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  1. whats your sale price?
  2. got an 11' Honey Lami 1 piece if interested. would need to be picked up in NJ, or meet up.
  3. late report for Friday night. fished 0200-0700 in the back in MOCO. throwing eels and plugs with nothing to show for it. water was dirty pretty deep in the back. Sunday morning 0430-0730 out front in MOCO. plugs with some big surf at the first spot. water was up higher than usual. no fish. moved to another location out front and didnt catch there either. water was stained pretty good. tons of dolphins just past the bar.
  4. im in
  5. I was referring to a service kit similar to that of the VS series.
  6. It's used, mechanically 9/10. If it was unused I would say 10/10. Let me know your thoughts.
  7. i have used the search function and cant seem to find any info regarding the seals/ o-rings for the VR series. has anyone been able to locate them?
  8. i have a VR150 and had it spooled at the shop i purchased it at. never had a line lay issue. i have since changed out line on it and spooled it myself and have had no line lay issues at all. could your spool not be seated properly?
  9. ill still take the 5 floating SPs and the CC Pencil if you split.
  10. i have a Daiwa Saltist, right hand retrieve if your interested. at work now and could get you pics later.
  11. must have spikes, be prepared to walk long distances if needed. PM me if you want more info
  12. if you split. ill take the bottom left SPs if theyre floaters and the cordell PP
  13. just put trex over the top. or double up some trex and use it on its own. you will never have to change it out again and its nice and slick.
  14. sounds good. i can box up and ship tomorrow. pm me your shipping info and i will send mine back. thanks