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  1. the other thread sums it up pretty good. You can catch fish but you need an insane amount of luck and timing to catch fish above 32" at this point. Hope this changes in the fall but in the spring/summer they seemed to roll right past us. With the canal and block slaughter, not sure how many will be passing by in the fall either.
  2. I would be all for Game fish status.
  3. This is a big part, anyone can see what happens at canal. Without a boat and I don’t social media much, it’s not seen as much.
  4. less fish and smaller bait every year...... and what bass we get seem to also shrink every year. There are fish to be had but unless you want a lot of schoolies be prepared to put some serious time in. Not much walk to water and catch unless it is the schoolie invasion at the start and end of the season. In my last 3 trips out i have seen 2 other fisherman.
  5. I have spots where bombers outfish SP's but it needs to be a spot where fish are in close. The bomber has a better swim, especially in current but it casts like a potato chip. If there is any wind in your face forget the bomber, the SP (especially the larger size) will get where it needs to go.
  6. Then next year and the years after everyone will bitch "where are the fish"............. The human need to kill everything is just insane.
  7. Nice fish! I have heard similar reports...... Hope it is not a slaughter like last year.
  8. i think so, but i am no owl expert. He landed in a tree just at the edge of my yard, and let us walk over and have a look and he just starred at us. Then a few min later he swooped down for a mouse or something but he caught my dogs attention and my dog went after the owl. Owl just got out of dog jumping range with a mouse in its claws. Surprised me how big he was.
  9. I had my biggest fish of year and a few small keepers, the 2 nights before you and Lennon. Next time out was similar to yours plenty of action on just sub keeper fish and 1 small keeper.
  10. Funny, i was going to create round 2 but doesnt seem worth it. Funny thing is i had a nice fish the other pm and didnt even think to take a pic. Maybe next time.
  11. Dog days my ass......
  12. Bait fishing is a different game then my plugging for bass and blues. Was fun to learn new stuff and will def mix it up a bit more going forward. Sea robin and scup may be the next game fish the way things are going
  13. Double post
  14. Thanks all for all the advice. Spent a few days off of Charlestown beach with the kids. First the negative and then all the positive. Everyday and all day there were draggers hammering off the beach, the resulting constant flow of weeds was aweful. At all times there was. 7-10’ wide swath of solid red weeds. This made fishing very difficult, also not sure how many fish get by the gauntlet of nets. Over 4 day period I saw total of 3 tiny blitzes that lasted all of 2 min each. I never caught a blue or even a schoolie, that seems odd and a bit scary. Shouldn’t there be more activity? Saw a bunch of shad. on the positive the scup bite was hot if you could avoid the weeds. Probably caught 60+ of them with a few very large ones, lots of shorts to keeper ratio but kids were psyched, also caught dog fish, sea robins, and cunners. Kids were most happy to catch dog fish, as they claimed to be catching “sharks”. Was an awesome few days being a beach bum and kids are def hooked on beach fishing. Highlight was my niece and son catching this one by themselves. Something awesome about kids having a blast learning to fish. Thanks all for helping to make this happen, it’s why this site is awesome.