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  1. My wife and I each have our own cars (pickup truck and Honda Civic, respectively). Our third vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler YJ. Our main vehicles are used mostly for commuting to work. In addition, at times I have to drive a company vehicle and have to leave my truck at work for periods of up to a week. It's nice to have the Jeep at home so I can use it if need be. The Jeep also serves as our beach buggy, as well as a tow vehicle for my boat and utility trailer. Since it's just my wife and I (no kids), the extra insurance is negligible. If we put 2500 miles a year on the Jeep, that'd be a lot. I feel it's worth it to have it around.
  2. Last year, I knocked out an aggressive tom turkey with a snow shovel. After a little recovery period, he was no worse for the wear. Two toms were in the area at the time and they were super aggressive - pecking windows and cars, tearing up lawns, chasing people, etc. I believe the state ended up having to kill them both a few weeks afterward. I called my local dog catcher and MassWildlife. MassWildlife said, in the case of the turkeys, I was within my right to dispatch one if it was threatening me or my property. The only caveat was that the kill had to be reported to the Mass Environmental Police. I don't know how much of an issue it would be to go through that. Just like another poster said, as far as a coyote or other larger animal went, I'd do what needed to be done and worry about the ramifications later.
  3. You can try a local Private Investigator. Alternatively, you can register with the State (I assume you mean MA, Bob) for iCORI and do it that way. Supposedly, you have to have the tenant agree to the background check, and your reasons for not allowing (smokers, previous evictions, arrests) should be spelled out before hand.
  4. I used painter's tape actually! One band around the arch of my foot, and another up on my calf.
  5. After searching in vain for leaks, I simply resorted to wearing a garbage bag over my foot/leg. It was far less annoying than trying to find the leak or getting cold.
  6. Just added this to my tattoo collection.
  7. I found that my east-facing grounds did get pummeled. There seemed to be more sand in areas than there was before. The marsh was torn up in places. There also was a lot of freshly dead quahogs from very small to about cherry stone size on the beach and throughout the areas I raked. I raked after the hard freeze and I didn’t see all the dead quahogs, but that’s not to say the ice didn’t play a role too. I got close to a peck, but it took some time. I used my newest Ribb rake. I ended up calling Ribb and they put me on to a 9-tooth rake (standard basket) but with 5 inch tines. Definitely helped get down to where the quahogs were.
  8. Yeah buddy! Can’t wait till this weather warms up so you can test some of these!
  9. The Gail Ellen Rose was re-named the Quitsa Strider II and operated out of Menemsha. It may have been sold in or around 2014. There's quite a few interesting articles about the boat (and fisheries regulations/issues) in the Vineyard Gazette. Nothing on Santa Cruz...
  10. Turks re-opened March 7th. Try the lobster bomb if you like cooked sushi.
  11. Sounds like DMF is reopening a lot of areas to shellfishing on the morning of Friday March 9. Too bad the tides are crappy. I’d love to get out this weekend.
  12. I have a perfectly fine 9-tooth Ribb that I love. The problem is that in the winter AND on my particular grounds, I have to work the rake (similar to bullraking) to the point where the handle feels like it’s going to snap. In the summer, I don’t have the same problems.
  13. Does anyone have experience/reviews of the Ribb “baby back” w 4.25” tines or the “snapping turtle” w 5” tines? I do all of my winter quahogging in sandy areas. I’d like to get something that can dig a little deeper but still is basket-style. I’m not a fan of scratcher style rakes.
  14. I went out today to try my new Ribb mini-mini bull rake. I think I need to spend more time learning the feel of the rake to gauge if I really even like it. I ended up with a half peck of quahogs. I had a nasty leak in one of my wader boots, so I hauled out when I couldn’t feel my foot any longer. Time to replace my waders! I may see if Ribb can make me a new rake with longer-than-standard tines. I feel like wintertime quahogs are just out of reach of the standard tines. I plan to make a miso clam chowder with some of my catch tomorrow.
  15. My reply has been sitting in the mod queue for a few hours so I figured I would reply again. She previously fished out of Point Judith, RI, but is now based out of New Bedford (Atlantic Capes Fisheries). USCG Doc No. 599098 There are some pics online. Search the vessel name along with Point Judith or Liberty Lobster and you’ll be in luck.