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  1. I'm sorry ... it all depends on the line and how the weight is distributed along the head section. One to the best casting lines available still is the Wulff Triangular Taper WFF Bass fly line. It has a 28 foot head section ...which is relatively short. Next many would say the Wulff Tri-taper Bermuda WFI sink tip is their all time favorite fly line. It has a 30 ft head section. Most of the Wulff Saltwater lines have a 30 foot head section and perform very well, IMHO. I agree ... the RIO Outbound Short lines seem to have too much weight in their 30 foot tapers ... they tend to dump or are just awkward to cast as compared to the standard Rio OB lines which have a 36 to 40 ft taper, I believe. And so much depends on the fly rod's action along with the caster's ability to make a great / effortless cast. So the moral of the story is ... please match the fly line (taper design & grain weight) to the type of fly rod the fisherman is using... and his or hers ability to shoot some line.
  2. Go with the 'Flo ... the Airflo Sniper in 9wt. At 375 grains it might actually overload the Redington Rod since I have no feel for it, specifically. But for my Sage RPLX 9wt ... the 9wt / 375 grain Sniper line would be pretty much right.
  3. I would suggest that you determine the grain weight of the Airflo Sniper Sink Tip line. If I had some experience with that line I'd give you a more informed opinion. I don't know anything about the Redington rod either, but a saltwater 9wt flyrod can typically handle / comfortably handle a 350 grain sinking head line ... and / or a 10wt WF Floating or Intermediate line. If it was a RIO line ... like RIO Outbound I'd stick with a 9wt fly line version .... since RIO purposefully increased the head weights in their OB lines ... to better load fast action rods to deliver distance when casting. Not much help ... but that's all I know with the info provided.
  4. This simple to tie fly ... will catch a ton of all manner of fish. Been there ... done that.
  5. Here's another point or two ... Over many years I've tried different things. U-40 Cork Sealer works ... to seal the cork. It leaves a coating that resists water & fish slime etc ... but changes the feel of the cork by coating it. So you probably don't want to do that ... even though I did ... on one or two rods before thinking better of it. Cleaning has been mentioned and that's the way to go. I'll add to those points in that I use a citrus / orange based cleaner like "Goop hand cleaner". As if you're washing your greasy hands ... rub / scour the cork handle (with hand and / or grit sponge) with the Goop ... rinse it off ... use regular soap ... rinse it off ... then let it dry. I've done this many times with all of my rods that have cork ... fly rods & spinning rods. It works great.
  6. I have over a thousand transactions on eBay over a decade or so. Contact eBay via their dispute routine. Ask the seller for a full refund and have them cancel the sale (which eBay charges them for). After receiving a refund ... walk away. Leave neutral feedback if you feel like it ... assuming you got the refund. At eBay as with most all retailers the customer is always right and they generally settle these things in the buyer's favor. Where there's a "mistake" like the one you've described the seller should not "make the sale" ... and refund you promptly for their "bad".
  7. St Croix Tidemasters ... they are nice rods. I've caught a lot of schooligan fish on them. For distance casting with plugs or spoons / metals or epoxy, etc. I would get a fast action rod .... particularly for distance. Stretching the weight a little is okay. A LOT ... not so much. I had a custom St Croix Ben Doerr 8.5ft Spinning rod made for me once (long time ago). The light weight graphite fast action rod was rated up to 1.5 ounces. I tested it with a 1.5 ounce Kastmaster metal spoon with great results. Then for grins I used a 3oz Kastmaster. I got two test casts out of the rod before it snapped when loading the 3oz metal. Moral of the story .... don't overload. The Ben Doerr rods where great but a little fragile. With a St Croix rod I would pay attention to the specs. The Tidemaster rods are constructed differently then the old Ben Doerr rods ... they are much less "fragile". I hope this helps. Good Luck in your fishing.
  8. What HT said
  9. I think this thread as started was very specific .... for $100 bucks what's the best thing out there. And since it's the Christmas / holiday gift giving season I would shoot for something New over Used. That said and noting ... that no reel is indestructible, the new Daiwa BG SW is the most bag for the buck IMO and according to the Alan Hawk site & some Youtubers. Landshark youtube took a Daiwa swimming going after a sizable Jack. So to satisfy yourself ... in terms of "what to watch for" ... visit the Alan Hawk site where you can read about 3 pages worth of analysis / comparison. Good luck in your fishing.
  10. Not even a contest. Most bang for the meter buck reel you can get just about or under $100 ...the new Daiwa BG SW reels as others have said.
  11. Super helpful ... Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  12. I don't think this question has been asked ... What you consider the "sweet spot" in terms of lure weight to get the longest cast with a lure / plug ... for the 10'2" rod? Would it be 1 ounce or 1.5 ounces with the long rod rated up to 2 ounces?
  13. No response ... offer withdrawn.
  14. I'll offer $20 for the Sea Spook delivered. Thanks for considering the offer.
  15. I think that depends on the type of surf rod the reel is going on. I had in my head a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" rod I played with this summer. I fished it with the VR 150 / 30lbs test Sufix ... a nice combo. A Saragosa 6K is pretty nice on that rod. I also have an old school Lamiglas 9'6" rod which is fairly beefy ... so again a VR 150 with 50lbs test PP goes well with the rod. Or a TFO GIS 9 footer. I'm looking forward to the VR50 ... for a custom Albie rod set up ... which could be pretty nice on a LIGHT weight 9 foot rod.