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  1. tough piece. I see them at the SWLCC show occasionally. B
  2. Both lures arrived. Thanks, boys. B Still need more.
  3. about 1 oz.
  4. Here is a pic of some flaptails that I recently got from Danny's son.
  5. Some pretty cool colors there. I caught one of my biggest bass on a white w/red head back in 1992. They do produce. B
  6. You should know it by heart. I'll PM.
  7. Ally I agree with all of the love being shown for your brother. He was cool. I knew your brother as 'The Turk' or 'Dream'. In the mid 1990's, I spent many nights fishing on Shagwong with your brother and Kenny Kassan. We would then eat together at Ann Breyers Cottages or in town. Kenny always picked where we ate. There was George Wade, Vito, Manny Moreno, Mitch Sarro, Jorge Labrata and my brother Thom. Your brother met Kenny on the beach. Kenny was amazed that your brother took a cab to Montauk and was walking around. Ken adopted him. He was welcomed into our tight lipped group on Kenny's say so. We all shared your brothers enthusiasm for the hunt. We all wanted to catch the biggest bass. We were relentless in the chase. 'Dream' fit right in. What he lacked in experience; he made up for with drive. My sympathies to you and your family. I share your loss. Your brother is gone, George is gone, Kenny is gone and my brother is gone. All we have left is the memories. Thank you for keeping the memories alive. With love. Bob Jones
  8. That works. I'll ship with your other purchase. Thread closed. Thanks SOL. Bob
  9. sure, Dave. Thanks. B
  10. Great for the canal. $35 ea. 3/$100. shipped. Thanks. Bob
  11. I have this one. Mint. $40 shipped. B
  12. It's yours. Thread closed. B
  13. I'll take it. Thanks. I'll send info. B
  14. Hi Pete I have an un-used old one. $30 shipped. B