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  1. buy sell trade
  2. Sounds like Sciaenops fever. It can be nasty. Only one cure.
  3. Cool tail spot sequence
  4. Megdrumadon
  5. Formula puts it at 60lbs
  6. That fish is grotesque. Glad I didn’t catch it.
  7. Sphinx Moth
  8. Same here. Was great to see everyone. What great weather we had.
  9. Cool tail spots!
  10. Well deserved.
  11. .
  12. All these fish are so fat I assume with eggs. Trying to understand their spawning habits is fascinating. They spawn in the fall, drop their eggs at the mouths of estuaries and inlets etc. Their eggs are just the correct specific gravity that with each successful tide they work their way up to the marshes. Incoming tide is saltier and more dense so they suspend and follow the tide. Outgoing is more fresh and less dense so they sink where tidal action is minimal. Wonder if best bite is after they spawn and maybe yet to come. Wishful thinking maybe. Hey Mike, Awesome Possum deserves that swelled head. Mine is still swelled from that Cobia in my Avatar and I am still showing it off. We can never be too humble. lol. Hope you're doing OK
  13. I am betting his head is a lot bigger after he caught that fish.
  14. What a fatty