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  1. Whiting
  2. Banded rudder fish? I had to look that up.
  3. Cobia maybe????
  4. WMO

    Nice day at the office
  5. WMO

    They really did a good job with the drone shots this year for us land lockers without a life.
  6. WMO

    Second 83 was not gaffed takes first
  7. WMO

    83lber fat entire length
  8. Try this
  9. WMO

    75lb white worth a 2.6 mil as it stand now. Man that could buy lots of gas. At least get their entrance Calcutta cost back. lol
  10. WMO

    I think they need to raise the length to 69in to better match the 70lb weight. There were a few at 67in but fell short of 70lb.
  11. WMO

    881 lbs Yikes
  12. WMO

    65 lb white just weighed. Bummer. Word of monster Blue coming in.
  13. Nice weather for the small boats.
  14. One was caught on squid already.