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  1. $190 shipped gota pay for new putter
  2. This was the only setup I had when they popped up set up casts a mile but damn fighting them with the vs blew lol. Legend is sold so I will use my cts VT with a stella 5k.
  3. Just picked up,some of those hogys to try. Small bait and 1 1/4 oz should fly out to those meatheads nicely. Just wondering if they'll eat.
  4. 1 - GRS Blind Surface Giant Gary's 2018 Yellow new. 1 - Beach Master new with a little BM oxidation 1 - Caveman custom Surfster lip new 230 shipped with paypal fees. Dustin
  5. Mike you nailed it everyone wants to be the Instgram queen. Sad fishing for hearts from other dudes. But the killing of big fish which taste like crap IMO is whats really makes me sick. They cant afford some nice cod loins from from local seafood market? Really sucks I could go on but but certains kinds would be butt hurt lol.
  6. Looking for 2 of different pattern/ color. Thanks in advance, Dustin
  7. My bad got busy with work. But couldnt be that guy so went with it. Payment recieved will close when shipped
  8. Skeet got it first so gota stick with his offer. thanks to all
  9. If you meet me half way at 342 you have a deal
  10. Yup thats one with the spinner I think. The flash should attract some bites as well. Gota pick some up.
  11. Up forsale is a like new St Croix Legend Surf Medium Power Mod action LSS106MM2 10-20 LB 3/4-4 OZ I added a fuji rod butt the protect it. 350 picked up 365 Shipped Rod was used a handful of times cast 1-3 oz a mile.
  12. $40 you got a deal
  13. Magic swimmer sold $25 shipped for alans i believe he has a waiting list now.