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  1. No worries! I'll take the It's alive for asking price. I can give you a Miami address. PM me your info. Thanks.
  2. Interested in the it's alive and the black 7" needle. Give me a price to ship to Barbados maybe we can work a total price out. Thanks.
  3. A lot of good information being shared here, I want to thank you guys for that! In searching for an ergonomic reel seat in larger sizes I stumbled upon a site that carries both the previously suggested Batson brand shrink tube and the much talked about Quick Grip. The company is called Versitex. I placed an order for the Batson shrink tube so we'll see how that goes. That Quick Grip is a tad pricey. Maybe a little later I'll try it out.
  4. Really appreciate all the suggestions and feedback guys. I cleaned off all the epoxy and sanded down the blank (result below). I'm no expert, but it looks like it MAY be okay as is. But i'll continue to try and get a blank that fits. Reached out to a friend who has way too many rods lol. If i get a blank i'll do it, if even just for the experience of doing something like this. If I don't i'll leave it as is, and if it blows up i'll just have a good excuse to buy a new rod!
  5. I could be wrong but does fireline go above 30lbs?
  6. Grumpy's Tackle had these up on their FB page not all that long ago...
  7. I am really appreciating all the feedback thus far. I'm on the hunt for an old rod now. I think I may actually have an old telescopic rod that i converted into a gaff, lying around somewhere.
  8. Ah! I follow. I'll have to see what i can scrounge up. That's the butt section of a 12 ft rod. Not sure i'll find a section of blank to get over that. Failing that, as it isn't too deep, might I be able to strap it with braid/cord or fiberglass tape and epoxy it? Ideally I wanted to shift the reel seat further up lengthening the butt section. But now that would leave this cut exposed...
  9. Oh my god! Thank you! I can sleep tonight now! What do you mean by a sleeve? Sorry first time doing this.. You mean like a piece of shrink tube or something?
  10. Reel seat removal gone wrong. The person cut too deep and managed to cut into the blank along almost the entire length of the reel seat. Can this be repaired, reinforced... anything? Or is this blank a lost cause?
  11. Reviving this with an update! Just Saw these up for preorder on the fisherman headquarters site. Below is a section of the write-up posted on the page: Please welcome the Northar Bottle Darter's little brother! The all new Northbar Junior Bottle Darter fills a huge need in anglers lure bags offering the same great casting, incredible action and durability, just in a smaller size and weight. This all new size weighs in at 1-5/8oz and is 6" long making it a great choice for anglers looking to fish lighter rods which could not handle the original North Bar Bottle Darter (2.5oz 7"). I'm excited about this one!
  12. Totally understand that. I suppose i'm using the term fully sealed loosely. I'm talking spheros/saragosa sealed. I don't need VS submarine sealing. The kind of fishing I do I could survive with an unsealed reel, i've done it for years. My Stradics have seen more abuse than they were designed for and have held up very well. However I think its time to upgrade to something a little more tolerant of the drenching by waves, heavy salt spray, occasional dunking, sharp limestone rocks that i've pushed my stradics to withstand.
  13. No no. Just can't understand why Daiwa would bring out the same reel in three versions instead of providing a fully sealed option. Seems redundant. I just like having options... Is that so bad?
  14. I do remember them! We are talking donkey's ears ago! That just proves they can do it! They need a refresh of some sort to stay relevant. I was super interested in the saltist for the high-speed long distance plugging that some guys on here made the original version famous for. I was hoping this latest reincarnation of the reel would've added some significant sealing. But alas, i'm afraid this reel is going the way of the Dodo shortly. Especially since the BG and Eliminator are essentially the same thing but much much cheaper. There just isn't enough there to justify the price increase IMO. I'm pretty much left with the Gosa/Spheros as my "high-speed" poor man options. Not complaining, they are awesome reels. But that saltist.... nearly 50" per crank!! Ughh.. What could've been...
  15. Hahaha.. Agreed! It's just so baffling. I was super excited when I saw this new Saltist for the first time, I thought this was one of the sexiest reels i've ever seen, mag seals all metal body and the works. Only to feel let down when i realized there are practically doorways left open for water to get in!