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  1. This is a great thing you are doing here. I am sure you'll have some good Karma coming your way.
  2. When I first obtained my insurance I remember being asked if there would be any other operators. I put my dad down at the time and they needed his DL# and some other info. I don't know if that meant only he and I were covered or not. I do know by adding him it increased the cost of the insurance. I never felt comfortable with the idea of him taking the boat out solo and luckily he never asked. I just don't like the idea of someone else taking it out and f-ing it up after I worked so hard to buy it.
  3. Damn thats an impressive fish there.
  4. Thank you
  5. Are you using this technique in an inlet or river? Doesn't seem like it would that well out front on the open beach.
  6. Old/new all good. Any you don't find up to snuff feel free to kick them my way.
  7. Used to get a few growing seasonally in my parents yard growing up here in NJ. Never actually went foraging for them. What are some of the better places to look as far as environmental conditions?
  8. Wonder if this will help pump a little life back into AC. Guess we shall see.
  9. "Aloha, Mr. Hand"
  10. "War's over, man. Wormer dropped the big one."
  11. Traded in my older Steiger this past fall for an upgrade. Couldn’t be happier.
  12. 100% this. I have a 48" for a 23 Steiger, but last year there were a few days when that seem inadequate. Going to pick up a 60" this year for those days.
  13. Curious to see what others have to say. Other then the color they look very similar in design.
  14. Braid all the way. Less drag with the thinner diameter so can generally get away with a little less weight.
  15. Those egg sinker snag rigs work pretty well. The problem with the switching to another rod with a circle hook to liveline is distance, at least for me. If the bait and fish are a good distance out getting that bunker back out there a good ways is an issue.