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  1. NYA

    i did know when they were younger they were effen maniac rednecks, getting thrown out of bars and stuff after the shows i hung out with coe , a couple of skynard guys and allman bros in bikers bars, those guys no how to party ! DAC, used to come in dizzy litzy's in ladson south carolina back in the eighties, he was there the night a bunch of hells angles burnt some guys Honda in the parking lot, good times!!
  2. i'm coming to visit and not bringing any shoes!!!
  3. NYA

  4. NYA

  5. NYA

  6. exactly! i would have tossed him out and told him to come back when he learned some manners! AND TAKE YOUR ****ING BOOTS OFF WHEN YOU COME BACK!!!!
  7. excellent idea!
  8. fify
  9. 12 hours is a pretty normal day for me12 hours is a pretty normal day for me
  10. hey effyou!!!!
  11. my couch smells like dog ass
  12. awww that's so sweet!
  13. haha! no chewing with food in your mouth!!!!
  14. rite now? mine looks like a family of mexicans just got evicted!