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  1. Awesome ! Great list of builders here. Looking forward to everyone's creativity and differences in them.
  2. Sorry for the delay. Body of plug can not be longer than 4" long. Peanut Bunker plugs can be a variety of dimensions with metal lip or without. The length of the lip is not counted towards the 4" unless you want to make a small plug that is. As for a pencil, to me, that is not a peanut Bunker. Peanut Bunker are small and swim below or just below the surface. I hope this helps. I'll post a list shortly of whose in. Let me know if there are any more questions
  3. I've been thinking about this for a while. I caught a bunch of stripers this year on peanut bunker plugs (from a variety of builders, including some of mine). It's a great bait to throw throughout the year and there are many variations. So here's how it would work. Peanut Bunker Challenge: You make 3 Peanut Bunker plugs - all the same the plug can be no bigger then 4 inches long (not including lip) you must take a video of the plug once it is complete to show the action of the plug and post it to this thread Everyone votes on the Best Plug (ex. Action, shape, paint,look, etc) Winner of the best plug gets 1 plug from each builder including keeping one that won the remainder plugs (2 ea) will be random drawing and treated like a plug swap until everyone has selected 2 choices. This would start after the holidays on Jan 8th with a due date of April 1st (not an April fools joke) Starting on a 4/1, we will vote and do the swap on the other 2 plugs. Who knows if the participation is good, we could do this on any type of plug. Thoughts? Who's in?
  4. Very nice and clean!!
  5. Yes, etex. Wicking? I also heat etex tubes in hot water before mixing. I've done 12-15 plugs before the etex sets up and I don't expect to get anymore than that. Takes time to do a lot of plugs so you will have to mix a few batches up if need be.
  6. I do not thin, heat plug first. Better results in my opinion.
  7. My great grandfather (a post card was made of him surfcasting that's been around a long time) and grandfather were both avid surfcast fisherman. I never had the chance to fish with either of them (wish I had) and the other day my uncle gave me a shoe box of lures (pictured) that were my great grandfathers. Cool to see a couple of the poppers he added lead probably so he could cast it farther to reach the fish. Anyone have any info on the poppers on the right side? The creek chub pinkies are awesome. Any idea on the year they were made? Appreciate any replies.
  8. I'm in. I will do the same when I hit 1,000 !
  9. Wow..... that is sick ! Mother Nature!
  10. Buddy got this Albie drifting it in the rip on an outgoing tide on a small swimmer I made this year.
  11. Couple today on a gold peanut I built couple years ago.
  12. Couple pics from the plugs I got from JigMan and Lonellr. Great action on both.
  13. Thanks for posting this. Good information and understanding on the sealing process.
  14. Very cool. I knocked my teeth out on a half pipe too. Never knew I did it until I went to drop in again.
  15. GREAT looking plugs guys !! Very fishy.