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  1. If you still have a 3/0 9548 left I’ll take one
  2. Never mind. Not my size
  3. Forgot to ask what sz is the wader?
  4. Offer $175 not really my sz
  5. I’ll take it for asking
  6. I’ll take it
  7. Got hooked in the back of the head back in 2006 from a buddy of mine. Blood was leaking and white meat was showing. Didn’t have insurance at the time. Put neosporin and bandaged it up and was good to go. Until this day I refer to him as “my hooker”
  8. I’ll take it if willing to ship
  9. It’s yours
  10. Don’t know how to use a lefty but if you want to sell for $500 I’ll give it a shot
  11. Marty - sorry but I hadn't considered shipping this to the west coast - just figured someone from Long Island or Mass  would buy it. UPS is telling me it will cost $18 or so to ship - and for something I originally hoped to sell locally - I'll be making $28 after wrapping & mailing. Not enough to make it worth my while.

    1. Marty mart

      Marty mart

      No worries.

  12. 94580
  13. If willing to ship I can cover shipping
  14. Ill take it for $45 shipped