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  1. I tried my spot like that ^ this past Saturday. No luck yet. Nice to cast at the ocean again.
  2. I'm interested in the Gosa. Any trades besides the 11' rod?
  3. Sorry to hear about that. It's good to know your limitations though. Lots of good stuff in there. Love that spheros.
  4. Very cool. I think the gills turned out good.
  5. Wicked smaaht
  6. The way I worded it made it seem like I wipe the paint with acetone. I do one coat of epoxy on top of the paint. Sand real good. Wipe with acetone. Apply a second coat and sometimes a third. Probably overkill but I've had some messed up finishes from contamination.
  7. I like etex but it can be tempermental stuff. Wipe down with acetone and do 2+ coats.
  8. ^nice bellys on them there fish. Very healthy.
  9. Looking good! Giving away your best work will keep on pushing you to get better and better. You'll always want to build more and replace what's gone. Plus a couple more. Very addictive hobby.
  10. I'm not one to baitfish often but find that to be true for most things. Streamline as much as possible and you'll be the most effective.
  11. You should always trust Nicks
  12. All great choices so far. A couple top water, a couple swimmers, some buck tails is all you really need. Maybe get some epoxy jigs for any speedsters cruising the beach.
  13. I'd switch out the through wire and swivels too. A lot easier then you'd think. Search over in the lure building forum on how to tail wrap.
  14. Nice dude! I can't wait to throw them too. I need some warmer water.
  15. I gave up on the overly complicated knots at night. I lack patience and would often rush them and tie it poorly. Night time waste deep I go uni to uni and have far less problems. I feel the swivel isn't necessary.