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  1. but when the regs for bass exclusively target breeding females - that's ok?
  2. 1-i think there's some hope there, but only if they aren't beaten to hell before they've had some chances to spawn. 2-i think that it seems that way though - heavy concentrations of large fish in a very small area and only that area. not good.
  3. yes. do you think getting stabbed in the face with a piece of steel tickles? do you think there isn't stress involved in this process? there absolutely is, why do you think they fight the way that they do? for the second part, i think you have a problem with reading comprehension, i've never said that i look down on someone catching a fish to eat.
  4. then go eat chicken or a burger
  5. yes, that's what they do and have been doing for ever. the 2011 are in the ocean at this point.
  6. I have single foots in total or partial on multiple rods with no tangling issues.
  7. NJ guys are complaining about the fluke regs? Really? the regs were initially put in place due to poor recruitment for the last 5-6 years. Nothin has changed to fix that. Early indications were that the catch was down slightly coastwide. Given the data for the last few years it would seem that a status quo would be the best way to go. But in the ‘kill em all state’ , who knows? Maybe 10@14” with not closed season!
  8. really? we are going to go with that stuff? everything seemed to do quite well for a long time before the white man was here...
  9. people still actually believe that? they're vertebrates, they absolutely feel pain.
  10. they're definitely not resident fish. they're 2011 from the bay.
  11. you're mistaken if you think shore anglers aren't killing a lot of fish. they aren't any groups that aren't doing their share of the damage here. regardless, it doesn't matter who, where or how they are killed. the end results is that too many are being removed each year.
  12. It was fair for me in ct and limited time in ri
  13. what about the canal this summer? shore guys took more than their share there.
  14. yes, the 30" doesn't look all that great on FB
  15. well, we are going to be headed that way if socioecomic factors are going to be officially incorporated into the the striped bass management process.....