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  1. So who is in and when are we doing it?
  2. Rules? Rules?? who needs rules? Fish with your buddies, drink beer and go out to dinner. Biggest and most fish win bragging rights.
  3. Thanks! I didn't know when the revised figures would be available. BTW I don't think that MRIP figures, the way they are put together right now, really represents the real world. I can remember the 20 cent a pound days in Montauk.
  4. O.K. two boats, no waiting. Who wants to win us, and on what day? I assume most will want to do it on a weekend.
  5. Use a two hook rig and just rubber band the trailing hook tight to the tail of the bunker.
  6. Calf Pasture park in Norwalk. End of Shippan Road in Stamford. Mianus river downstream of the dam. Housatonic river in Milford.
  7. So, are we doing our annual fluke contest this year? Ray, you up for doing this again? Who is in?
  8. Not true. The way it works today is that the commercial fishery fills its quota relatively quickly. Then NOAA/NMFS moves some of the recreational quota to the commercial side of things as a late season adjustment, so the commercial fishery can stay open. last year the powers that be were late in making the in season transfer and all of the politicians in NY state, including the Governor, were up in arms about the possibility of shutting down the commercial fishery. All this proposal would do is to change the yearly quota transfer into a permanent quota transfer.
  9. Alien abduction machine!
  10. Sitting on the boat right now! Good to see you too Ray!
  11. Had them all around the boat at the top of the great salt pond on Friday.
  12. Catching herring

    Dead serious. Just cut a triangle out of an aluminum pie plate, about 2 inches on each side.
  13. Catching herring

    Use a dodger made out of shiny aluminum either at the top or bottom of the rig, it can double your catch if the fish are around.
  14. Why don't they just make it illegal to step off your own property, and fine every for doing it?
  15. They're catching them pretty good up around Hyannis.