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  1. Clearly I haven't been online (and certainly not fishing) for a long time. We'll see how big a mess I've made trying to quote the last portion of your post, Mike. Tying skills atrophied? Check. Casting skills nearly nil? Check. Prep time growing short? Check. (Panic? Who? Me?) Not in shape to fish? Double check. I'm not in shape to do anything. LOL.
  2. So Mike- i will finally meet you in person. You're there the first week? On another note, I have lots of sand eel imitations a few squid and a few crab patterns. But as Striblue used to be fod of saying "These are Spring fihs - they'll eat anything". Seems like mot of us have huge boxes of flies, and 90% of the time tie on a deceiver or a clouser.
  3. wow- I knew it had been a while since I logged in - but I didn't even realize this until I clicked on a link I saved at work, and couldn't find FFSW. Go figure. (I will be seeing some of you on the Cape in May. )
  4. Hi all- Of all things I'm trying to pre-plan some time off in May or June of '13. Haven't paid much attention to fishing this year and I'm trying to remember how. LOL If I'm correct I need to look for the New Moon? Or the full moon? And then days where low tide is midday so the mud warms and then the flood begins in late afternoon? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. Thanks- believe it or not, I looked on-line for Bean. Very little in the way of a bootfoot- one model I think and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a size 10. Good thought though- I'll check again.
  6. Hey everybody! Long time no-post.... Why are bootfoot waders impossible to find? Anyone have a recommendation on a decent breathable bootfoot and or where to get one? Both Cabela's and Orvis have minimal offerings - one each I think. (OnTHeFly tells me he's had it with his stocking foots coolecting sand inh the boots.)
  7. Much as I hate doing this I have to put in some time off requests tfor the first and second quarter of next year. If you're trying to catch a worm hatch in late May or early June how do you time it? I'm trying to remember.... Find the New Moon and then try to plan for days where the incoming is late in the afternoon so the ponds have had a chance to warm all day? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
  8. Quote: "also, someone 10 feet away with a knife is actually not a real threat. you really would have a problem in court claiming self defense if you were to shoot him. it's not an imminent threat until he is within reach of you with the knife. then you can shoot the hell out of him." OK so I haven't been around for a while. And I'll freely admit to not wading through the entire thread. But in the interest of good information that won't get you into trouble, Tammy this is so,so wrong. Police Sgt Dennis Tueller conducted studies some time ago, which are now generally accepted in the courts (if you can prove you had knowledge of them prior to the event) when arguing justifiable use of deadly force. He proved rather convincingly that the average schmoe, (not particularly in good shape, just a guy off the street) can cover 21 feet in about 1.6 seconds and kill you with that knife. If you are actually waiting for anyone to come appreciably closer you are going to get badly cut, if not killed. In fact, even with a firearm, you can pretty well count on getting cut anyway. I can tell you from actual training that a mock assailant with a knife covered more than 21 feet before any of us could react, draw, and put a round on a well lit stationery target right in front of us every time... even though we knew exactly what was going to happen. AND, A pistol round does not do what you see in the movies. In fact it is actually a pretty poor man stopper. Even a person with his heart totally destroyed will have sufficient oxygen in his system to fight effectively for about 14 seconds. (see paragraph above re: Tueller Drill"). The absolute best rule I use: If you know you're going to a place where you'll be mugged.... don't go there. Just sayin'
  9. If you still have the 10W I Striper lines I'll take one of the new ones. SHoot me a PM and let me know how to pay you!
  10. Dino- Thanks for the note. I do like AirFlo lines (I''ve only had the clear Intermediate) How much would you want for the lines (Realistically I'll only need one.) Thanks! Ron S.
  11. Looking for a 10W Intermediate Line suitable for NJ and NE striper fishing - gently used is just fine. Anyone have a spare?
  12. Nice thread Herb! I can tell you that I've seen half stripers on the beach at Popponesset that were clearly deal scraps. Wish we'd made the Cape this Spring- won't be ther now til Fall.
  13. If that fish is 69 inches, the guy holding it is at least 6'4". ANd it sure does look like he's using one had..so he's damn strong too. IDK.
  14. Haven't been around for a while, and I just found this thread. Geez Tam- looks like I missed some kinda fun.