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  1. If this was the 9'6" version I'd be buying it. As it is I currently have two of these 10'6" Tiralejo rods ... they're awesome for 2 ounce-ish plugging.
  2. Pictures are worth a thousand words (Chinese wisdom) ... but I'd like to think they'll at least trigger an offer. Thanks for your viewing.
  3. Thanks for the comment ... yes I'm after the distance thing ... and light tackle.
  4. Geez Marty ... tell us how you really feel. If you're talking about a $300 dollar rod that you have to be a bit careful with ... and the warranty service is less than stellar, then yeah I agree. But if I can get said rod for $200 or less ... and use it properly (don't over load it) ... like I do with a high end fly rod it's not a deal breaker. The light weight Albie rod .... or light buck-tailing / plugging etc.... something sporty, then I'm all in.
  5. Reducing my inventory of fine (the best) Saltwater Fly Rods & Reels ... Today I'm offering a mint condition original T&T Horizon 9 foot, 8 weight, 4 piece fly rod. If you're looking at this thread you know the deal. My rod still has the plastic on the nice beefy cork grip. Has a late model Thomas & Thomas rod tube (black) and sock (beige). Hence it hasn't been used much beyond lawn casting. $350 delivered (USPS tracked & insured). Thanks for looking (pics to follow).
  6. Always a good question ... "find the fish & what are they eating". During the spring run in the DelMarVa rivers / estuary the Stripers feed on Shad, Herring, and these Creek Chubs. I feed them "minnows".
  7. I've gone through some old threads on the Tiralejo rods and I've seen a few very positive comments on the 9ft 6in version. Just asking folks if they care to expand on what / why they like about that unit (I do have the Tiralejo 10ft 6in version). I'm not concerned with cost (even though the Shimano stuff is a bit pricey at MSRP) ... I'm thinking about other rod options to fill a niche' currently occupied by the Tsunami Airwave Elite. Thanks for a comment.
  8. Approximately a third to a half of 100' of total fly line length. As previously stated the head section should be clear / outside the tip of the rod. At least with Weight Forward fly line (not double taper or spey lines). Within that head section you try to form the tightest loop with high line speed and let the rod & fly line do the rest. Following Lefy Kreh's "Longer Fly Casting" mechanics is a good starting point / reference literature for loop formation, line speed & backcast, etc. But other factors come into play as mentioned... like wind direction, elevation, size of the fly, etc. And when the fly lands it often is in a small pile of leader section and a few feet of the front head section. So when I get a true 100 foot cast under actual fishing conditions (wading, boat, jetty, etc.) ... I'm most often using a WF Intermediate fly line (30 foot head section / Wulff) at 105' to 120' in total length ... along with the all important stripping basket and a fly rod that is around 10 foot in length. But that's just me... self taught.
  9. Of course ... all the time. For me it's a noteworthy fish when their take & fight gets into my backing. With Stripers there isn't necessarily much of a "run". More like a dive into the rocks .... but Bluefish on the other hand ... or Stripers on a shallow sandy beach ... "off to the races".
  10. I think the mackerel pencil popper above ... if plastic is a Yankee lure / pencil popper.
  11. A good all around rod ... good price point ... nice size / length. You're not going to go wrong buying one. Paired with a Shimano Aero or Saragosa ..makes for a nice unit.
  12. Thanks for the post ... very informative / helpful.
  13. Sold thread
  14. Okay ... $23 via PayPal ... I'll send you details.