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  1. Finished wrapping it tonight. Tomorrow, make sure everything is aligned (I hate that part) then the first coat of finish. I need to get it done by sunday night.
  2. Steve i will check my stash tomorrow with one condition - please shoot me a pm so i don't forget. I think that I have some but my workspace is at my office so i won't be there until tomorrow. I used a lot of ncp black in the past.
  3. What !? The spline doesn’t matter!
  4. For all practical purposes they are recreationally extinct from Long Island and south of there. Damn shame. I used to really enjoy fishing for them.
  5. Didn't get much done today.
  6. It’s only good As long as the reels internals can handle the higher drag settings. If they can’t - marketing.
  7. All of the underwraps on and a coat of apoxxee too... My workspace is pretty cool tonight so I probably won't get to start the guides tomorrow. It takes ~24 hours for the finish to cure at this time of the year. The table is a complete ****hole at this point. I try to keep things neat but it ends up being a mess.
  8. Definitely spline. Sounds much more cooler.
  9. I just eyeball it. 4-5” from the top and go from there. I havent done a load test in quite some time due to increased numbers of runners bs past cof builds.
  10. I'm late here - it's going to take a lot of convincing to get me to think that they matter - 99% of my fishing is done at night. Then, throw in some wave action/white water and a little murk and it's even less likely.
  11. I keep looking at a Renzetti. I'd have to dump some stuff to swing that.
  12. same here, it's kind of a pain.
  13. Started this one today. Got a few underwraps on and a coat of finish as well.
  14. I played with it today. I moved things around a bit but ended up right where I started. The layout worked very well with a Saltiga 5000, vs200 and zb25. The 27 spool was a touch noisier vs the others (but still significantly quieter than a KW set up brought along for comparison). I tried to get some video but there was too much glare to make it worthwhile. The line was flowing pretty nicely by the time it got to the choke. I could see that quite well. It really tightens up once it gets past the 25.
  15. The problem with the older reels is that at some point they might not be serviceable by VS. I have one, sn# is in the low 500's. I sent it back 2 or 3 years ago. It was able to be serviced but VS told me that at some point the parts may no longer be available. I haven't really used it since the last service. I've picked up a couple of newer ones and fish those. Regarding the drag, just make sure that it is well greased and you shouldn't have any issues.