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  1. Dick good luck on August 1st. you are in my thoughts and prayers .
  2. Great topic . Last year me and my friends were catching so many 14-18 inch fish that I referred to it as " stupid fishing' , at times it was a fish on every cast , no skill needed . This was from Boston Harbor down to the Cape and everywhere in between . In theory these fish should be back this year several inches larger , but that's not the case , where did they go ? Back when it was one fish at 36 inches , a decent fish was in the 28 - 30 inch range and we all caught a fair number of them . I'm now labeling a 22-24 inch fish as decent . I would hope that all the states from Virginia up to Maine would adopt the 36 inch one fish rule to bring the fishery back . But I'm not hopeful , I fear there is a lethal combination of politics and money involved here and it's not about what is good for the majority it's about who gives the politicians the most cash .
  3. Had a good tide at one of my "go to places" in the Haba this morning . As I started to fish I had the full moon setting behind me and thought it would make a good photo opt if I could catch a fish and take a picture of the striper with the full moon in the background , sort of a "Striper Moon" sort of thing . It didn't take long before a little guy volunteered to get his photo taken . I don't know what it is but anytime I take a picture of the moon that looks so big to me with the naked eye come out as a little bright dot in the photo's . In the photo below that small dot behind the fish is the moon . Twenty minutes latter I can see to the east that it's going to a nice sunrise and another small fish becomes my "sunrise striper" . All in all not a bad way to start the day , ended up with four fish the largest being around 24 inches in about an hour and a half .
  4. Mike most of the walk is over soft sand , with the last 100 yards over rocks and boulders all while wearing waders . I walk at a brisk pace , I figure it's a good way to get in my daily exercise . One last thing I'm a letter carrier who walks up to several miles a day so I think I'm qualified to determine what's a long walk or not .
  5. On the 4th I posted of the two places I had in mind to fish . One a short drive followed by a long walk , the other a longer drive but a very short walk . Because of the heat I choose the short walk option on the 4th , this morning it was the long walk option . Started walking at 4:30 and didn't arrive until a little after 5:00 . Its a very rocky place with a nice rip setting up close to shore , last year I caught a number of fish here just below keeper size , but it has that look and feel of a big fish spot . That was last year . Started off throwing a gurgler which I do at most of my locations . I worked through the rip like it is a wounded bait fish just waiting for the hit I knew would come , an hour and several fly changes latter nothing . I figured I'd cut my losses and start the long walk back , stopping at a few places to make some cast . I'm almost within sight of my car when there's a swirl behind the gurgler . The fish wouldn't commit so I cast out again , gave it a couple of hard gurgle's , let it sit , when BAM ! fish on . The fish was in that 22 inch range and fought like it was larger . I'm sure most of us has been there when the difference between a skunk and that one fish that saved the day is huge . Next time I'm going to fish on my way out though .
  6. Decided to keep it local today , Boston Harbor , and not fight the Cape traffic later in the morning . I had two places in mind , first is a 10 min. drive followed by a mile plus walk and I'm sure I'd have the spot to my self . Second was a 40 min. drive , walk 15 yards , and start casting , but there's always company here . The idea of the walk back in waders from spot one in this heat , and good intel on spot two had me taking the 40 min. drive . Arrived a little before 5 and was surprised to see I had the spot to myself . The report I got was that the place was loaded with bait and the schoolies were hammering them right at the shoreline , of course that was two dats ago , today no bait and after fifteen min. of fishing a gurgler no fish . I switched to a half and half and a fisherman who had just arrived asked the age old question "any luck" I was about to say no when my line came tight and landed a small fish . It was a slow morning but I did manage two more fish and saw another taken on bait . All in all not a bad way to spend the morning .
  7. I guess you have to make the best of the cards you're dealt weather wise . My daughter mastered the back casting thing in no time . It made for a challenging but rewarding day .
  8. No need for thanks Dick , I have , as I'm sure others have , lived vicariously through your reports . I still remember the first time we meet down at Bell rd. It must have been pre Betsy days because you had a box of beautifully tied marabou flies and you gave me some good info of places to fish . I took this photo of you in late fall 2013 on a cold , raw , windy day at Scortons . It's one of my favorite fishing photo's . Like I said no one fishes harder than you .
