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  1. I lived in Lakewood for 24 years. It's not a fun place.
  2. Every Breitling Superocean I just looked at online come with a standard 7" bracelet. I take that to mean just the bracelet. When you add the case the watch will fit some measurement larger than 7" Every watch that I have ever purchased I have had to add links to at considerable additional cost. I am sorry but this watch will be too small.
  3. Sorry, bracelet will be too small for my 8" wrists. Standard watch bracelets are 7" I need to add two or three links.
  4. Why the extra bracelet links? Was the bracelet made smaller or are there extra links to make the bracelet larger than normal? How old is the watch? Do you have a receipt?
  5. Yup a name from years ago. Welcome back Walt.
  6. THIS
  7. Maybe Doc bought the place. "International House of Breasts"
  8. I have a small one (new). I think it's olive or close. PM cell # I'll send pic. I'll go out and check. I was holding it for a guy but he never showed.
  9. Thank you! I'm old but I remember this stuff from when I wasn't old.
  10. Whole new meaning to " … the ladies room door on a tuna boat"
  11. Try a draw knife to cut shavings to throw into the melter.
  12. Check the Search function. There was a great comparison done by one of SOL's expert reel reviewers. Bottom line the Spheros is an equal reel for less money.
  13. I have an Asus A53e laptop running Windows 7. It's about 7 years old. In excellent condition. It has an all aluminum case and Intel Core i5 processor. Two USB connections along with others. A blue ray player. Micro Soft office was installed. I got this computer from MikeP and never really used it. It has sat on the shelf. I'd like to get $275 for it picked up in Jackson NJ. I can send a picture to your phone if you PM cell#
  14. In the rain.
  15. I am going to follow the rules here. BillNutz has given the first "I'll take it" AND he has offered to pic the racks up here in Jackson NJ. I am going to sell the racks to him. I hope there are no hard feelings. PM going out to BillNutz Thanks everyone.