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  1. Mr. scottt. - I have had too much epoxy on one side before due the plug was too loose in the spinner. As they spin, there should be no bounce and/or movement at all. (depending on how long the epoxy has been drying on the spinner). You can do what you did. Use a razor blade to cut off and then just let it keep spinning. If the epoxy is still setting up, it will be fine once the curing process is done. If it is too late then cutting off the excess, fine sanding and re-epoxy is the way to go. As for rpm, I’m not sure what rotation mine is. I picked up a rotisserie from one of the box stores. You using the old electric heater is a great idea. That thing is awesome !!
  2. I get mine at the local pharmacy. They sold me a Bag of them for $3. (15 or so). Usually a one time use but I think if you run some hot water through them you could probably get a second use of them. The exit hole is about 3/8”. I do wish it was smaller but with heating up the epoxy it works.
  3. ^^^ very nice !
  4. Great action and you are right. “You never know “. I’ll take one too
  5. Re-wire and replace hardware and fish them.
  6. Do you still have the box it came in? If do, should have total weight on it and call post office for an idea at cost
  7. Soupy & cheese, shrimp, wings of all flavors, pizza, chicken tacos, variety of dips.
  8. For the videos for the challenge. Can everyone use YouTube for testing if they want to show us before the final look and video is done? As for the final viewing for voting. I’d like everyone to email me a picture of the finished plug and final video. This will allow me to put them all together in one post for voting. I’ll PM everyone my email once we get closer to the due date. (2 weeks out). Let me know if anyone has any concerns with this.
  9. Curious to why I cannot view the video. It populated then goes to black but does not play. Thoughts?
  10. Very cool. Is that just a bead with a tack nail ?
  11. I cut the posts off and glue the eye direct. If you are drilling for the post makes it harder to ensure the plug is sealed properly.
  12. I’ve used many different eyes on my builds. I also have a bunch of them from Lisa & Ed along with a variety (all sizes) of 3D and stick eyes. I usually use a fostner bit and choose the depth I like and I just started using a brad point bit for them. Both drill bits do the job but provide a different type of cut for them. I’ve also used a ball rasp to make the eye holes larger for looks as stated above. The eyes (in my opinion) make certain plugs look better and I’m sure they assist in attracting fish. I really like the old school yellow and black stick on eyes and have made plugs with them. The look just brings me back to plugs my grandfather used to throw. I make a danny plug blind and with eyes and have found that the blind catches more fish regularly. Found this out last fall during the fall run. I was throwing one of the blind Danny’s and my buddy was throwing the same plug, same color but with eyes.
  13. Very nice mmanolis.
  14. Thanks kyrndam. Sealed and primed. Went looking to find some open water to test yesterday with no luck. Hopefully soon.
  15. I have 2 badgers - a 350 great for 1st coats and full colors and a 105 Patriot - use for details. Both not expensive.