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  1. Most any of the $100 reels today are a great choice. I am partial to the the penn battle 2. I think more importantly than what reel you buy is to teach him early to treat equipment the right way. Not saying he wouldn’t but teaching that lesson early is a good thing for the reel and a good life lesson in general. I see alot of adults use and abuse all sorts of things way beyond the cost if a reel and it drives me crazy. With a little effort things you buy can last a long time. Btw the penn fierce is a very small step dowm from the battle and a very decent reel for the money too.
  2. I seriously don’t doubt that. Some very large fish years back.
  3. Makes me think of my Dad cod fishing out of Montauk when I was a kid. Numerous times he couldn't pull 3rd place with a 40 lb cod. He used to come home with a ridiculous amount of fish. Different times conservation wasn't even a word. Shame.
  4. A scale would work. I typically tighten the drag until it takes good slow steady pressure using the line wrapped around one hand to get the spool to start to slip. Use a glove if you wrap braid around your hand. That's it. I don't read into drag settings any more than that but if you rather use a scale there is nothing wrong with that either. Keep in mind I am a surf and bay fisherman. Stripers and blues can be tackled with reasonably light drag settings. If you were tuna fishing, you would definitely want to be a little more precise.
  5. I haven't written off the larger two sizes. I'm interested in what others have to say about them too. There have been numerous plugs over the years that started out as luke warm for me only to revisit them later on and get a whole different and positive perspective on them. Hope spring comes soon!
  6. I realize you were not asking me but if my 2 cents is worth anything, I tried the mid size first and then the larger one. Maybe I just had big expectations but I found them to cast and swim a lot like the similar sized long A's. There could be a subtle difference but I thought they were very close. There are some nice color patterns with the new ones. The smallest long shot is another story. I found that to cast like a dart. It won't wake on the surface like the redfin but it runs pretty shallow and at 3/4 oz it really makes for a nice small offering. Nice patterns too. Had great luck with them in the bays.
  7. I believe the OP was talking about rebels. I never found them friendly to be over hooked but to each his own. If you are prone to fishing heavier water with smaller plugs they can sometimes tolerate a bigger hook. In the end it's whatever works for you.
  8. I wouldn’t go to a 1 or 1/0 on the 5 1/2 inch rebel. #2 tops imo. Feel free to experiment but i think the larger hook will deaden the plugs action too much. I grew up using the 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 inch broken backs and straight back rebels. They also came in sinking models too so thats one plug we never loaded. They all were bigtime back bay producers prior to the bomber long A series hitting the scene. These days i think there are some better plugs to put to use. Better in the sense that you can cover more water due to castability. Two standouts for me to imitate sandeels have been the smallest daiwa sp minnow, and the smallest bomber long cast. Nothing wrong with tossing a mambo minnow into the mix or a rebel. I like alot of variety when i am tossing minnow swimmers.
  9. Good call pointing out the long butt section. Nice rod otherwise. At least for me I have to loose 6 inches off the rear so it's more like an 8 1/2 but still a nice rod. I wouldn't dare sling a 10 lb fish onto the rocks like Jim but if he is doing that it's even a better rod than I thought.
  10. This makes sense. I have said it before but Penn's presence on this site makes me feel quite comfortable knowing if I had an issue, I could speak directly to Tony. That alone would make me buy a Penn over something else.
  11. Big difference in weight so I would pick the one that "feel" best to you. I'm not a big fan of used. Be careful there.
  12. Zero difference for me. But I can believe a freak one time situation that that could have been true.
  13. Someone mentioned the ugly stick tiger lite already. That is an insanely nice boat rod for short money. The star aerial “jetty spinning” ex1020s70e is another that comes to mind. These are bother well under $70 each. For throwing plugs and jigs these would be ideal. If i had to pick one it would be the star i mentioned. Dont be put off the the “jetty spinning” designation. Its an insanely nice stick for inshore. As far as reels go i was never impressed with the $150 and up category. I do well with battle 2 and boca reels. If i had to have something “better” i could see myself buying clash and cabo reels but that would be the tops of what i would ever spend on a single reel. Although you dont want to baitfish, i wouldnt be without a baitrunner setup. You never know if you may run into an opportunity to fish live bait and you will really like a baitrunner for that. Best of luck with your new boat.
  14. I will go with the lowest gear ratio with the greatest ipt (inches per turn ...I assume you mean) would give you theoretically the least wear on gears and the most torque providing you are comparing similarly designed reels. Only my non-scientific opinion. I'm not sure how you would go about measuring actual torque and ease of cranking. Might be more fair to combine those two and call it "felt torque" and that will have a lot to do with the handle one piece vs multiple pieces and how it mates to the drive gear. Also, you have the pinion/main gear setup 706Z vs VS250 vs Penn Battle 2 for example.
  15. This is all very true and obviously there is an interest or trend in making gears larger on spinners these days and I certainly don't see that as a bad thing. However, I would not judge the whole reel based on that. Let's remember the Penn Battle design goes back to at least the Sargus reel from the mid 2000's and that basic platform was around even before that. That is quite some time ago. You have to give the reel some credit at this point. So to compare these two reels in any aspect is not really fair. I still think for $100 the Battle 2 is the best bet and can hold it's own against any $100 spinner IMO. I enjoyed Scooby's assessment nonetheless and appreciate the time that took.