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  1. +1 those people are naturally nervous anyways
  2. then I shall quote you so that hop may enjoy your critique of him, and just for the record I'm not a hand-wringing whiny white b****, neither is Pete or a vast majority of these people that I have actually personally met, except bellringer and T-Mac of course
  3. And you as well!
  4. I do believe that what it was !!
  5. I'm going with the implied reason in the OP
  6. Don't disreespek me!
  7. This could have been a good thread, But I got all franked up!
  8. Well, to be fair the racial attack on her was obviously racial in nature... I wonder if she ended up it a squat car...
  9. Eggzackly
  10. I would love to see somebody pull out a gun and just shoot that bitch in the head Effen animals..
  11. There was one with his grungy back pack on sitting at the inside counter too... Couple nights ago some dooshbag give me the "me and my girl havent eaten blah blah we need 20 more dollars for a room blah blah blah" While he was sipping his burger king shake. I told him, I might go forty, got a pic of the girl? He was very rude and stomped of ! Unappreciative little prick!