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  1. I listened in on an epo recounting his story of ticketing a comm fishermen yesterday morning (a commercial day). Apparently as he brought a decent fish to his truck the epo stopped him and asked for a permit which was in the guys truck. At the truck he had a 33" fish in a cooler. The guy was cited for having an undersized fish and not having the permit on his person. Now it sounds like the fishermen was not saying the right things- apparently he was planning on trying to sell the 33" - but to me this seemed a bit harsh. There has been an instance where I had one comm keeper and then gut hooked a 32" and decided to keep that for dinner and call it a day. Apparently I was unknowingly breaking the law and would have been wiser to discard the fish and keep fishing for my second comm keeper. I appreciate the epo making his presence known but to me this is not the type of violations the epos should be focused on given the craps that's been going on.
  2. Nope. I put it on a stringer a placed into 4 foot grass behind me. Stringer was there, the fish was not. I don't like displaying a catch in front of me for obvious reason but that's what's going to have to happen from now on
  3. Scumbags are still out there. Had a fish stolen from me this am. I’m F’in pissed. At myself as much as I am pissed at that lowlife!
  4. I have gotten in the habit of backing off the drag at the end of a fight with a good fish. When there's been a lot of pressure on the hooks and fishes mouth during the fight they often pull the hook with their last run near the shore. I've had dozens of good fish landed with the hook is barely hanging on to a flap of skin. Of course if there is structure near by you need to stay buckled down
  5. It's not about knowing how to walk on the rocks, it's about knowing how to fall... I think I got that from a fortune cookie
  6. The EX is the same as the old EM pro with the upgraded handle. It's a great distance reel for a decent price. It is definitely not bulletproof by any means. They will wear and break down eventually. You can maximize its life with regular maintenance and replacing parts like bearings. Again it performs the same as the old Em Pro which is a hugely popular reel for good reason.
  7. 30 is still doable and will get you a little extra distance. For me 40 is just right. And remember you don't want to be "johnny loose drag" when a good fish hits at the end of your cast with the way crowds are nowadays...
  8. I squid a handful of times a year in the canal and like anything else, there are good nights and slow nights...
  9. Oh no it certainly does. Putting a pork rind, synthetic strip, or chamois will elongate the profile and slow the sink rate, which certainly matters for stripers. I just personally switch to sluggo jigs or paddle tails if I want a longer profile or change weight/amount of hair if I want to change the sink rate.
  10. 99% of the time I fish my bucktails naked. If I want a longer or bigger profile, I'll fish soft plastics. For sea bass, a smelly trailer is the way to go. Squid always works but gulp seems to be easier to deal with and is just as effective.
  11. Many fishermen, particularly in the groundfishery, are upset that regulations have become stricter and quotas have been cut while there is little evidence of rebounding fish stocks (mostly cod). And while they are being strictly regulated, an exponentially growing fish eating mammal population is not. To some, animals are being given more rights than humans in this case. This is not my own opinion but the objectively reasonable sentiments of many fishermen.
  12. It sounds like we had a stranding event of these usually offshore species. Apparently it has happened before but hasn't happened in decades... Squid are so weird
  13. The following is a FB posting from the Center for Coastal Studies on June 3: IMPORTANT REQUEST FROM OWEN NICHOLS, DIRECTOR OF MARINE FISHERIES RESEARCH AT CCS: Hello Cape Cod folks! I'm looking for reports and especially photos of the squid that have been appearing on and near beaches in Cape Cod Bay on this week's big tides - the ones I've seen are shortfin squid (Illex illecebrosus, pictured here), also known as summer squid. These are different from the squid that we've come to think of as common in inshore waters and are jigged in harbors by fishermen, which are longfin squid (Doryteuthis/Loligo pealeii). This phenomenon of summer squid on beaches is not a new one, but aside from last July in Provincetown, it's one we haven't seen in some time - I remember seeing this a few times growing up here, but in the 1970s and 80s it happened a lot! See the paper linked below for some background - forty years later we still don't really know why it happens, but we're starting to piece together what drives the local abundance of this oceanic squid species. Please post pics and locations in the comments, DM them us, or email to THANK YOU
  14. I love the 12' 2-6oz. Unlike many lure ratings of big companies this one was right on the money. It can certainly throw 1 oz sp minnows just fine but it's not the most comfortable for that application. I have (very occasionally) thrown 6 oz bucktails with out backing down much. The rod does it fine but I do think that 6oz is the lmit. And the sweet spot is 3.75-4.25 oz but it throws a 3 oz pencil as far as any rod but it really excels with a 4 oz. I know your asking about the 11 footer but if it is anything like the 12 footer, I would guess the rating is spot on and IMO the lure rating more or less matches the fighting power of a rod. In other words, it should be a decently priced option for a plugging and light jigging rod. Disclaimer: I have not fished the 11 footer.
  15. I do believe there are some wild sources in other states at the moment. I think the RI weir fishery can land stripers at the moment and starting from a pretty small size as well. Forget the exact size regulation but it is under 28". I think your trained eye can tell the difference between wild and farm raised, so I'll take that out of the equation. And of course, what may be the most likely scenario... Not to go off on a tangent but you always see EPO arrests of poachers publicized on a regular basis but I never see dealers, wholesalers/retailers getting into legal trouble with the exception of Joe and the stolen oysters and the Codfather fiasco. I'd imagine the best use of taxpayer dollars to combat poaching is to hammer down on the "big guys," the ones buying and selling illegal fish. It seems law enforcement is content with beating their chest when they catch the guy stacking bass or a boat filled with too many seabass. Don't get me wrong, this type of enforcement needs to continue but the poachers they catch are just the tip of the iceberg and will always continue if we are just targeting poachers. To me aggressively targeting the unscrupulous dealers will have a much bigger impact than writing citations for poachers.