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  1. Off Newport or South Shores?
  2. Tons to choose from really ... it's just a question of scale.
  3. There are some very flexible, tie-able wire leader stuff out there like Surflon I believe. Connect it to your monofilament leader using an Albright knot and tie a clinching loop knot to the fly. In a pinch ... like during a Bluefish Blitz ... just use a swivel wire leader like you would for small spinning rod lures.
  4. Great thread Herb ... so thanks for that. I have to agree with your assessment overall with the Wulff lines though I'm not that dialed in to the Bermuda Shorts. Love the Monoclear (but not the Tropic version), love the Bermuda Lost Tip lines .... and way back when they first came on the scene (mid 90's??) the standard blue green colored intermediates made a better caster out of me almost instantly. To add to your thread ... the Wulff Bass Taper floating lines are just awesome. I don't know what the grain weights are (I usually up-line one weight above rod spec) ... but per your experience they cast poppers extremely well. If I'm using Gurglers or standard poppers ... I want to be casting Wulff Bass Taper Floating lines ... which have a 28 ft head section I believe. Also ... nice fish pics Herb. Way to Go! Tony
  5. Thread closed with shipment pending. Thanks SOL.
  6. Thanks for that. I will PM you PayPal details.
  7. This was the fastest done deal I've ever handled here at SOL. Thanks! Thread Closed.
  8. Okay! This guy knows what he likes. I will pm you momentarily.
  9. As the title says I have a New Old Stock Gibbs Redhead & White Polaris Popper 2 1/4 oz. to offer. I don't think they make this color scheme anymore. $18 delivered in the USA.
  10. This Blue Mackerel bottle popper is new. It weighs 3 ounces and floats big lips up. Plastic construction ... slight rattle inside. $19 delivered in the USA.
  11. TFO has GREAT warranty / broken rod support. They backed me up a 100% on a UPS broken rod. Folks here claim Star Rods is quite fair as well.
  12. There is no such thing as a fast sinking CLEAR sink tip fly line. As stated above the clear sink tips are Type 1 intermediate head / tip sections. To achieve your goal you might employ a Chico Hernandez trick / recommendation .... With an integrated sinking head section to a floating running line (everybody makes them) ... use a long clear monofilament / fluorocarbon leader section of 9 to 12 feet. Standard practice with sinking tip / head sections is to use a short leader & tippet section ... like 7 foot max. Chico would advocate for the much longer clear leader section to fool line wary fish. On the end of that long leader section a weighted fly (Clouser / Surf Candy) stays down .... instead of floating up. It's not a bad thing for the fly to float up necessarily ... see Lou Tabory and the employment of a Snake Fly. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Yes ... PayPal is just fine. I will PM you payment details. THANKS!
  14. Most any closed cell foam will work, like packing / wrapping material you'll find around the house? I think the trick with the fly is get a bit of a "V" wake going if water conditions allow. Yeah Big Fish will eat small snacks!