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  1. RIP. Sad to hear, always a great guy to chat with at the shows.
  2. its been so cold i have had no motivation to get out, after this next round of freeze everything will be frozen solid!
  3. Wow those are awesome!! Must kill when bass on grass shrimp!
  4. I would try posting in the Mass forum
  5. that's very nice looking!!
  6. Happy New Year Thanks for the chance
  7. No major purchases this year, just repair and replace. Prob grab a few new plugs at a show. No more major purchases till something encouraging happens with the fishery.
  8. Have a happy and safe holiday all!!
  9. SP minnow (Bone or Chix scratch), magdarter, SS Darter
  10. That is a tank of a trout
  11. Wonder why they are so late? Where were they when the bass were around
  12. People will never learn until there are none left. Its pathetic.