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  1. yes they do catch some albies for sale---it is a small market--the price starts at around .80$ and quickly drops to .30 and they become not worth the time. John McMurray tried to get some regulation on the albies but National Marine Fisheries passed
  2. still going strong. The best days are when it is blowing 20 to 25 out of the north. For some reason that makes the albies really savage. It was slick cam yesterday and there were plenty of bait balls but fish were very picky. Glad to finally see some red bait. The vast majority of our surface action has been on spearing --I have no clue where all the red bait has been. Water temps are holding around 64 which is good. Hopefully there will be fish into mid December
  3. I have been tieing on a Renzetti Master for almost 25 years and it is still going strong--pricey but lasts
  4. great seeing you on the water as well and thanks for the help.. The sandpeople have had a great week this week
  5. You all now have the invite
  6. The True Secret Order of False Albacorian Monks Cordially Expects you to Attend the “Changing of the Guard” and The 986th Conclave and Banquet Every angler and scientist on the planet knows that The True Secret Order of False Albacorian Monks was established in the year 1031 on Harkers Island. The Monks were refugees from virtually every country in today's Europe and Middle East. Within a short time they had built the world’s largest cathedral and monastery in the limestone caves under Harkers Island. The False Albacorian Academy of Sciences (FAAS), within the monastery, was, and continues to be, the gold standard of science education. It's graduates include Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Izaak Walton, Joan of Arc, Madame Curie, Rachel Carson, Lefty Kreh, Judy Dench, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Steven Jobs. The False Albacorian Academy of Sciences has developed or engineered penicillin, the laser, Internet, the Space Shuttle, iPhone, and Hubble Telescope. More importantly, however, the Academy created the graphite flyrod, salt water flyreel, Clouser Minnow, GoreTex, and GPS. None of this productivity would have been possible without the annual migration of false albacore which has provided recreation and stimulation for the Monastery. The Monks have acknowledged for years that the most critical position outside of the Monastery is that of Gatekeeper, protector of the “South Portal” of the Monastery. The Portal is directly under 1576 Island Road. For 44 years, both individually, and as a couple, Tom Earnhardt and Dana Jennings have served with distinction as Gatekeepers. For their service, they were recently selected as “official tasters” of all worldwide wineries and breweries owned by the Monks. After an exhaustive search, and over 850 interviews, the Monks have selected Bob and Helen Crouse to be the new gate keepers of the South Portal of the Monastery. This year Bob and Helen will welcome you to the 986th Conclave and the finest pig n’ chicken on the planet! Be there… Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 6:30 PM 1576 Island Road, Harkers Island, NC Gate Keepers and Humble Hosts: Bob and Helen Crouse The Jones Brothers’ Marine Gang and Barbecue Chef Fritz “Chuck” Linder Menu: Eastern North Carolina Barbecue, Free Range Chicken, Carteret Native Banana Pudding Dress Code: Pressed and starched fishing casual
  7. Yep plenty — awesome
  8. Last year it went on until early December. Both mega albies and reds
  9. few nice fish beginning to show up
  10. few nice fish beginning to show up
  11. Thanks Mike it is always good to cast other rods ---see what is out there. I love to cast and always learning something. Anyway i have to keep my game close to my spouses or at least try to
  12. where i find the stretch important is when using class leaders or any lighter leader for big fish. We use double biminis on our billfish leaders --on one end the double loop is connected to the butt section and the other to the shock. 99% of my fishing using biminis on my leaders is over kill. I do use biminis on all my backing knots. I like how small and slim the knot is
  13. Mike, I have heard a lot about CTS blanks. They are pretty popular for surf sticks where i live in the summer. Another one is Century, a rod builder in Rodanthe builds surf sticks and fly rods. I moved to Harkers before had a chance to throw any of the fly rods. lots of good fly rods out there at all price points --hopefully it will bring more folks to the sport.
  14. nice video--- in the the past i finished my with several half hitches. A few years ago i was taught this way in Guatemala by one of my mates. On the way home after fishing they will tie 50 leaders with shock leaders. Amazing how fast they are how perfect they are. thanks for the video
  15. Hey Mike The SaltHD came out this Sumer at iCast here in the States and a touch earlier in Europe. Sage took the new tech they put in the X and put it in the HD. The tapers are different than the X of course and Jerry tweaked the each rod weight. I have the 9 and it is light and a canon but it has the lifting power of a 10 wt. I have three more coming next week in different weights so I will have some experience with other weights. My goal this year is to get on the beach on a day off and see if I can catch an albie from the sand. I forgot I do have the 16 wt HD and it is a fishing whipping tool. We released 10 blue marlin and striped marlin on it---and really pulled on the rod. With that said it will sit on the shelf and get used hopefully a few days a year. I look forward to fishing the HDs this year at Cape Lookout. My spouse pulling a blue marlin 1686 SaltHD