had flotation in the ends. It would not sink below the water level until you tried to climb back in full of water. Then it would sink. Would also sink if you got pinned against a rock. The reason I know that is because that is how I sank mine up by port jervis. Things happen on the water. Things happen fast. You don't always get much notice before things go really bad. Nobody really knows how they will react in this situation. Hopefully what ever decisions we make will allow us to survive and report back about the incident. The best advice anyone can give you is to go out with some friends. There is strength in numbers. Good luck with your decision. Dress for the water temp not the air temp. And expect to get wet.
  11. VHF radio's are great when they work Most don't work well if wet. Many have a short range and a short battery life. Some people like to use them to talk while they are fishing. I normally put mine in my hatch in a dry bag in case of an emergency. I also keep a compass in there too. Also carry my cell phone in a dry bag too. It has been pointed out to me if my kayak sinks I will not be able to use my cell phone or vhf radio. I also carry a pump in case my kayak springs a leak. Some people bring a pair of cutters in case they need to cut a hook out of their finger. Others bring a first aid kit. I tend to pack pretty light. I don't bring much extra gear with me. A few lures, 1 rod and reel, some leader material, some gatorade, sun screen, pfd, whistle, knife, empty peanut butter jar to pee in, paddle , paddle leash, rod leash, fish finder, fish finder battery. I don't even bring my crate any more. I also bring a safety flag. Good luck with your decision.
  12. It all depends on your ability and comfort level. Dry suit is the most comfortable and expensive and yes you can puncture it. A wet suit is less comfortable but better for swimming. Also cheaper and hard to damage. Most people I kayak with in the spring and fall have dry suit. It is a personal decision. One you will have to live with. I started out with a wet suit and later bought a dry suit. I also used to carry swim fins with me and a dive mask and a snorkel. I don’t do that anymore. If you dump in a wet suit you will be cold. It ended my day. If I dump in a dry suit my day continues after I climb back into the kayak. If my kayak sinks all bets are off. You may be better off in a wet suit if you have to swim a big distance. This is a personal decision you need to figure out how much you can afford and how much risk is acceptable for you and your family. Good luck with your decision.
  13. Found this on line. Think about next time you see some paddlers in raritan bay in the spring in shorts and t-shirt on a warm day: It is from the book you recommended. As you say, effective for those who listen, or actually even get to hear the message… In the next three months as the weather warms up, we’ll have a number of kayaking deaths along the following lines: (1) got a kayak for Christmas (2) on a beautiful spring day, went out for a paddle on the local lake (3) wearing a T-shirt and shorts, since the air temperature was in the 80s (4) but the water temperature was still only in the 40s (5) capsized for some trivial and stupid reason (6) died.
  14. Try outdoor play dot com or yahoo shopping. Good luck. I think outdoor play offers a discount if you join their mailing list.