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  1. Down there tomorrow morning, packed about 20 hand warmers. Last Monday I was chipping ice off my guides and line. Thought I was crazy until someone walked by with shorts on and I realized crazy is on a sliding scale
  2. Comes down to who coined the phrase "canal rigged" because I'm certain people have been upgrading hardware on plugs since the beginning
  3. I'm certain they are. I scored an old style hiding on the back of a hook at a small shop a couple years back and was obnoxiously giddy. The old style cruisers have saved my butt many times. I have one I have caught over, probably way over, 200 fish on over the course of 6+ years. No eyes no paint and massive grooves on the side, it still crushes.
  4. I think we need Go-Pro video to be able to narrow down the issues...
  5. Thanks guys! I thought all my smallmouth fishing was going to be limited to upstate new York, so I was more than stoked to get a few 20 minutes from my house. Nice fish Golden!
  6. Could anyone clarify for me... I know it states on the dcr website no bodily contact with the water and no wading. Does that mean I can't walk along the shore in a couple inches of water with boots on? Have only been down there once and was pleasantly surprised to have small mouth in MA, Girlfriend wants to fish more before the end of the season and heading down tomorrow morning
  7. Dinner for the next few nights vs. your car smelling like rotten fish for five years+
  8. have been wondering the same thing this year. We'd find massive schools of adult pogies just swimming leisurely off of chatham, minus the seal or two and minkes absolutely nothing bothering them. Add to that sandeels by the millions and mackerel just about anywhere you drop down a sabiki. We've had good number days but few and far between, not like in years past
  9. What bugs me the most is the thought of how many thousands of pounds are collecting freezer burn or rotting still attached to a rack in a dumpster somewhere. By all means if you NEED the fillets, take care of them and cook them, be my guest. It's too easy right now, the greed and gluttony is literally laying on the service road for all to see, thank god there's just one fish limit. At least we can just blame commercial fishing when there's not a bass to be had in 5 years.
  10. Friends wife took this the other day, so many pogies out there
  11. I think I tore my bicep, Still riding high
  12. I found the ruling written from 2015, looks like just permit holders from boat or shore are the only ones required to cut the fin to prevent stockpiling. Happy to see they're out early getting the message across, lot of ocean to cover but this should help curtail a little bit of the nonsense
  13. Great! Now my spot is burned! Maybe since it's spelled wrong they will not be able to "map" it. I already had to throw senko warning shots at a hot shot bass boat that was crowding my shore spot last saturday... until my girlfriend told me "I was being mean"
  14. oh! A mink walking by with a two pound mackerel!
  15. Always entertaining at the ditch, saw a guy get taken about 1/4 mile down the rocks by a 34" fish screaming the whole time, he was very happy when he landed it though. Saw many skins that had about a pound of meat still attached to them. My biggest WTF moment was when a guy tossed a rack into somebody's bushes at dingdong. Lastly the group of 20 or so people watch a gentleman reel in a fish for 30 minutes before someone got out of their truck and handlined in 50 pounds of seeweed