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  1. I am not gonna have anyone do stickers as someone always gets stuck ( no pun intended) with all the stickers they made. Folks dont follow up or kick in loot. It will just be honor system, plus most posted pictures have the time/date time stamp.
  2. Bump. 1 week and a few days to get signed up. Not taking late entries, even though fish may not be here till june
  3. where is Mofish, never a tourney without him!!
  4. I am in and will donate a plug to winner
  5. Rules: May 1st - July 31st 2018 After folks feedback there will be 2 Rounds, May - July and August - Oct. The Goal will be to have 2 parts to the tourney with 2 overall winners. Hopefully wrap up with a Early November Chunking Trip for all Participants Entire RI coast. All RI regulations are in effect. Only fishing from, shore, docks, piers, jetties. NO BOATS / KAYAKS Catch and release. Photos of dead, dying or mutilated fish will not be accepted. Fish caught and kept for the table are not eligible. (Trust is a big factor here people.) All entrants must be registered before (May 1st to be in the overall winner). Bait or lures ONLY. NO SPEARFISHING All fish must be treated humanely and released in as good a condition and as quickly as possible. All entries must include a photo clearly showing length of the fish AND a ruler measurement. All qualifying fish must be posted in the respective threads before 3 days after the month end. I am looking for 6 folks to offer a plug to the winners of each part of the tourney (5 for bass winner and 1 for blue winner), let me know if interested in donating (only offer if plan to ship to winners without much prompting). If i missed anything let me know! Don't forget Bluefish has its own categories. Folks must have responded to this thread before 4/30 to be eligible
  6. I will get something posted up in the next day or so with rules and sign up since it seems like we may have enough interest.
  7. even if dinks show up now, it is too cold to stand fishing for micros. Its a long season and we will be sick of small fish before we know it.
  8. JR folks are generally open to offering advice just not locations. If someone were to say "what kind of structure has been holding fish" or "what kind of conditions should i look for", i would be more than happy to share the structure or conditions that have led to success, and then someone can take that information and try to apply to places/situations that are similar. However if someone says "im going to fish in gansett, where have folks been catching", or your example "try NR mouth, after dark, outgoing tide", that is way too much information. People need to learn that on their own. If i have spend dozens of hours fishing different tides and different conditions to narrow down on a specific bite why should that be shared (especially on the internet)? Many of us have families, jobs, and other obligations so why should someone else cash in on my hard work (and lack of sleep)?
  9. Sorry if mis-intepreted, this was not directed at the OP for posting that pic (even if it hurts a little to see it up there for all ). It was more related to folks saying we are overly paranoid about burning spots.
  10. Evolution, the ones with the greatest survival rates for each stream have passed on that timing in the genes. That's how i have always assumed it.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Mark way to detailed info please remove, that is setting up large problems!
  13. Never - ever on a weekend, staying up late on a weeknight tends to thin the herd. Rain and they run for the hills.