  9. I have just read B.F.D. latest report and am sadden by the news . I've had the pleasure to fish with Dick on several occasions and can tell you no one fishes harder or is or is more generous with his knowledge (but not all of it) . We all here at S.O.L. enjoy his reports and I am going to try to post more of my trips so Dick can read and hopefully comment on while he is recovering . So here goes . Today I was out with my daughter who is in from Boulder Co. for a visit . I taught Maggie to fly cast as a teenager and she took to it right away . It was a Zen thing with her , she loved the whole tight loop concept and would just false cast back and forth , back and forth . I would eventually say " you're never going to catch a fish with your fly in the air it has to be in the water " . Today with the East wind blowing in on our right shoulder I told her that we would have to back cast so as not to end up with a hook in the back of our heads . This was no problem for Maggie and had no problem casting far enough to catch fish . That old saying "Wind from the east fishing the least" started to creep into my head when I heard a yelp "I've got one Dad . After a hard fought battle my daughter had her first schoolie of the day . The wind let up a bit and we tried a gurgler and she hooked up once againI on the other hand didn't get one hit on my very realistic crab fly .
  10. I was thinking the same thing Dick . Those American shad won't be around much longer . Good to see your getting your usual number of fish . Things are picking up around here I've taken fish in the North , Back , and the Neponset rivers in the past couple of weeks .
  11. Righthandretrieve I tried to send you P.M. , let me know if you received it
  12. I'll most likely have one more shot at this this year before the shad run is over . Then it's the lament of all us old Red Sox fans used all through the 60's , 70's, 80's , and 90's " wait till next year " .
  13. I had a few hours this morning to try again for my North River Slam , trout , shad and a striper . I was under time constraints so there would be no lollygagging if I caught one of my intended fish , it would be off to my next spot . The tide dictated that stripers would be my first target and it wasn't long before my line came tight and I slid a healthy schoolie up on the marsh . With the striper part of the "Slam" in the books I'm off again in search for the hardest , at least for me , fish to catch , the shad . Arriving at my spot where I hooked into , but lost , two shad last week I noticed that the tide was to high for me to reach the place where I intended to fish . I can't waste time waiting for the tide to drop , like I said I'm under time constraints , so it's off to try for trout . I hop into my car and ten minutes latter I'm drifting an olive wooly bugger down through the current . It wasn't long before the trout leg of the slam was hooked , landed , photographed , and released . With an half hour to kill before I tried for the shad again I caught two more trout and a bluegill . Now it was time to hit my shad spot to complete the "Slam" . When I arrived my heart sank when I found the tide still to high to wade to my spot . I got as close as I could and fished for the remaining 40 min. or so that I had left but it wasn't to be . That dam shad has become the "Moby Dick" of my quest for the very elusive North River Slam .
  14. For the last several years I've tried to accomplished what I call the North River Slam which consists of a trout , American shad , and a striper all on the same day from the North River or one of it's tributaries . So far the Slam has eluded me , but yesterday I gave it another shot . This time of year the state does a good job of stocking so the trout part of the slam is the most reliable . It took a little while longer than I expected but I finally caught a nice rainbow on bead head sparrow , and in quick scission a largemouth bass and a yellow perch feel for the sparrow . Now it was time to move to another section of the river where the shad were . The shad has been the most elusive of the three for me to catch . I staked myself out in a pool which ironically called the shad pool and started drifting a olive wooly bugger into the current . Nothing was showing , no splashes or wakes made by moving fish so my confidence level was on the low side when all of a sudden my line came tight and my 6wt. doubled over . I was thinking about where my next move would be to catch the striper to complete the slam while fighting the shad when the hook pulled free .Servers me right for being over confident I thought to myself .And that was it for the rest of the morning , I spent so much time trying to catch a shad I left no time for the stripers . So my quest for the North River Slam continues .
  15. Figured it was time to try for stripers . Glad I also brought my trout rod . Nothing doing in the salt , but the state did a nice job of stocking one of their trout streams . A half dozen of rainbows and brookies each .