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  1. It means "see the dead bird"
  2. PM with personal info coming. Thank you
  3. I have a Saragosa 10K in mint condition. Used once or twice. Filled with 50# braid. $225 shipped Money Order, Send me cell# via PM and I will send a picture.
  4. A 9' rod can compromise your ability to work a popper. The further you cast the less affective the rod is. If you are fishing on the sand you are at another disadvantage. Fishing off a jetty where you are standing above the water is where a 9 foot rod will be OK. Slow down, keep the line tight and work the rod.
  5. Back 10 or more years there was a guy on here who landed one at IBSP. He posted a picture at one of the tackle shops. The fish was around 60 pounds.
  6. I have ben using the same barber for 30 years. She does an excellent job. The shop charges $17 I tip $5. It has noting to do with how much the shop keeps and the barber earns. It has everything to do with me. My satisfaction. I get cut once a month and tip $50 at Christmas.
  7. Raymond's also had a big store in Quincy.
  8. Anybody remember Raymond's, Gilchrist's, Robert Hall? Jordan Marsh, Filene's? Al big name Massachusetts stores from my day.
  9. I have sent two of my reels to Bucko's in Fall River Mass. It was very simple. You print the page and fill out the form detailing the problem with the reel. Pack it up and enclose the prescribed payment. Mail it out. I had my reels back in about a week. Google Bucko's Tackle Service or call 1-508-674-7900. Excellent service and they have been around a long time.
  10. Pictures sent. Please note, I don't understand where you came up with a 2 piece rod. Both rods are one piece. One rod is a 1 to 4 oz rating and the other rod is 2 to 6 oz rating. Both rods are mint condition. $200 each.
  11. The guides are the original Fugi Allconite. Seven guides with a size 40 collector. The reel seat is size 20 located 23 1/2 inches up from the butt. FWIW, both rods have the same guides/layout and reel seat/location.
  12. Please PM cell # Both rods were originally purchased together. Both are in mint condition. I took a few pictures of the guides, reel seat and butt. I guarantee satisfaction.
  13. I had an industrial engineer who worked with me, he had a calculator Velcro'd to the center of his steering wheel and his spread sheet on the seat next to him.. He would work out his MTM studies on his way to and from the office. I was in Europe at a supplier when I got a FAX. "Hank died in a head on crash this am" Doesn't pay.
  14. I also have the same 10' one piece rod in 2 to 6 oz. capacity. This rod is in mint condition as well....$200 picked up in Jackson NJ. I have a mint Saragosa 10000 reel on this rod. $210
  15. Eddie knows things.