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  1. Good post Slater
  2. Catches his name sake. Well done
  3. Yes back in the Tangier and Pocomoke sounds in summer and fish are large. Sight cast Soft crab to them.
  4. No striper run again this Fall??? Us landlocked folks need to see some AI Striper pics. Used to always struggle between Deer rut and Striper fishing this time of year. So sad. I guess they will continue to stay off shore where the bait is and become sitting ducks at the CBBT this winter.
  5. One big one per day Alabama
  6. Frenchmen is down in Gulf Shores area and they are catching 16 Reds a night most around 40 to 43in. Nobody surf fishes down there. Reds seem to be as common as skates at AI this time of year. All about boats there. What I find weird is creel limit is 3/day to 26in and one can be over 26in. out to 9miles.
  7. lol remember that day. Was when there were monstrous wave shore breaks that were so loud we thought it was scaring the fish. I think since it was your rod it only counted as a 1/2 fish each. Now Steve about spinning rods. You know as pictured above in your left hand your noodle spinner out catches every thing.
  8. So
  9. Nice. Looks like your Avatar
  10. Dude you got to keep fighting fish tension in the spike cause you aint got no line on those tiny little reels. Watching you hook up couple weeks back gave me an anxiety watching. Marcus says there was 100 yds left on that spool. No way Jose. However bottom line was your end results speak for them selves so WTH do I know.
  11. buy sell trade
  12. Sounds like Sciaenops fever. It can be nasty. Only one cure.
  13. Cool tail spot sequence
  14. Megdrumadon
  15. Formula puts it at 60lbs