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  1. Respectfully Offer $50
  2. Offer $30 for the two gags swimmers
  3. Meet me at $35 and we have a deal
  4. Can you show pics of the reel. Also I forgot to ask what sz spool? I was assuming 6000
  5. Respectfully offer $30 shipped
  6. If deal doesn’t fall through with adoboboy I’d like to take it for $140
  7. I'll take it for asking
  8. How's $55?
  9. I'm looking for a Loomis surf series not the imx model. 11' 1/2-3oz
  10. I'm looking for a cabelas predator rod 11'. I know there are multiple models but let me know what you have.
  11. Are you willing to ship? I'm interested in the reel
  12. Will you take $350 shipped for the reel?
  13. Respectfully offer $400 shipped