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  1. I've got a mixed tank now that has some frags that are doing ok. I need a stronger light. I'd give what you got a shot. Pm me. Thanks
  2. out front. I wonder if the dinks ever left.
  3. Dink
  4. Better
  5. Just try. They were closer than that at points.
  6. Maybe 20
  7. on the board. snake
  8. On the board for 2018. Snake fly
  9. Asked permission to fish a private pond. Got a couple to come off the bank on a leech pattern
  10. I only fish poppers without rattles if I have to.
  11. That's awesome about the kids only section. I've never brought my boy there in fear that I'd throw someone in with 5 rods set up. Went to L and H the last 2 years. Now that that is done I'll bring him east.
  12. I'll take it. Pay pal you later.
  13. I got better at reverse casting or backwards casting due to the wind. Which helped me catch some allbies. I learned to catch those things by leaving the fly in breaking fish and ripping line as fast as I can. Wish I learned that a long time ago. Takes some patience.