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  1. Couple of hurricanes come along, September is toast. Put money on it.
  2. It all comes down to gear ratio. If the reel is above 5:1 you will be miserable reeling up. Two speed reels really shine for this fishing.
  3. i made a claim on renters insurance years back, and it cost me when we bought our first home. then claim had a significant impact on the quotes that we got for our homeowners insurance. unless it's more than a grand it's not worth it.
  4. I will take the SA for asking if it’s available. If so please shoot me a pm when you can. I will settle up later.
  5. ‘Fused’ is the proper term...
  6. Ct pizza sucks and blows.
  7. Two options... kw30-25-20-12-8 (single or double or a combo of both). rv25-16 kw10m the either kw or kt runners size 8. Not sure why cts should throw in something. If you don’t like the price then don’t buy the blank. It’s pretty easy...
  8. We called the bullet macs. Frigate is the ‘proper’ name. Definitely not an albie.
  9. Storms/hurricanes are the wild card. They can shut an albie season pretty quick. Labor Day is a safe bet to see the first few and peaking ~3 weeks later. Last year was an anomaly based off of history but there are lots of changes to he environment so who knows what this season will bring. Imho we are due for a bit of a down year.
  10. I crush the barbs on all trebles. i usually leave single hook lures with the barbs.
  11. I've never really paid attention to tires to be honest. I've never had problems with any that I've had. My Tacoma has Cooper tires on it now. THey're certainly nothing special. I've driven on Block with it with out any issues. I've even been on the beach there without any air out a few times.
  12. The lightest most sensitive bestest rod EVER!
  13. I re-use swivels, snaps I toss after a while.
  14. exactly.
  15. My experience was good. Toyota said the frame and all other related costs would be covered but there could be items in need of replacement that weren’t covered. That happened with my first one. I didn’t ask specific questions and when I went to pick it up I was handed a bill for shocks and some other items. After some discussion hey waived it but mainly because I was getting a new truck (my current one). This time I asked some specific questions and I was told that I would be called with any issues. I was out of pocket about $1,700 here. But that was for items not related to the frame. I was fine paying it this time. I only had to pay for parts, No labor costs though.