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  1. Look like keepers. Congrats
  2. Just caught bunches of trout. One way I started cooking was to skin like a catfish heavy season with lemon pepper, pepper, and hot seasonings and fry in small layer of olive in covered frying pan. Flip and cook, season other side
  3. Sorry but I hope they don't. Thinking/hoping that is why Stripers had weak showing last Spring. That sustained East wind had those Blues all up and down entire coast. Sure made for some pretty water though
  4. Great story. Gonna miss that smile this spring.
  5. Thanks My wife’s nickname was Peggy O when she was married to Bob Olfers R.I.P. She was not a Dead fan even though she was in those times and one of dem Hippie types. I just showed her Jerrys version and she loved it and told me to tell you thanks. She was even in the Vietnam march on Washington and got arrested swimming in the reflection pool. She regrets it and not her favorite moment. Now I feel old.
  6. Unbelievable your talents Allen. That needs to go on the cover of "something". Gorgeous
  7. Man the years are accelerating. Hope you have an awesome day, tight lines and healthy safe New Year. Fish On
  8. It’s the full circle of life. The final stage
  9. I have joined the light side
  10. Lol been nailing the hatchery trout until the freeze. Been eatin fresh 5 days a week. One thing Ohio does is an awesome trout stocking program but I been hitting a crystal clear spring fed pay pond. At least the pay lakes let em grow before stocking. Most fish are 14 to 16in and some larger. They had an issue with the warm fall up north at the hatchery so they missed the November stocking. The pond has airaetors so there is always water to fish if you can get a spot. With such clear water I am using number 5X tippet on my ultra light leaders. My buddy uses 7X and I can’t even see that line to tie a knot. Everyone else uses 4-6 test or even heavier and never get a bite. We cheat and use live bait IE minnows. Pic from summer cat fishing
  11. Gettin cold in these parts. Not used to this s__t!
  12. The Fish Whisperer
  13. Ditto above
  14. Thanks Allen I knew you had some good pics. I had the CF issue for longest time but must have misplaced. He hated being on that cover but I am sure deep down he was proud of it. I remember I was in my camper making some skate fish cakes when he stopped by. He gave me the weirdest look. I said the meat was good but a lot of work. Never forget that look. He would never drive by with out stopping. Seems he was always on the beach.
  15. Just noticed after my post you can see that old brown glass pole in the background. As usual Allen is always in the right place at the right time for pic.