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  1. Bootfoot breathable waders are getting harder to find. Do check out Caddis Deluxe Breathable Bootfoot Waders - They are about $200.
  2. They are getting harder to find. I was looking for a pair in the $200 area. LL Bean’s were just too big in my boot size. I picked up a pair of Caddis Deluxe Breathable Bootfoot waders. They seem fine. I also noticed breathable bootfoots available from Frog Toggs and a Proline ”Stonee Brook” wader.
  3. I may be showing my age with this answer, but, I think a Penn 140 Squidder would work just fine for you. I have used it for years with an 11 1/2 ft. GSB1361MH and have been very happy with the way it performs. It will easily handle the abuse you want to put it through. I did put a one size larger Penn handle on it for more leverage. My $0.02: ‘Would be a great reel for how you want to use it.
  4. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  5. Why did you think it was going to be a Flea Market? It was advertised as a forum, auction and that there would be seminars. It was not promoted as a Flea Market.
  6. I agree 100%. Devcon 2 ton Epoxy has never let me down. Use it with confidence
  7. I’m in. Thanks!
  8. My $110. Offer is still alive. Let me me know if you want to do the deal.
  9. If davef would like it for $120. then please accept his offer. I am going to stand at $110. it was very gracious of you to wait until you heard back from me. Thanks- Surfcaster1
  10. I will take it for $110.00
  11. I used 1” Johnson & Johnson waterproof first aid tape for many years. Then I tried Nexcare waterproof tape and I find I like it better for the job. It stretches, it’s soft and it stays on. My suggestion would be to try either one and see which you like better. You won’t be going home with line cuts in your casting finger with either.
  12. My thoughts and prayers for your wife’s recovery and return to good health are with you and your family.
  13. I think some people may have bought a Van Staal because it is recognized as a very cool and upscale, waterproof reel that is made to be dunked. It is also a pricey reel. I think for some people a Van Staal is a “want” rather than a “need”. I think after a while they realize they spent a lot of money on it and really don’t use it for what it was intended. Their old non-waterproof reels still match their fishing style. Once they reach that point you see their Van Staal for sale in the BST section. just my opinion Surfcaster1
  14. Happy New Year! Thanks-