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  1. No crazier than the rest of us Bud.
  2. Keep at it . Try the places where sand meets rock.
  3. The Catholic church best start allowing their representatives to marry. Cut down on the molestation garbage big time.
  4. Love 'em. Like mine on cracker with a slice of sharp cheddar and some home made horseradish. Wicked good ! Especially with an ice cold brewski !
  5. Fished once in the last three weeks. Spent six hours on ledges with no hits. I'll be waiting until mid September.
  6. TBULLDOG usually first week of September.
  7. I prefer "educational experience" to skunking, thank you very much !
  8. Dude give it a rest will ya ! Who pissed in your coffee anyway ?
  9. This year I've fished only thirty days. Normally by now it would be over 100 days too. Damn job !!!
  10. P-nut runs are designed for fly fishing. Back in the day I'd put on an Enrico's Baby Bunker size 1/0 in grey/white on September first and not change patterns until late October. The best thing is that the fish will literally be at your feet. no long casts.
  11. Nice offer Crozzbow. I do the same with "newbie" saltwater fly fishermen. It's a great deal. They get to benefit from your experience and give you the opportunity to have fishing company and create new friendships. Well done !
  12. Nice hog ! You hit the nail on the head. the colder water up north is drawing them. Beach water here in the seventies !
  13. Should we get a p-nut run you'll forget about the rest of the year.
  14. Of getting an actual fall run complete with p-nuts ? Haven't really seen a p-nut run since 2004. There have been a few here and there but an actual run of p-nuts has not occurred since 2004. With the abundance of adult pogies last year and this, I am hoping to see a real p-nut run. It would really make up for the rather lousy season I've been having. Given all that I give the odds that we get a true p-nut run at 50/1 against. Why ? "cause sumpthin' always happens to either screw up the fishing(like bad weather), or I'll break a arm or something.
  15. Fed money pays that I imagine. Can't see all the fuss. With global warming the rising seas will cause their extinction anyways.