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  1. to me the fly cast is always a work in progress--I am always working on mine.
  2. Roger on that
  3. my hats off to who ever chases BFT on fly. We chased record BFT in the mid to late 90s on class tippet. I was rigger and fly tier gaff man -- 3.5 hours on a fish -- not for me. We only Sage RPLX 14s and Pate Bluefins--newer rods and reels might make shorter work--who knows
  4. The new Salt HD are 950.00 The older Salts were a good stick as well. The 13 Salt HD is a excellent casting rod and light. The Salt 13 was not a slouch either.
  5. probably not many around as Sage makes very few 16s a year.
  6. here is the wife putting some heat on angry blue marlin with Sage Salt HD 1686
  7. yep I cast right reel right and strip two handed in most situations except on the flats but if stripping one handed with my left. Someone brought up a great point about casting right and reeling right keeps the reel handed to the outside of body.
  8. not really--what ever works for you is the right way
  9. Think it would awesome--I don't think the rod would blink
  10. studly fish --fatten them up and send them north this Fall!
  11. much better than the 12 and somewhat better than the 14. The new Salt HD 16 is a whole different animal --almost too much power in the butt. We only fish igfa 20 pound for billfish and have caught some big fish on the HD 16. Sarah had a big fish last summer go deep and had to pump the critter up for 45 minutes and she never felt like she was close to bottoming the rod out.
  12. After the hook up
  13. perfect rod for blue marlin / sailfish and big tuna etc. They cast fairly well for such a big stick. We have caught some nasty big fish on them. Lots of power to pump a unhappy blue marlin or sailfish from the depths.
  14. I am very happy with Sage Spectrum Max--they have made it through Cape Lookout albie season for several years. Nice reel for 399.00
  15. yep. can't stand it --texture thing