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  1. i use an excel spreadsheet. headers are: date, location, time fished(start/stop), tides(hi & lo for the day), wind direct, wind speed, air temp, water temp, moon dates for full/new, # of fish caught, # of hits, what was caught, size, lure/bait, misc notes (summary of the trip, special details, etc). i found (and still find) the log extremely helpful when i moved from nj to ct. i fished nj all my life and didn't really need a log. i had everything in my head. moving, that was a complete start over and the little details can often be forgotten.
  2. please shoot me a pm with your pp info and i will take care of it when i get home later tonight
  3. I will take but can’t settle up til later
  4. Buying site unseen - you take your chances.
  5. one can only hope
  6. i never knew this was a problem.
  7. i have used a chisel and hammer in the past to do this. you just need to find something that looks like it will get the job done.
  8. Thoughts and prayers...
  9. Every vehicle is different, and conditions on the beach vary too. 15-20 for the tires, put it in drive and go. If it feels like the truck is working too hard let some more air out. It really doesn't have to be any harder than this.
  10. van staal is definitely the better reel
  11. they're not necessarily big, just very heavy for their size.
  12. yes, that rod could have one of those 4-5oz butt caps on it.
  13. yes, also did the builder use epoxy or apoxxee?
  14. Well, there are a couple of ways to look at this. Is it heavy at 12oz? I'd say no but it probably could have been built a good bit lighter. Which 1-3 blank do you have - a true 2 piece or their new 'one piece (that one is cut at 28" and shipped, then glued up (or fused....) by the builder. If end weight was truly a concern that was blown by putting stainless alconites on it. If you really wanted light weight, Torzite would have been the way to go. Your handle assembly also probably could have been lighter too. Reelseat, cork tape and shrink grip all add weight. I made a 3-6 this year, on the cut blank. The blank alone was about 7.5oz (before gluing). The guides that I used (Torzite), added 0.41oz. I did weigh the other components but I forgot what they were. The final rod came in at around 10.5oz if I remember, which is ~1.5oz lighter than yours for a heavier blank. For reference, the 3-6 blank is ~7.5oz and the 4-8 blank is ~10.1oz. I have no idea if the 1-3 follows that pattern though. Back to your rod, 12 oz for the build that you describe sounds about right. Spending the extra money for guides only saves ~1.5oz. The 'value' of that is up to the user. Any weight savings in the handle wouldn't have had a cost effect. You could have left the reel seat off (electrical tape is just slightly lighter tho). The overall handle assembly could have been lighter with different materials with out sacrificing durability. PS - for reference, a typical guide set of alconite, say 30-25-20-12-10/8 would probably be ~1-1.5oz heavier vs the guide set that I used, possibly a little more.
  15. that's pretty friggin cool