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  1. That’s exciting! I’m ready to chase some funny fish.
  2. Strange. I hope someone with more experience chimes in. Maybe ask Tinman Dan. He def knows his stuff.
  3. I’m no expert but I get voids if the mold isn’t heated up thoroughly. Did you pour a couple rounds without hooks to warm her up?
  4. I started my personal moratorium a couple years ago and haven’t kept a bass since. All Stripers should go back in the drink unless you can’t revive em. So many better tasting fish in the sea anyway...
  5. Looks like a great trip!
  6. Not trying to be rude but why not buy a 200 spool. I'm pretty sure the 175 and 200 are interchangeable. I'm thinking of picking up a 125 spool for my 150.
  7. I would put my money in hickory. Def had that golden color on the shoulders and big eyes. Not too sure about the jaw. I was on a paddle board so taking a picture wasn't an option.
  8. I found some in the Sakonnet River last weekend. I wasn't sure if they were hickory or American shad. Went back that night hoping to find huge bass feeding on them. Desolate.
  9. $3 a set back in 1927. I wonder how much the Chinese are paying for seal junk these days?
  10. I did not know him but it is always sad to lose someone in the community. My condolences to those that did know him.
  11. No worries. Stop by the Saltwaters Edge at some point too. Great shop, tons of knowledge.
  12. I'll second Scott. Great guy and fisherman! Both spinning and fly. Any chance is that wedding Sunday at Regatta place? That's where I'll be instead of fishing.
  13. A lot of wedding venues in Newport are on the water too. I say bring the rod to the reception.
  14. Haha! I have two kids under 4 and Blippi is a gift and a curse. Dude definitely has a private island somewhere by now. $$$$
  15. Too harsh for the human? Epoxy? Or both? I'd like to prolong life of all involved. Might have to give alcohol a try.