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  1. You fly fish, you'll do just fine. Tie up some general practitioners orange or red, gold ribbing and you'll do fine. One of the members here mentioned a clinic they do specifically for the worm hatches, get a tie list if you cannot attend. Tie those! have fun and be safe!
  2. Lord H'Islander of Glencoe and Block Isand sound Fluke and Thresher sharks like it
  3. Well did I miss it?
  4. Would just like to point out that Mako Mania is reigning Champion we had wwf/wwe sized belts made with a giant flatfish on em
  5. I deep drop... I deep drop quiet an average 400 feet hand crank. I cant find a rod blank I like. I'm looking for a rod blank that I can jig 17.5oz vikings to 25oz vikings think: Cod, pollack, Cusk, Halibut (we run up to the grounds 1-2x's a year) (we get poorbeagel'd often) I'm thinking something in the 8' length range would be ideal. Someone had mentioned seeker but I'm not familiar with the blanks. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  6. great work man!
  7. lami 1201m is can stand up to some breachway abuse and isnt $500
  8. Great stuff Billy thats the future right there! Awesome for taking the time to work with the kids man!
  9. Street Address?
  10. Sweet! I'll try and drag Mike down for a day trip. I actually finished the rod i started last October for myself. Friday fishing is that your blackfish opener?
  11. Cool
  12. St. Croix SWS 70MHF Premier Saltwater spinning rod. Interested in this rod. Would you go $60 and a new lure? I'll throw a couple new lures in a box and you can pick? Or jigs?
  13. Flex coat decorative layout tool to mark your axis if your rod lathe does not index. (Google for images and purchase info) Or build your own, just ensure that whatver ruler you decide to use lines up perfect with the "V" you create to sit the rod blank in. For your layout spacing: Billy has provided tables in the back of the book that provide spacing.
  14. Hooters warwick has been closed for years.
  15. through wire a small tail weight, add foil/flash , epoxy thick to form a body