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  1. i walk bare foot in swamp muck and other scary ****, i'm pretty sure it's hopeless
  2. yea, i can only see about 8 " of the little guy now....
  3. i'm with mokes!!!!!
  4. commie ***! finished it for you! ya pinko commie ***! i int skeered!!!!
  5. me and dj were outside the gate splitting up the haul, trying to be quite, and we here " give me a pot of shrimp" she beheaded them and cooked us shrimp and grits at 3 am! this is why i love that mean ass woman
  6. if i was closer i would help
  7. he owns a ton of buildings around chas. he always pays and his checks never bounce! if he wanted me to wash dishes i would lol
  8. oh yea, he paid lol
  9. yes! actually, anything with grits is breakfast
  10. check out the black power fist in the bathroom lol
  11. sure it is
  12. i've had my wife make me shrimp and grits at 3 in the morning when i come back from shrimping...
  13. eff that! ill be in savavana this weekend
  14. menu