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  1. I worked on my proportions for my baitfish imitations and I think look a little better. I enjoy tying multiple different styles so I usually tie a bunch of styles. The murdich minnow looks cool, I'll give that a try, thanks for the suggestion
  2. Ill try some EP style baitfish flies as well. I have some congo hair from FTD, they have a 40% off sale going on now so I grabbed a bunch of it.
  3. Thank you for all the suggestions guys. I love the tightline videos. I think I have watched every single one of them. I am going to keep practicing clousers and some deciever patterns.
  4. I have a TFO pro in a 5wt that I love. Its an amazing rod for the price. I also have an echo rod that I love. You couldn't go wrong with either of those.
  5. I thought my clousers looked a little bit "off." Thanks for the feedback. I struggle with proportions that most I think. I'll try to use less material on my next round. I think I am gonna try to tie up some flatwings next.
  6. I figured I would post a picture of some of the flies I tied up. I am new to salt water fly fishing and new to fly tying, so I would love some feedback if anyone has some. I tried to tie up some of the more popular patterns from what I have read. Sorry for the awful Iphone picture. Let me know what ya think.
  7. Thanks for the invite I would love to come but I am an ICU nurse and unfortunately I have to work weekends nights that weekend.
  8. I appreciate the advice. I know a lot people tend to use TH rods, but I just wasn't read to take the plunge as I am still working on honing my SH casting. I plan to hit a few beaches at night once I get my rod all put together and other spots I know of.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I look forward to getting out there and giving it a try
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think if overlineing I would be better off with the larger sice hydros? I could bring it back and grab the larger size. I appreciate your help
  11. Hi all, I am new to fly fishing as I have only been trout fly fishing for about a year. I have gone about once a week all year for trout. But, I wanted to start salt fly fishing so I just picked up a 9wt TFO BVK and Orvis hydros SL IV. I was hoping I could get some suggestions for lines to put on the reel. It seems intermediate lines are what most people go for, I read some good things about scientific angler sonar lines. Also, I was wondering if anyone has any interest in going fishing with me and showing me the ropes. I live on the South Shore of MA. I know a few spots where I have surf casted before, but they seem like they would be challenging to fly fish. Anything special you guys look for when finding spots to fish? Thanks, Conor
  12. Thanks for the offer guys, but I just picked up a 9wt TFO BVK and Orvis Hydro SL at a reasonable price.
  13. Hi all, I want to try out some salt fly fishing. I am looking to buy a 9wt rod and reel without breaking the bank. Let me know whatcha got
  14. I dont have one for sale, but check out the piscifun sword. I own one and its a great little reel for the price.
  15. Sorry, i'll pass, All yours Blaimes