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  1. Where are you? I would also need a lathe for sanding and finishing the dowel stock.
  2. Haven't been able to find one yet that has a lathe long enough to do a 16 inch piece of wood. If either you or Billy know anyone, please get me his or her contact info.
  3. Yeah, I have thought of that, but haven't pursued it yet. I thought I had someone lined up, but it turned out that he can't do a central hole in a 16 inch long piece of dowel.
  4. I've been using bluewater paint with the highest % of cuprous oxide you can get. I also add a 1/2 pint of iragatol <sp?> to each gallon. Been using it for about 10 years now, after I had all of the old paint soda blasted off and a barrrier coat put on. One coat does it and I have little to no growth when I pull the boat in the fall.
  5. Your confusing your governments. The Federal Government funds the military and Pentagon, the state and local Governments are the ones promising pensions to cops, teachers, etc. Many of the heartland states don't want anything to do with having the federal government fund the "lavish" pensions that many of the blue states have promised their employees. In many cases those pensions are more than the red state workers make when they are "on the job."
  6. Bump. Still looking. No one seems to have the ability to drill a 16 inch long hole in a piece of wood?
  7. If you want a candy apple effect why don't you just use candy apple paint?
  8. Its been a well accepted legal fact that the U.S. government, through new laws can alter social security as they like. This court case simply extends that premis to the state of RI.
  9. I've been to the one in Danbury, the one in Mohegan Sun, the one in Fairfield, CT and the original in New Haven, all pretty good. RI needs a good pizza joint, even the ones on Federal Hill aren't very good.
  10. What fish are you referring to? Except of the andromonus and catandromonus species, most of what we target spawns offshore.
  11. Thanks Billy, that's almost exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm not looking for cork. Have any other links to work other than by those two? I was also thinking of having something made by a custom pool cue maker, some of them do some really exotic work.
  12. Anyone know of a good source for custom exotic wood grips? I know how to do it, but I don't have a lathe or drill press, so I'd rather pay someone else thabn buy the tools.
  13. Yeah, came out a couple of weeks ago. Makes deciding between the general and angling categories even tougher.
  14. Building a new rod for tog and cod, also going to re-wrap an old favorite rod with new guides.
  15. Still a workhorse of a reel. Use it!