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  1. Ok. So far we have the following signed up. Me lonellr southcoastphil kima repeter-parker mmanolis rayndogg19 onthefish still a over a week to sign up. Anymore takers?
  2. All the above is your answer. Best way to eliminate or better yet, get the action you are looking for is to test, test and test again. Take notes (weight size, lips, placement of weights, hook sizes, Etc) once you have the action you like take measurements and your notes and build the plug. Then fish the hell out of it.
  3. The Top Water Challenge: You make 3 Top water plugs - all the same. Can be a pencil popper, wide mouth popper, spook, etc. No lips allowed. The plug needs to be at least 6 inches long or more You must take a video of the plug once it is complete to show the action of the plug and post it to this thread Everyone votes on the Best Plug (ex. Action, shape, paint,look, etc) Winner of the best plug gets 1 plug from each builder including keeping one that won the remainder plugs (2 ea) will be random drawing and treated like a plug swap until everyone has selected 2 choices. This will start June 1st and end on August 31st. Starting on a 9/1 we will vote and do the swap on the other 2 plugs. Who's in?
  4. RIP Bernzy
  5. Jeep Cherokee Forum is awesome. I picked up my XJ 3 years ago and lived on the site learning what to check and keep an eye on. Every time I needed to troubleshoot or wanted to change something I found my answer and others to help guide me. Well worth checking it out.
  6. Sorry about that. Hope you find a couple
  7. This is it. The lip on the right is a 2L mid. Let me know if it’s what you are looking for. I can spare 5 no problem.
  8. Hey Seed. I have a bunch of large ones I got in a trade last year. Not sure if they are what you’re looking for though. I’ll take a pic of them compared to a pikie #1 and post tomorrow morning. Then let me know and I’ll send them along if they are what you need.
  9. Kindling wood the past 2 days. All ended up in the fire pit box. No matter what I did, I messed up. (Through wire misses, bad lip slot cuts, plugs blowing up at me off the lathe) Been building for a few years and don’t think I’ve ever messed up so many plugs at one time. Need to take a break for a bit I think. Lol.
  10. ^^ what’s the story with this one. Lol
  11. Got my 2. Can’t wait to throw them !!
  12. All 3 of mine shipped yesterday !
  13. My process is very similar to Lonellr. Only difference is I use e-Tex for seal and final coats (2). The dry time depends on the weather. I’m in New England and if it’s cold, I leave more time for drying and/or currIng.
  14. The Peanut Bunker Challenge has ended. Congratulations to Mmanolis & Seed420. Very nice job by all the builders. This was a lot of fun and a great time. Everyone should be personal messaging each other for address for shipment. As you catch with the plugs made in this challenge, post the pics to this post. I’m sure everyone would like feedback on their builds. Feedback makes us better. Anyone up for another challenge in a few weeks? (Possible due date of July / August)
  15. I’ll take mrscotts !!