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  1. East. Atlantic bonito. Just ate it. Was really good. The false albacore that looks and fights similar supposedly tastes like sh..
  2. One of my best fish on the fly. Not far from the beach
  3. I wasn't fly fishing at the time but Mal Pais in Costa had big jacks, roosters, red snapper, and fun surf. Tamarindo had small jacks that we caught. On the east coast we had a small snook in a river mouth but there are tarpon there as well in the Puerto Viejo area. This was all from land. Rented a Panga Boat south of Mal Pais and got small tuna. Wish I had a fly rod for that trip.
  4. Not to trump the thread but just to add to it. Memphremagog this past couple days was good. Smb pull insanely hard. Topwater was king. My dad and son used spinning rods with bobbers and poppers bc I was doing so well on top. It’s a fine gamefish
  5. I hear ya Bill. I'm hoping the water is clear and the smelt are in. There was a smallmouth blitz last year when I was there. Was great.
  6. Philly thanks. Good call on the color schemes. It’s a pretty fishy and large lake with only six or so miles in the USA. We fish most of what you say. High bottom rock piles. Weed lines islands ect. I hope the smelt are in. Last couple years the bass have been popping on them
  7. thanks. good start
  8. Heading up to Lake Memphremagog next week in Northern VT. What are your guys go to flies and techniques for a deep clear lake like this? I have thrown clousers, poppers, magog smelt flat wings ect. Just want some ideas for the bench before I go and maybe some colors of the patterns you like. Thanks
  9. I think that is some kind of cichlid
  10. I found a you tube video and tied these. EP crab is the body. Not too hard. I like the idea of the chair coasters. I have some of those. Would love to catch a bass on a crab fly
  11. Its a lefty's deceiver I think. Some kind of deceiver that I did not tie. To be honest I have been fishing for blues with sinking line and put on this fly with some wire to sacrifice it. I caught no blues and two bass. The other one I sacrificed got two bass as well before it was torn apart by blues. Gets me thinking I should be tying them. Also thinking that the unweighted deceiver fishes well on the sinking line. I usually throw half and halfs on it for bass. Anyway she gave a great fight and is a really good river fish for me. I would like to think she was a resident.