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  1. I've been hitting the first of the incoming tide for incredible fishing lately. Irregardless of time of day or light levels the first of the incoming has shown me a flood of stripers coming in to the beach. I'm talking just as the flats flood. Unreal numbers of stripers cruising in to feed. Been crushing them on a all black clouser and of course the crab fly.Nice fish up to 36 inches.
  2. Definatly hit the beaches. Coming tide seems best.
  3. Last two times out I got into some thirty inch plus fish on the crab. Guys I fish with regular have also been catching thirty plus inch fish almost every time out. This has the earmark of the 2012-2013 seasons when we had nice fish around all season. let us pray ..........
  4. Check E-BAY
  5. Nice bait swnoel but I ain't bitin'. Learned my lesson this past winter in the Tavern.
  6. Fly guy don't waste your efforts here. way too many a-holes looking for an argument. Besides you already know the best place in southern Maine.
  7. Just do what I do. Avoid that place like the plague is there.
  8. Real nice ! I ain't been out since Tuesday !
  9. No **** ! Everyone has they're own opinion. Respect it or keep your trap shut ! This place is about the joy of fishing. You got other issues , then keep them to yourself or go to the Tavern with the guys who love to argue.
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. I use a nine wgt. with a 400 grain sink tip line.
  12. Way to go folks ! the fun is just beginning.
  13. I fish directly on bottom with either a crab imitating fly or a weighted minnow imitating fly. Unless there is big bait like pogies to draw the big girls to the surface, they usually hang right on bottom. I'd try a jig and pig and crawl it across the bottom.
  14. Greedy bastids ! Get there early or park at the co-op.
  15. Thousands of fresh arrivals have moved into our local waters. Schools are busting on brit herring all over. Many small fish playin on the surface but get under them and there are some really nice fish. get at it !!!