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  1. Help me out here, how do I load SOL into my hone (iPhone8 plus). I can't find it in the APP Store?? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. The old stand by. Shimano Stradic 5000.
  3. "herd the poopers" The new Tavern battle cry.
  4. Nice to see you cranking out some stuff again.
  5. Put some pry slots on the parting line at each end.
  6. PM sent. Thanks
  7. I walked out back on the patio. Looked over my .16 acre, farted and went back in. Maintenance takes care of everything.
  8. Hi John, great to hear from you again.
  9. NLA
  10. Sorry, the phone is here in Jackson NJ
  11. Drewtuna1993 responded to offer to send pictures via cell phone (post #3). Pictures were sent.
  12. Sorry no PayPal.
  13. I don't know anything about "unlocked" It is a Verizon phone. PM your cell#. I will send you a picture.
  14. I have an iPhone 5 I no longer need. It's has very little use over the years. The phone is white. It has a glass screen protector. (no scratches). I have a new Otterbox commuter case and a used Lifeproof case. The "Lightening" charging cable and USB adaptor are included. I have original box. Will sell for $100 via money order. I'll snap a picture if interested but it looks like any iPhone in excellent condition. The phone has been cleaned out and restored to original default condition.