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  1. That's awesome about the kids only section. I've never brought my boy there in fear that I'd throw someone in with 5 rods set up. Went to L and H the last 2 years. Now that that is done I'll bring him east.
  2. I'll take it. Pay pal you later.
  3. I got better at reverse casting or backwards casting due to the wind. Which helped me catch some allbies. I learned to catch those things by leaving the fly in breaking fish and ripping line as fast as I can. Wish I learned that a long time ago. Takes some patience.
  4. No. Not like that. I did what they said. Attached it to the floating line loop to loop. Got one better later in the day
  5. Attached about a 7 foot section of sinking line to my floating line by creating loops then welding them together with fly tying thread then some head cement. Never had to bring the tip through the guides. Took a little getting used to but worked. Got 6
  6. With rats in the wash in the surf I want to take my five weight out and find them. I want to make a sink tip from some old sinking line I have. Any ideas on length? I use the Rio sinking line with 30 foot of sinking with floating line for the balance. That is great. But for my light rod I was thinking just a ten foot section. Any thoughts. Lots of small fish around.
  7. I'm fishing the Jersey shore. The fish have been in the trough. The boats are killing the big fish on adult bunker not far off the beach. So there's a chance a decent fish comes into fly casting range. It's been good when it's been rough and onshore. Most fish are rats but there's a shot. Also got this fish not long after. It pulled much harder and it was evident quick there were new fish in the trough. Surf fishing is great. I forgot how much I enjoy it as I've been River fishing on a boat for much of the year.
  8. Ya it was wire that was twisted on by my dad. It came undone later that morning.
  9. Some medium size amongst the dinks
  10. First surf red on the fly. Florida
  11. Thanks. Didn't keep any. Doing well with small reds. Got a bunch yesterday. Even one on the fly. Great time down here.
  12. IsI got a couple small blues this am. Then proceeded to have a great day fishing with sand fleas. No expectations. Before lunch was small sheep, fat puppy drum, small pompano, croaker. After lunch was redfish and more pomp. All pomp were tiny. Best red was 21. One more black drum. Finished with a blue on top. So fun. Great day.
  13. Couple small Florida blues and a small jack at dusk and Dawn this morning. Weed seems to be gone. And the bait left with it too.
  14. Big thanks to icarussound! Hit the surf in Cocoa Beach at dawn with a popper and nothing else. Missed a bunch then got a small blue. Mullet getting chased. A little later I got a Mack right where he's supposed to be. Right behind a wave. Just like a ne Bass. I love blues. Wherever I am. I'm throwing plugs flies poppers in the surf. See what's out there. If I knew there was only blues in the surf would I fish for them? Come on man...