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  1. Was at Atlantis in Riverhead this past weekend. Wasn't sure of the species , then upon closer inspection he had a small black leather jacket and slicked back hair.. indeed I did confirm that it was an Italian Wall Lizard
  2. Plotting your course for the future ! I stand corrected... good point
  3. You just shattered his dreams of running down to the local honey hole 20 mins from his house to score a 'Nito'... oh well
  4. Might actually be your best bet.. charter a boat, let them put you right on the fish and form some great end of summer memories. Cannot put a price tag on that. Enjoy!
  5. Thank god it was a mako .. I can easily outswim those slow old farts
  6. Buy an umbrella drop net and an aerator bubble box from WallyMart - I made my own drop net ..much bigger than what you can buy. I tie a piece of bagel and coat it with a few fish oil caps and in one pull I have bait for days. With the portable bubble box.. they easily keep for 2 days assuming you dont let the water sit in the sun and get too hot. My kids like catching the killies more than the snappers
  7. Circle of life on central south shore yesterday... Umbrella trap to get spearing ( nice size ones ).., then a bunch of snapper, then snapper strips to get a nearly keeper flukey.. he was solid 18 measured. Alas he was released back into waters with a promise to return next year. About 1.5 hours of fishing. Snappers are still fairly small.. I like them early September when they are knocking on the door of being called "cocktail blues" Enjoy
  8. Not the least bit scared since I cant see the vid either....not a fan of Sh*
  9. Do a little homework on carpenter ants ..they have a class system, the slightly smaller ones are scouts and they can roam about fairly far from the nest and sometimes aimlessly for a long time, watching or following them is a waste. You want to locate one of the really nasty big boys.. follow one of them closely, they have deliberate actions and go back and forth from the nest and quite often carpenter ants make multiple nests within an area, EXAMPLE: My father's house has a nest up his siding by his porch and a nest at the base of an old shrub approximately 5 feet away. The scouts will sometimes roam around into the house, on the carpet, up a wall... few and far between but you will catch them roaming. The big boys NEVER roam into the house or on walls or carpet, they ONLY travel back and forth between both nests, the shrub and the siding, all day long. All it took was 5 minutes of observation to locate the nests. This is your mission, before you bother cleaning gutters, laying down liquid traps, spreading granular poison BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA...moisture problems BLA BLA BLA. All that stuff is "step 2" ... locate the enemy should be your step 1. Then you can go nuts with cleaning and poisoning. I find that a DIY homeowner treatment will temporarily wipe them out, or vastly reduce sightings.. however if you want total annihilation, then I strongly suggest that you buck up and hire a professional. I know that would bruise your ego especially if you are a DIY guy..but sometimes you have to call in the PROs and just eat the $$$ Good luck
  10. Its official..they are here. Fluking from shore on Saturday morning cost me 8 GULP Swimming Mullets - lil scoundrels like nibbling off the tails
  11. Gluttony! that needle is as big as the Robin
  12. Sorry for your loss... BUT What kind of kinky sheet are you and your girl in to? You spent the evening with your girl on the beach and you brought a BOGA grip ? Or... you're trying not to spot burn yourself and send the masses night fishing at RM Field 2 so you claim you "spent the evening on the beach" ... actually meaning you were fishing..henceforth the BOGA . I'm going option #2 AND AND AND .. I'm hitting RM Field 2 tonight woo hoo !!!! it is on
  13. In the video at :09 why did the guy say "man I got lucky here" ? Lucky in what regard?
  14. Mbrody makes an interesting point. Can't tell you how many times I would cast and retrieve 15 times with different cadence for a skunk and then mid retrieve, I go to look at my phone or fix something on the reel and get smashed..quickly realizing it was a long pause they wanted. Or the inverse... after 15 casts I would assume this spot is dead and then do a super fast lightening retrieve because I was packing up only to get smashed. Last month whilst fluking.. I did a speed retrieve of a bucktail \ gulp and as I was lifting it out of the water inches from me a blue broke surface and smacked it right at crotch level. Instant break off and I nearly soiled myself or lost little adonis in the scuffle.
  15. Great pic dc1874 I just want to run down that line with a katana sword and own every trap Crouching Tiger on dem fools