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  1. Metal wall behind liner. Supports behind wall panels that held wall during construction. Also a concrete ring was poured at bottom of walls on the outside. This anchors walls in-place to prevent spreading when filled with water. Most towns require a pre inspection, permit and final inspection. Don't get caught without the permit (if needed in your town) because they make you dig it up to inspect.
  2. I probably should think about paying my dues.
  3. I read this morning on CNN that a guy in Chicago is suing LLB for breach of contract.
  4. I read a while ago that Mr Gorman wants to take LLB out of the sports categories and sell apparel only.
  5. I was in a sleezy bar in the combat zone in Boston back in the early 70's. The bar was oval with an island in the middle. This girl was dancing on the island in view of everyone around the bar. She was wiping herself down with a bottle of skin cream. Then she slid down on it and the bottle was gone! She kept dancing and a few minutes later she bent over and slapped herself on both cheeks......BOOM... the bottle went flying out over the bar. I have absolutely no idea why I just told you this.
  6. Sold toNJsurfer90. PM on the way.
  7. Thanks, if DaveBKNY declines it's yours.
  8. Pics sent to; In order of request. Option to buy will go in that order as well. (only fair way to do it). I apologize for any confusion my fault. DaveBKNY #1 NJSurfer #2 Team Okuma #3 You must post here in the forum and not via text.
  9. Please send pics of vise to 973-670-2033

  10. I have an Apex rotary vise, thread bobbin with red thread, whip finisher and 4 deer tails for sale. Vise will take up to a 6/0 hook. I can send a picture to your phone. Will sell as package for $125 via money order.
  11. Ya, that other plug was for me.
  12. I saved over $600 by switching to Farmers. Had to bundle Auto and Homeowners.
  13. Damn! I just came across this. Sorry to hear Doc is gone. I really enjoyed his stories of fishing in Alaska. Back in the days when we were all learning this hobby we call plug building Dick was right there larger than life enjoying it all with the rest of us. I was another guy who bought wood from him. Last time I talked to him was at Plug Fest at the Carver Sportsmen's club. RIP buddy.
  14. The original Lutool grommetizer has a steel holding rod and aluminum receiver to form the radius. Mine is made to hold all .341 grommets.
  15. Charleston, did you see the coyote?