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  1. Dont sleep on frying them up either.. everybody pickles.. but I have made tiny fillets in some beer batter.. not bad and you eat right through the bones
  2. Not yet ..still too cold and you'll have to find them even if you find a spot that is known to produce. Handful of spots in Nassau...
  3. Brian BM With the deepest of apologies and sincerest of respect ... who asked you to chime in? It indeed is TimS house and I am indeed his guest.... However, that certainly does not equate to me stroking him or his ego.. that job my friend is reserved for you {Drop mic..walk off stage}
  4. I personally think it was crabs and the story is half true.. half fable. Yes the bait was half eaten... no he never felt a hit Reminds me of the time during the summer that I was fishing a local small pond for panfish and bass and a bicyclist rode bye and asked "what are you catching ..snapper? " ... to which I replied "YES!" Point being.. people will say the darndest things
  5. I really don't care what the mods say about not being specific about spots because freedom of speech is a beautiful thing Crossbay is where you want to be... get as close to the Verrazano bridge as you can. Tons of room to fish, variety of species depending on the season and a good amount of parking ( maybe a little walking involved ). You can get herring there in the winter time as well. Good luck
  6. PLease please please tell me that you DID NOT flush your tampon in the toilet... they hate that!
  7. Thanks Cascade.. My spots are on the North Shore ..nice cozy, comfy dry pier
  8. @WFF - It would probably be easier for me take a sour approach to your well thought out comment and have a verbal "go at you" .. but that would only perpetuate the toxicity that runs rampant on this forum. Instead, I will take the high road and somehow look past your snide comment and respect your response based on premise. I understand that the internet is "angry" and without social cues ..people like you are inclined to make a "smart" comment from the comfort of THEIR own couch, when in truth.. in person, you would never mouth off to someone face to face because of the risk of consequence. Ultimately, it is my fault... I complained and cried for a comment.. and indeed, I received one and since you made the comment at the very least I owe you the explanation that it is more about making the trek for salt or staying a bit more local for sweet water ( which I have been doing ). @ BrianBM .. I thank you for your comment ( simple and to the point ) Stay warm gentlemen
  9. Wow.. could not get a "yes" or "no" ..or any signs of life for that matter. This forum has gone to sheet filled with a bunch of old salts and busy bodies. stripersonline = "#yawn"
  10. Hello fellow brethren .. hope everyone is warming up nicely with this balmy weather we have been having. Curious if any reports of the herring dethawing and coming back into the bays ? Not asking you to scorch your spot... just wondering if they returned ( or never left ). Warm Lines!
  11. The deer population at RM is quite remarkable. I visit RM all summer with my family and we see the cartoon deer signs, perhaps knowing it was a reality but never having seen a deer in the summer. Late December I did a similar drive as you to break the winter cabin fever and I could not believe my eyes, AT MINIMUM 20 deer foraging. I drove around the swing around road by the FI lighthouse and since it was dead, I pulled over to get a closer look and just about every deer converged on my car..I mean I had to roll up my windows that's how bad it was.... like the safari at Great Adventure. Clearly people are feeding these animals and they associate cars and people with food. Upon closer inspection, many of the deer had white eyes, which I thought was a cataract or blindness of some sort, however upon further Google-ing I found it to be "ocular albinism" Really an awesome experience with nature. Anyways..... "warm lines"
  12. Great post... love to see the father \ son stuff. Fishing side by side with my son just about makes catching fish secondary. Tight lines
  13. Honestly speaking... I live on the South Shore and for me ..again for me.. piss poor. I have had the majority of my action on the North Shore. Word has it that early November surf at Captree and Fire Island inlet were producing. I took a recon stroll on Saturday morning and only noticed a few googans ... white buckets are always a dead giveaway. I'm switching to sweet water for the rest of the winter Slack lines for me
  14. Phil, Great story and congrats. Way to put the time in and catch a fish ..any fish. Best,
  15. Sounds like an exciting deal.. wish I could swing those days.. both for the fishing and boating experience. Enjoy guys!