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  1. Looks like "God"s hand squeezing the sun... Great pic... Butch
  2. Love when the little guys get into fishing...Real cool... Butch
  3. Ben what area do you fish? I fish SO CA...LA, OC & SD Countys... Down here you can get away with even smaller gear.... I use a 9’6” light Steelhead rod, 3000 Stradic ci4, 6# mono, 4# fluor leader and #6-8 Owner Misquito hook... Some guys go as light as 4#. On 1000 or even 500 size reels for sight fishing corbina. Butch
  4. Kinda late, but the finished product on the Kamado.... Came out pretty darn good... Butch
  5. My favorite was warm lobster with salted butter on a roll... Served to me at a restaurant (Kelly's) in Ft. Lauderdale FL..... The lobster may have been poached in butter, I don't know.... But, man was it good.... I like lobster ok, but I loved it this way... Butch
  6. I have 2 ceramic Kamado brand Kamados, and a retired 46 year old Imperial Kamado... An insulated steel Broil King Keg ( Kinda of a steel kamado), that I use for camping... I just finished a 22 hour, 4 pork butts, over 2 briskets, 4th of July cook in the large Kamado... One basket of lump charcoal, set and didn't touch, with assistance from a BBQ Guru.... All 57-3/4#s of meat came out pretty close to perfection... Set and leave alone... I don't care about weather... Wind, temp or rain have no influence on the Kamado..... Set and leave alone... It works for me... I know you're not in the market for a charcoal smoker, But I thought I'd just throw this out there... Butch
  7. .... 32#s of pork butt and 25-3/4 #s of beef brisket, rubbed last night and going on the Kamado this afternoon..... To be fed to the hoard tomorrow, on the 4th, to celebrate our great nations independence day... Along with hot dogs, coleslaw, potato, macaroni and fruit salad, 2 cakes and all the munchies you can eat.... Beer (as long as you like IPAs) wine, champagne, sodas and ice tea all chilling in the refrigerator.....18-22 hours of BBQing to soon start... Butch
  8. Yes your filter could be the problem, but more likely, it's the power demand...As demand gets higher, some times you get voltage fluctuations, which can cause amperage fluctuations in your AC equipment... Higher amperage causes your breaker to trip.... As voltage goes down, amperage goes up, for the same amount of wattage... Not as confusing as it sounds. ... Butch
  9. That's why God gave coffee grinders handles and knobs...To keep the reel out of the sand while picing... Butch
  10. Sorry Joe....Didn't intend to be negative.... I guess Mom was right... " If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything"... Butch
  11. Yea....Don't go with gas. ... Sorry, couldn't help it..... I can't give you any help with the gassers, but good luck, and happy smoking... Oh, and, ceramics don't rust in the salt air... Butch
  12. Butch
  13. I fell down a boulder slide while flyfishing with my grandson, in the mountains...After discovering I was still alive, I realized I couldn't bend my right knee (And lotsa pain)... With my grandsons help, I crawled 20' back up the boulders to a trail... My grandson found a tree branch to use as a crutch... After a 2 mile hobble back to my truck, I looked at my grandson and said, "Looks like you'll have to drive Kyle".... With huge eyes, he said, "But Papa, I'm only 11"... ... I was able to swing my leg into the truck, and move it from gas to brake peddle, ok... We had to drive about 10-15 miles to get any cell service... But what the heck, I drove that far, I might as well drive home... ACL gone and meniscus destroyed.... No more boulder hopping for me... Be sides that the usual... A halibut and a ladyfish (different locals and times), hooked to a Lucky Craft, with the trebles also stuck in my hand.... We won't even talk about boat injuries... Guess I just never learn... Butch ...
  14. Glad you got your fish JD..WTG... Butch
  15. That is a sea-run brown, correct?....Nice surprise, indeed.... Butch