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  1. Congrats on your foul weather fish , it was really nasty out there . You have to be hard core to be out there today .
  2. Dick on Saturday I ran road race at Craigville Beach . Decided to go down early and do a little pre-race fishing . No love at Craigville but at another place close to there I had the albies come up in front of me three times . I cast into the breaks several times just waiting for for the line to come tight , never happened . Both frustrating and exciting at the same time .
  3. Stayed local this morning and fished Boston Harbor . The place I decided to fish requires a little over a mile walk , but with the lack of wind and the tide I knew I'd have clear water and a good rip would forming over a boulder field . It was so foggy this morning I was literately casting out of sight at times My long walk was rewarded with several schoolies before the action slowed down . On the walk back to my car I tied on a gurgler and periodically I would stop and make some cast , and it was if the stripers where following back to where I parked . Every place I tried produced more small stripers . The fog helped keep the stripers stay active longer than usual , and provided me with some photo opportunities .
  4. Did the same thing this spring , left the waders in the living room . Never made the return though .
  5. Good to see your back fishing your early morning tides . Hope all went well with your treatments . Had a similar Labor Day , it involved a nice sunrise , a long walk to get to the fish , and even saw this little boat along the way
  6. Dick I just sent you a message
  7. On the Cape for a couple of days , had the fog stripers and sunsets .
  8. Uncle Stu I believe I have 12lb. test for the tippet
  9. Best fish of the year so far , around 30 inches . Caught on a 7 wt. in knee deep water with a strong current , took me well into the backing .
  10. I always like that view from the stairs at sunrise , it makes it worth getting up early in the morning to be there at that time . Of course it doesn't hurt to catch a few fish either .
  11. Grand Lake Stream
  12. Plenty of small fish up this neck of the woods , we're saving all the big ones for you when you get back .
  13. I you are the gentleman that I meet in the parking lot near the dam who was fishing with a bead head nymph then you are . It's been awhile since I have caught a shad , they are great fighting fish and deserves the nickname as the "poor mans salmon"
  14. For the last several of years I've headed up to The Indian Head River , a tributary of of the North River to see if I can catch a shad and a trout then head east to the North River proper to catch a striper , I call this a North River Slam and I've never accomplished this .I arrived at the Indian Head around 6:00 and was greeted with this beautiful scene . If nothing else I've got a good photo I say to myself . Working my way down river several shad showed themselves by either breaking or you could see their wakes as they make their way up river . It wasn't long before a got that tug at the end of my line , I set the hook , and a herring jumps out of the river . Hooked it right in the mouth , go figure . The shad were there but but they showed me no love . I figured I'd cut my losses and head further up the river for trout . Last week this section of the Indian Head was running nice and cool and caught a half dozen trout but 3 days of 90 degree temps must have raised the water 15-20 degrees , more large mouth bass temps than trout . I had on a muddler minnow and caught a couple of sunfish in the slower moving water when I hooked into something that started to jump , bass I though . You can imagine my surprise when a little rainbow came to hand . I reeled up , jumped in my car , and headed for the North River . In 20 min. I was on the marsh casting for stripers and soon my rod was doubled over and landed this healthy mid 20 inch fish . It's not the North River Slam I was hoping for , but with substituting herring for a shad I'll call it a mini slam .
  15. The're also up in the Back River .