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  1. Looks like a Rough tail ray. They are just plain nasty with a very bad attitude. They get real real big also.
  2. Btw don’t get them confused with the cold water skates that roll up in a ball. They be nasty.
  3. Been eating clear nosed skates for years. Has a shellfish taste. Very sweet tender and distinct but freaky are the bones as remind me of human finger bones
  4. 50in thought it was a man in brown suit. Kicked me butt
  5. Simply awesome Chris. Staying in Buxton all next week. Hoping some fish still around.
  6. Plus he fishes in VA where all the fish are and uses expensive bait by matching the hatch.
  7. Friend I work with down in NC hammered the schoolies this spring in their rivers on sound side. They have a good stock down there. I assume these fish migrate north when grown and I assume stay off shore.
  8. What about the CBBT in early winter/late fall. Fish are sitting ducks in that staging area.
  9. Awesome shots. Either you have small hands like our President or that is the biggest flea I have ever seen. Lol. Glad you a got a bunch.
  10. Pretty shots of a pretty fish
  11. Gandalf the Grey
  12. Random Fisherman