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  1. 2nds if it falls through
  2. Kil do you have the stock guide layout for the 9'6 ? just curious to see as a starting point for my build. thanks
  3. Got out Friday around 9. MOCO. Fished some hard structure. Landed 6 on the teaser and swim shad combo. Broke out the fly rod and caught my first bass on it. Back out this morning. MOCO from 0600 - 0900. Got 1 on the teaser in the wash. Made a 2nd trip around 1400 - 1700. OC then MOCO. Got 3 more in OC on the teaser. Much dirtier water every time I fish OC. I don't know if the shore break stirs it up that much ssediment or what. When I moved north to MOCO the water was gin clear again. The only time i have encountered dirty water in MOCO besides for a sustained storm break was when they're pumping, but moving a bit allows me to find clean water.
  4. I was catching a few on accident a few weeks ago off some rockpiles.
  5. Saturday morning. late start. MOCO 0800-1030. hard structure with a falling tide. got 4 small fish on the teaser. these were the first teaser fish i remember catching this fall. prior, i believe every fish i caught had taken the lure over the teaser. met up with a buddy who started in the dark and only pulled 1. he ended up with 2 more after we met up on the swim shad. back out in the evening in OC. 2130-0030. had no choice but to walk out on the bar as the water was that low with the moon tide. i dont ever recall being that far from shore in that little amount of water. worked hard for a single fish on a bomber. missed at least 1 to 2 hits prior. he hit hard and fought well for the roughly 24-26 inch fish he was. nothing on the teaser.
  6. Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in separate threads. If you have a question about something that would make a good thread on it's own, please start one. For all of you new to the site, this is how you should make your report. Remember it's up to you how much information you give, but please keep it within the rules. County, Front (oceanfront) or back (rivers, bays, and inlets), Conditions What you were fishing for, What you were using, What you caught. You can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays.
  7. i use a mono leader attached to my braid with an FG knot. i put a dropper loop a few inches below that connection. the teaser is always some sort of fly i tie. either a Rays fly or some sort of variation. the teaser is slid onto the dropper loop. the clip is around 24-36 inches below the teaser.
  8. i got a 4 tube custom bag made. it has a removable front pouch with bucktail loops which holds plenty of bucktails and assorted soft plastics. also works well for rigged eels. the bag itself has loops for tins inside and 4 huge tubes. it has an area on each side for attachments that can be custom made. (he also has standard attachments, pork rind holder, water bottle holder, spare tube, etc. anything you can think of he will design for you) the bag is hook resistant which i love. i can stuff more plugs behind the tubes if i want. the only think i wish i did was get a 3 tube instead. thats in my future plans.
  9. late report from yesterday. snuck out before work. 0500-0900. outgoing tide. MOCO hard structure. had way less action than i was expecting. calm clean water with some depth where the schoolies have been stacked up. picked up one on a small windcheater (smokey joe) and another 2 on a small keystone surfster (wonderbread). the hits on the surfster were vicious. missed a few other fish and lost one on metal. moved north to some more hard structure and picked up 1 on some metal. long cast over the bar into fishy looking water was my only option as the tide was almost dead low and the west wind had plenty of sand visible. back at it this weekend.
  10. i had the aquaskins bag and have since moved on. i quickly found that the bag didnt suit my needs. the material catches hooks very easily and i would up cutting the bag many times to get hooks out while i was on the water. i have since moved on to a bag made of sail cloth which does not catch hooks at all. its a lot stiffer and will stay in position on your belt nicely. there are many options out there for a bag like this. if money isnt an option go Flatlander and get a true custom and be set for life.
  11. Late report from last week. Wednesday 0500 - 1600....MOCO hard structure. started on some rocks and had hits on my first few casts. changed up to smaller offerings and landed 8 on SPs and bucktails. fish shut down for some reason at 0700. went for breakfast and back on the rocks in a different spot. fish were smashing the small metal lips, shads and sps. moved further north after the jetty we were on became over run. found more fish on the tips of rock piles. moved further north to an area i had not fished and found the fish in the wash. 50 bass between my buddy and i. Friday 1600 - 2100....MOCO seems like the bite is a daytime bite. landed a few fish on small plugs and shads. once the light dwindled so did the fish. Saturday 1500 - 1900....MOCO. same area as the last few days. couple shorts in the wash and first bar. as it got dark tried getting a teaser out over the 2nd bar and ended up with a sundial. not much else.
  12. Late report... Friday night, SMOCO. 1800 until 2300. Hard structure with eels and plugs. A few hits hear and there. Fish rolling on the tips of the rock piles. Landed 1 that was a keeper on a surfster, still swimming. My buddy got a spiny doggy on a live eel. Saturday night, SMOCO. 1800 until 2400. Hard structure with eels and plugs. Hard south wind made it too rough for jetty tips and eels. Fished the north sides and landed 8 between the 2 of us. All fish were on subsurface plugs. Even in the rougher water the fish made themselves visible. Monday, SMOCO. 0530 until 1130. Hard structure to start. Few hits on different plugs. Moved north and found birds and tons of bunker. Snagged a few but thats boring. Landed 1 short on a metal lip. Saw 2 other shorts caught. Nothing big on the bunker. Today, MOCO. 0500 until 1600. Landed 1 short in the dark on a shad. Missed a few others. First day in a while I haven't seen any fish rolling on bait.
  13. Sunday 0500-0900 started out in southern MOCO and worked some hard structure towards the end of the ebb. buddy picked up a short on the teaser in the wash. not long after i got a short on a spook in the deep water next to some rocks. fished for a bit and moved north. walked on where there was less of an armada and fished some more hard structure. was able to get out on the bar. small balls of bait. buddy had a blow up on a popper and i connected on a stick shad. all 3 fish were short 20"-24". called it a morning.
  14. i have fished the floating sporadically, but always switch back to the sinking within a few casts. i dont know if its a feel thing or a confidence thing.