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  1. Is it lying or just dumb?
  2. His "number" is actually a little button...
  3. Did I say any of that or is that what one of your voices told you?
  4. They are looking for attention. Pro tip: Don't give them any. Like any other attention whore (we have plenty of examples) without the attention, they are just whores.
  5. That was kind of my point Brian... No one on the right is against Manafort being found guilty and penalized if he in fact broke the law. What we are against is an investigation based upon manufactured evidence that is provable, not addressed and allowed to continue unabated while the perpetrators of this fraud are allowed to skate free like they did no wrong. The duly elected president was the target of a soft coup that is continuing right under our noses. The "collusion" was the result of the Obama Administration in bed with the Democratic candidate Clinton and her far reaching cabal. It will all eventually come out in the wash.... we are nearing the end of the spin cycle. All will be revealed.
  6. Benghazi Hero, Kris Paronto, Just Exposed the Real John Brennan. It Got Ugly Fast. Posted on August 18, 2018 by True Pundit Staff Brennan has been busy bashing President Donald Trump, as per usual, and claimed that being stripped of his no-longer-necessary security clearance is somehow Trump attempting “to suppress freedom of speech (and) punish critics.” In response, Paronto fired off a tweet at Brennan that shone a very bright spotlight onto Brennan’s tweet-mentioned “principles.” In his sights was the horror show of what happened in the aftermath of Benghazi: Paronto is also not the only hero taking aim at Brennan in recent days, either. Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill, known as the killer of terrorist kingpin Osama Bin Laden, has also taken his turn. When Obama lackey Ben Rhodes called Brennan the “point person” responsible for Bin Laden’s demise, O’Neill understandably objected to the claim. The Independent Journal Review noted that one individual who supported the move was author and retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata, who explained why Brennan was a “clear and present danger” who never should have been granted a security clearance to begin with. “I think it’s the right move by the president. Communist John Brennan never should’ve had a security clearance,” Tata stated on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday. Co-host Brian Kilmeade interjected that Brennan had admitted in the past that he voted for a Communist Party USA candidate in the 1976 presidential election. “And he supported that way of life,” Tata stated. “And the president made the right decision in revoking his security clearance.” But Tata wasn’t just talking about Brennan’s politics from decades ago. “You look at what he did in his official capacity … he oversaw the Iran deal and all of the intelligence, he manipulated (Islamic State group) intelligence for President Obama, he was part of the Russian hacking, he was standing down the cyber team to allow the Russia hacking in 2016,” Tata said. “He had a secret meeting in March of 2016 with Russia. He flew to Moscow, and so there is a lot of evidence here. He met with Harry Reid and gave him parts of the unverified, Clinton paid-for dossier,” he continued. Kilmeade interjected again to point out that Reid had stated the impression he received along with the dossier was “go and announce this,” implying that Brennan had utilized Reid to get the unverified dossier out into the public domain. “And then he spied on American citizens and lied in front of Congress about that spying. And question 29 on the security clearance form says ‘have you ever supported overthrowing the U.S. government’ — all you gotta do is look at Brennan’s tweets and he supports the removal of this president, and right there that’s enough evidence to get rid of his clearance,” Tata declared. IJR reported that Tata added, “I think that John Brennan is a clear and present danger and a threat to this nation.”
  7. Congress was in session on 9/11 That photo was taken onn 9/12 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani campaign together during a rally at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport on October 12, 2016 in Lakeland, Florida.Joe Raedle — Getty Images On many occasions, Clinton has described being in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11 when hijacked jets struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. She was a member of the Senate at the time, and Congress was in session. The next day, commercial flights remained grounded but Clinton traveled to New York City aboard a government plane. There, she circled the smoldering World Trade Center in a helicopter, then toured ground zero with Giuliani and New York’s Republican governor, George Pataki. Photos of that tour show Clinton standing shoulder to shoulder with Giuliani. New York Governor George Pataki, left, Giuliani and Clinton tour the site of the World Trade Center disaster on September 12, 2001 in New York. New York Governor George Pataki, left, Giuliani and Clinton tour the site of the World Trade Center disaster on September 12, 2001 in New York.Robert F. Bukaty — AFP/Getty Images Asked about his comments, Giuliani said he thought he had heard Clinton say during the last presidential debate that she was in New York on 9/11. But after being contacted by a reporter, he reviewed a transcript and found out he was wrong.
  8. zero time, that's how many! The Dems have been slave masters from Day 1 Only the fools fail to see it or refuse to open their eyes. Still refusing to see Death of a Nation huh? Curse the darkness but fail to turn on the light..... I get it, you are afraid to see the truth. I've seen it three times now.. Each time I go, I become more of a minority. Last time in, I was one of only 5 white people in the audience of about 30 people. Word is getting out. The walkaway movement is growing. I even heard a few amens and a hallelujah
  9. As far as active Intel members, not without damn good cause. Anyone outside an active "need too know" position, well, that's kind of self explanatory.