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  1. Man.. Chickenscratch is my type of brother. I thought that was a cool post to help someone along that will probably release every fish they catch and respect the fishery. All this ridiculous talk about "spot burn" ..give me a break. It is physically impossible to burn a fishing pier.. its like someone saying Jones Beach Field 10 is their secrey honey hole. I print screened the map and post because I know it will be foolishly taken down by tomorrow. Good stuff Chicken..way to help out another fisherman Best
  2. Mlugris, I have fished there before. If you walk the beach down to the right, there is a dividing line between public and private beach..that is the best place to fish ( wink wink ). Even in dead of summer with the beach crowded...that spot tends to stay open for fishing and nobody will say something to you. In the summer if you can cast far enough you can score Scup on bottom with clam bits. Enjoy
  3. Much like pork is the other "white meat" Sounds like elvers are the other "moonshine"
  4. South Shore quiet for me on ebb ... Also high winds not working for me Where I fish, I tend to do well on overcast days. Also, according to my fishing log, pier and dock fishing for me picked up late June Again..very location specific data. Best
  5. Check out Walmart ..this time of year they put a lot of rod reel combos on rollback sale. You dont need an expensive rod \ reel ... just average. I have been fishing with Walmart specials and Garage Sale rust buckets my whole life and catch just as much fish as the van staal guys standing next to me. Try fishing some of the popular piers around long island and be sociable .. talk to people, ask questions , most are happy to help ..or lend some advice ( not necessarily good advice.. LOL ). Never overlook your local Bait & Tackle shop .. buy some bait and pack of hooks or sinkers and ask them where the fish are.. they will also be happy to help when you patronize their store. Finally, when you get really good ... I mean when you reach "NINJA" status like me, you can watch a youtube video and find land marks and background views and spot EXACTLY where they are fishing and go and fish it!!! It's called "spot burn" and I basically survive off of it Best of luck buddy
  6. Mlugris, If you happen to have 2 rods .. slap a bunker chunk on one with a slip sinker rig and deadstick it in the sand And with your other rod walk the beach with your lure so you have best of both worlds. After every cast, peek back at your baited rod to see if you have any hits. Even if you do not catch anything, you will learn and get better at casting. I like to watch a lot of John Skinner videos on youtube - he is excellent at explaining and giving you the video POV to see how he retrieves different lures. John Skinner fluke videos taught me to be a much better fluke fisherman. Of course finding fish... that is another story. Tight Lines
  7. Funny..a few summers back we were fishing Cedar Beach over to the far right where the private beach begins.. we remained within the high tide lip line and a man from one of the bourgeoisie private homes came down to give us a stern talking to. We tried to ignore him, but then he proceeded to enter into the water in front of our casting at which point we called it quits.. it just wasnt worth the fight for cocktail blues. One gentleman however insisted to carry on, nearly missing the resident with each cast of his 1 ounce diamond jig. I couldnt help but to think who was crazier, the resident intentionally standing in harms way risking a surely cracked skull from a diamon jig... or the hyper-vigilant fisherman who refused to back down. Finally the resident went up to his house and phoned the police... then as the police were walking up, the resident actually grabbed the fisherman's pole trying to hold it down from casting in protest, the fisherman let go of the rod and reached into his pocket handing the police a magical piece of paper with the law which clearly stated that even on the private beach, so long as he remained within the high tide water line he was fine. He then proceeded to inform the police that the resident had commandeered his rod and refused to give it back. Obviously the police made the resident give the rod back and said nothing to the fisherman other than to remain within the high tide water line ( I honestly don't think the police even understood the document or cared for that matter ). After the police left, the resident came back down cursing and mouthing off to the fisherman and then AGAIN entered the water standing in the way of each cast, except this time it was an SP minnow with some nice and sharp trebles wizzing by. This went on for 10 mins, while my friend and I watched from the public beach line. Eventually the fisherman gave up, so we walked over to stroke his ego and he reached into his backpack and pulled out a copy of the letter and gave it to me and encouraged me to make copies and give them out to people. Long winded story to say... damn it.. I lost that paper so if you find what your looking for ..please pass on the link. Tight lines!!!
  8. Have to ask.. what was on the hook in terms of bait ? Or did you toss a bare hook out?. ...if so, you were perhaps snagged on a red seaplant
  9. Wow.. some solid gold nuggets just dropped on me Steve I remain thankful and humble before thee Thank you sir!
  10. Cool.... I might add that I am not finding much bait in the water ... no visible killies\spearing for Fluke No visible bunker or bird activity for Stripers\Blues I was doing well on clam a few weeks ago, but bunker chunker is the ticket now. Last Saturday incoming horrible gray skies and rain and it was just about the best fishing day I've had in a long time Best
  11. Trying to get a feel for which tide most have been having luck with thus far. Stripers \ Blues - Have moved in and I personally see the bite with incoming only - slack and outgoing have not produced for myself or those around me (inlet fishing ) Fluke - Incoming and slack have produced.. though fishing inlet, piers bays etc has been sllllooooowwwwww thus far. Welcome your feedback and perhaps if you are on the North or South Shore. Again, these are just my observations and all during morning or day ( no evening fishing here ) Tight Lines
  12. Still promising... always glad to hear when they arrive.. especially when they are reachable from land
  13. LOL... is that an underwater Go Pro image ... wow, what crystal clear blue waters
  14. You guys are truly sick in the head to call that a spot burn.... the entire world knows that spot Like its a deep dark secret and you need to scale a fence and tip toe behind armed guards to get there.
  15. Funny Tim how you get to infer that he is "being a dick" to someone ... if I typed that in a post, you would have deleted my post. I understand this is your church and you play God here.. but I'm still calling out the hypocrisy of it