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  1. I’ll take this if still available
  2. Interested. where is it located and is it and old US make?
  3. Money sent thanks
  4. I'll take this.
  5. is it an older run?
  6. Looking for green Mac all weights.wood will be interested in other colors as well prefer pencils.. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the input..Frazerp same here it was the only productive plug for my weekend adventure... Bad news is at the end of the trip I threw it one last time and what I believe was a gator snatched it from me... Now off to the threads to search for one...
  8. Think it was wood.. Anyone know who made it? TIA
  9. Please close thread lack of interest. Thanks
  10. Please close thread lack of interest. Thanks
  11. Purchased a boat rod on Saturday... Will keep this open and Willing to trade for surf items.
  12. $150 on the squall set up $100 on the ugly combo
  13. Forgot the photos
  14. I have 2 combos that I want to trade for a lighter combo for the boat .. I'm located in Monmouth county NJ.. I've used them twice New bought in July Squall 30lw on squall2050c6'6" Penn jig master 500(old stock) on (new in July) UGly stick Tiger bwc/ao 2202 7' Would like a local deal and hopefully tomorrow going out east Friday night for the weekend..
  15. I lost 2 bags on July 4th weekend in rumson nj wondering if anyone ever came across them I haven't been online in a while but back on again.. Let me know I see a lot of bags were put on some sites with patches removed that kinda looked like the ones I lost... But just out of curiosity you never know someone may have found them.they were loaded with plugs... Will need to purchase another one for an upcoming trip east.... Thanks G