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  1. Phil, Great story and congrats. Way to put the time in and catch a fish ..any fish. Best,
  2. Sounds like an exciting deal.. wish I could swing those days.. both for the fishing and boating experience. Enjoy guys!
  3. Thank you sir! May I ask North Shore or South? I ask because I visited South Shore on Saturday and it was dead.. North Shore guys were shoulder to shoulder ( back bay ) Best, Mike
  4. So what was the goal of the post... to gloat ? You've done nothing for me..or this board with this post Shoot at least post a pic of something..tell me the lure.. the tide..anything. I'm sending you an invoice for wasting my time and jinxing you so you get an sp minnow snagged on your ballz. XOOXOO
  5. Amazing.. highly suggest everyone spend the 30 mins and give a watch..more than just the fish, the whole story Thanks!
  6. That's racist ......
  7. Can you define tuna? Is it Bonito \Albie fishing or full on yellow tail etc ?
  8. Dress in all black.. cover yourself in barnacles and seaweed and you can fish with no compunction. NWA said it best when they sang "Fukc the police"
  9. Let me guess Tim .. you named him "Blenny Blanco from the Bronx " ?
  10. Thanks Brush Hmmm maybe baby Tommy Cod after Googling around....looks awfully close. This was on the South Shore of LI .. local pier, right around sunset 7pm ish
  11. Using my umbrella rig spearing \ killie trap with some bread and I pulled in the creature below. When I tossed all the spearing into the bucket, this thing stayed on bottom and moved around more like a mud-skipper or something. Curious if anyone can ID this just out of curiousity
  12. Congrats..awesome catch Out of curiosity... was this C&R? Only asking because I want to catch her again this week :-) Best regards
  13. Thanks B .. I didn't have my stiff stick with trebles. I suppose I could have snagged one with my spook jr.. but I was trying to see what I can manage with plugs
  14. Geez 3fish ... I go almost every weekend and now I DONT plan to this weekend