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  1. Look for I95, head north till you see empty factories....
  2. This stuffs pretty good
  3. I found some Chicago stile hard rolls at Publix, made me a egg cheese and pork roll sammich, It weren’t to bad! thats all I got
  4. I have same problem as Finn all my stories involve something illegal, disgusting, violent and or sexually deviant....
  5. We just use 1 big heater and they send untemperd 160 to 180 * water to the bathrooms
  6. It’s the only one that I have seen around here
  7. It won’t play.
  8. Parenting...
  9. That sounds like a great job/career i still kick kick my self for passing up my chance to get in the maritime field
  10. Same thing....
  11. I’ve swam in the inter coastal up there before, it sure makes you think lol bull sharks are aggressive as hell too!
  12. I think that would be plenary of rod unless you hook a big flounder or something, that is quite possible!
  13. Bring some steel leaders
  14. I’m not against hard work, it’s my bad attitude that gets me
  15. He obviously puts to much time and effort into meaningful stuff, such as work nice boat though , is that the one WE are going tuna fishing on?