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  1. I've been doing good by the chocolate factory, but my buddy got two 50's at the Ferris wheel... just follow the minks
  2. Question about releasing a fish on the boat or in current. With larger fish it obviously takes more time for them to get the energy back. When you're holding them should you keep their mouths open or closed? Like what's the best way to get more oxygen back into their gills? Then the whole "move them back and forth in the water thing" does that help at all?
  3. Scientific data primarily, mountains of studies but essentially cod are at 8% of a targeted biomass. Whether or not the science is flawed I do not know. Historically cod practically paved inshore and offshore waters and you could catch many 50 plus pound specimens. I'm sure "seasoned" fishermen could chime in on what the fishing was like, from boat and shore, back in the 60's 70's and 80's. I'm hoping the population repairs and we can keep a few soon. I won the pool on yankee fleet with a 35 pounder back in 2004 and that started my passion for all things fishing.
  4. Barely any blues, and acres of pogies happily milling about
  5. Girlfriend booked us 4 days around July fourth, most excited for this trip. Reading old threads and apparently you need eels eels eels, and parrot colored needles. I'll be set up with a couple rods 30 and 40 pound braid, and probably one with 15 for scups/schoolies. Dragging my bike over too for rod holders and what not. I'll be picking up DZ's book as I have been dying to get out there for years, maximize my time
  6. Heard the offshore ghost leviathan sub species of cow stock that invaded the block in the 80's showed up. 60 pounders plus all day, then they vanished to the canyons for another 30 years.
  7. I'm guilty of mining through OLD threads for all the candid discussion. Found one doozy about a guy falling off the salem willows pier, couldn't swim, and apparently no one would help him (one guy did eventually) because he was drunk and yelling at everyone. The guys brother posted in the thread years later berating SOL members, with numerous typos, and explaining that his brother is still a jerk. Think that was the only time I burst out laughing reading the forums.
  8. Very nice, thanks a bunch! The colors on it really caught my eye. I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised at the age, the gentleman who owned it had hunting/dog registration papers from 1918 for Natick MA (my hometown). I will post some more pictures here when I get a chance, thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, I was recently cleaning out a relatives basement, and among other interesting things, I found this lure. Could not see any marks or stamps and was curious when/where it was made. Figured I'd ask before I put on a stinger and assist hook and snag everything in my local pond.Lots of cool stuff there, ice fishing gear with linen line, an old hand line and a powderhorn among other things.Thanks for looking!
  10. Down there tomorrow morning, packed about 20 hand warmers. Last Monday I was chipping ice off my guides and line. Thought I was crazy until someone walked by with shorts on and I realized crazy is on a sliding scale
  11. Comes down to who coined the phrase "canal rigged" because I'm certain people have been upgrading hardware on plugs since the beginning
  12. I'm certain they are. I scored an old style hiding on the back of a hook at a small shop a couple years back and was obnoxiously giddy. The old style cruisers have saved my butt many times. I have one I have caught over, probably way over, 200 fish on over the course of 6+ years. No eyes no paint and massive grooves on the side, it still crushes.
  13. I think we need Go-Pro video to be able to narrow down the issues...
  14. Thanks guys! I thought all my smallmouth fishing was going to be limited to upstate new York, so I was more than stoked to get a few 20 minutes from my house. Nice fish Golden!
  15. Could anyone clarify for me... I know it states on the dcr website no bodily contact with the water and no wading. Does that mean I can't walk along the shore in a couple inches of water with boots on? Have only been down there once and was pleasantly surprised to have small mouth in MA, Girlfriend wants to fish more before the end of the season and heading down tomorrow morning