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  1. Guys. I know people have been chasing fish and summers are tough for building. Should we extend a couple weeks so everyone can get their builds completed? Please comment.
  2. Very cool. A lot of good information traded for sure. Would love to see more pics if you have them.
  3. Ok we are into August (where the hell the did June & July go?). How is everyone doing?
  4. I watched the video and they say that it swam away. Think it survived?
  5. Nice looking plugs guys. I’ve finished my testing and happy with the results. I’ll be making AYC spooks, 6”, 2.5 oz. just need to do some drilling, seal and paint.
  6. Check the link in the post. I took a close up picture of the hardware. I’m not sure what they are called.
  7. Check this older post.
  8. Awful quiet in here lately. Everyone fishing and enjoying the weather ? I’ll be testing next week and hope to show what I have in the works. Soutcoastphil. Plenty of time to do something else. Stay in.
  9. ^^ good looking plugs !
  10. ^^ very nice. I’ll take the 3rd one and and last one
  11. Looking good OnTheFish. I’ve got 2 versions going right now. Need to test before showing the “goods”. Lol.
  12. We are all touched
  13. ^ mahogany ?
  14. Done ! You’re in !!
  15. We have 14 participants. Let the building begin! Post progress, questions, etc. antagonizer lonellr southcoastphil kima repeter-parker mmanolis rayndogg19 onthefish mr scott livefreeordie chunkah wvbud22 kent1 rrocco Seed420