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  1. Let me guess Tim .. you named him "Blenny Blanco from the Bronx " ?
  2. Thanks Brush Hmmm maybe baby Tommy Cod after Googling around....looks awfully close. This was on the South Shore of LI .. local pier, right around sunset 7pm ish
  3. Using my umbrella rig spearing \ killie trap with some bread and I pulled in the creature below. When I tossed all the spearing into the bucket, this thing stayed on bottom and moved around more like a mud-skipper or something. Curious if anyone can ID this just out of curiousity
  4. Congrats..awesome catch Out of curiosity... was this C&R? Only asking because I want to catch her again this week :-) Best regards
  5. Thanks B .. I didn't have my stiff stick with trebles. I suppose I could have snagged one with my spook jr.. but I was trying to see what I can manage with plugs
  6. Geez 3fish ... I go almost every weekend and now I DONT plan to this weekend
  7. Thanks Joe... I just googled the AVAs... really like these, versatile - see pics of guys even catching fluke with them
  8. I actually did throw a spook jr and I was "walking the dog" like Lassie... had a mini explosion on it..then never looked at again.
  9. Robert Moses field 5 ..the last field is in walking distance to fire island. You can walk down to the beach and walk all the way to your left ( if your facing the water ) towards Fire Island. Once you pass the designated life guard area you can toss plugs into the wash... How do I know??? I do it all the time .. though I have yet to catch a fish. Honestly speaking... fishing the surf in the middle of a hot day during the summer doldrums.. well you can figure it out Bald
  10. Good stuff ... this is the brotherhood that this game is supposed to be about. Massive karma for you Joeeee
  11. Thanks ..some great suggestions here quick - I did toss and work the bucktail ( with the gulp) .. have gotten them on that set up before... never thought of taking the GULP off for different action and to shrink the profile. Thanks all !
  12. Had some rare free time away from the family this morning.. hit the north shore at 6am and let the rain pour down on me. Peanuts exploding EVERYWHERE!!!! ... I could see there were cocktails on them and given the fluke bite was dead (end of low ) .. I threw the bag at the cocktails with no takers. Dare I ask ... what do you all suggest or throw at finicky cocktail blues ( never thought there would be such a thing as a finicky blue ). I tossed a small profile rattletrap, small diamond jig, metal spoon, kastmaster and a 3/4 buck with a GULP pearl 4inch swim mullet ... NADA And yes they were cocktails..not snappers.. every now and again they would clear the water for a glimpse. Desperation set in because of the rain and I didn't have the right set up for a treble snag and live line. Best, Bald
  13. "giant chaperone" ..... friggin love it
  14. It's all relative.. Perhaps for the long time surf caster .. a typical outing has been reduced from 5 fish to 2 fish over the course of a decade. For a newbie... an outing with 2 fish even if hours are spent casting hundreds of times... it does not diminish the beauty that is fishing. I have consistently (THIS SUMMER) rolled up to a new location that I scouted and found 20 guys fishing and everyone tell me there is "nothing doing"... only to catch fish within minutes. Maybe they don't know what they are doing ... or maybe they know exactly what they are doing i.e. getting 1 less rod in the water , improving their chances by 1% when you leave. Go for it man... and never stop!
  15. Magic, As a father who regularly takes his 10 and 6 year old fishing, I'm happy to chime in here. Don't over-complicate with a sabiki...lots of little hooks means lots of tangles and forget having your son fish with it. Go to any Walmart or B&T shop and buy the smallest hooks you can find like a #10 .. the snappers are basically "micro" snappers at this point. Get yourself a small bobber ( I like them with weight ) here is an example = HERE Now here is where my advice is going to differ from everyone else ( unless you have a killie or minnow trap which means free bait ) - dont bother with that frozen brick garbage. Here is the ticket for me -you may need to go to DICKS to find it, but go buy a small jar of Berkley GULP Alive 1 inch minnow (any color) - has to be the GULP Alive and come in a jar of their secret sauce..and it must be the 1 inch (no bigger). Each of those soft plastics will last you about 4-5 fish if your smart when you de-hook the snapper. I will usually fish for about 2 hours with my kids and go through about 4 GULP Alive and although its pretty mindless snapper fishing by any fisherman's standards...I will still outfish everyone using that frozen brick garbage. Key is you have to "pop" the rig when you cast... just cast.. pop a few times..let it settle... pop a few times... let it settle...keep repeating. IF YOU ARE AT JONES BEACH DOCK Now... after you score your micro snapper, take one and make some mini-fillet strip baits... slap that on a bucktail and cast out bouncing along the bottom to score small fluke and sea robbins. Not sure how young your son is.. getting the feel for a bucktail bouncing on the bottom may take some practice for a young child.. if that is the case, you do it... while they are snapper fishing, I personally find the end of August early September is when the Snappers mature to size for fun fishing.. but alas.. the kiddies go back to school by then. Tight lines