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  1. There's a Marlin 60 in the back of my safe, which reminds me that I've not used in quite a while.
  2. Having once worked in the firearms industry many years ago, I can tell you that before the days of anti-gun legislation, paramilitary firearms were a small part of the overall industry. Since politicians began trying to keep Americans from acquiring things they (the politicians) don't like, it seems to me that these efforts have contributed to the expanding paramilitary market that exists today. 55555's, beautiful example of a pre-war Winchester 94 you have there!
  3. Another vote for the new Daiwa BG. I've been using three of them this year for albies and have no complaints. For about $100, slightly more or less depending on the size, they warrant strong consideration.
  4. Heard the dead whale warning on the VHF yesterday morning, but it did not occur to me then that it was caused by a windmill. Since then, I've read an assertion that windmill vibration creates noise in the water that affects the sonar whales use to navigate. Whether or not scientists can validate this assertion remains to be seen.
  5. This has been my experience also, but let us know how you make out with a teaser.
  6. Ahhhh, no. At least not where I fish for stripers. When trolling, I'm using one of two methods. One is jigging with wire line and a parachute jig and the other is trolling a tube and worm. Also, I often fish alone and jig the rod while navigating the boat. Or, if trolling a tube then I'll either hold the rod or set it in a rod holder.
  7. I also use the Taylormade cover for my 20.5' cc. However, for the winter I add a tarp. The one pictured below is the typical (green) tarp found in home centers and this one last only a few winters. Last year I replaced this with a tarp with a much heavier duty one from tarpsonline.com. It's brown in color and can be ordered in a variety of lengths and widths. The material weighs 8oz per sq. yard and is 16 mils thick. The home center tops are much, much lighter. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  8. FG knot
  9. I looked for them on Sunday around Pt. Judith and found none. Today however, the place was on fire.
  10. Kind of an apples/oranges thing, but I'll take battling an FA on light tackle all day over a bluefish on any tackle. Hooking those little speedsters is a thrill that you just can't get from a bluefish.
  11. For up to $35k, there are lots of choices (Yachtworld search) in the 20-23' range for a used boat. If you're not sure on what style of boat, you may want to consider taking the wife to the Newport in-water boat show next week. Granted, they'll all be new boats on display, but it's a great opportunity to check out walkarounds, center consoles, cabin/Parker style, etc., etc. all in one location to see what type you like best. From there you can begin to narrow your search of a used one. And the dealers at the show will likely have a list on hand of the used boats they have for sale back at their yard.
  12. According to my logs from last year, I could not find any FA's around Pt. Judith on Monday, September 12, but they were around the very next day, Sept 13.
  13. There were schools of Bonito at the entrance to New Harbor on Saturday. Albies can't be far behind.
  14. Considering your bullet-pointed needs, a CC with a console large enough to hold a porta-potti for the girls appears to be what you're looking for. However, in the 17-19 foot range I'm not sure there are many that meet that description. In the 20-22 foot range on the other hand, you're likely to find numerous boats that'll meet all the needs listed.