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  1. Man, now you guys got me wanting to try all these different honeys...I've been looking at what is available to buy on line....I sure did like that buckwheat honey.... Maybe I'll order a jar or two, since I can't have hives... Butch
  2. I have different varieties of palm trees (So CAL) all over my yard...The blossoms are always just loaded with bees....Of course I realize that won't help you guys in the N. Atlantic States... How much does the plant material effect the honey's taste? ....I bought some buckwheat honey, that was very strong flavored...I loved it... I suppose there is a list on the internet some where describing the different flavors of honey... Do the different bee strains make different tasting honey? I wish I had room for a couple of hives...That and my grandson is allergic... Butch
  3. Yep...Surprised I didn't spot that...And, of course, a brown pelican. ... Butch
  4. I'm sorry our fishing didn't treat you better....Piers can be tough...As a kid I used to haunt them, just to fish....Now I very rarely go there.... Come back and try the surf sometime.... A much nicer environment.... Butch
  5. You guys gotta give sight fishing corbina in skinny water a try...I have fished bonefish in the Caribbean, and this is very similar....More of a hunt, than fishing....And if you hook a 2' fish, on light gear, in 6" of water, they can be a handful...One of my favorite things to do.... Butch
  6. We usually have a mantis or two around the yard somewhere...Some brown like this guy, some green...I've got more pics and videos... Butch IMG_1342.MOV
  7. Try Cali Coast Surf Fishing on Facebook... Butch
  8. Whoaa...Sounds like you don't care much for our fishing.... True we may not have the larger surf fish, but the others are are fun on lighter gear... Try sight fishing corbina in a couple of inches of water.... Then there are always the sharks and rays.... And the offshore yellowtail and tuna fishing has been fantastic, the last couple of years...There is more to our beaches and ocean, than boobs and freaks....Of course if you are looking for boobs and freaks, they are available also. Butch
  9. JD, I know you didn't want to do a whole chicken, BUT, I would either do a bearcan or spatchcock chicken....Much juicier and more flavorful....If not that, how about a small cornish hen....One for each guest...Let them do the work of "processing"... .... Butch
  10. Hey, You'll spend 50 bucks on one meal, why not use the same amount and fish where you would really enjoy yourself...The corbina, and halibut are starting to bite pretty good right now...or as ghostfish slayer said, chase some yellowtail on a boat...Besides, we Californians could use your $50. .... Butch
  11. Thanks Hook...They don't seem to be around anymore...Still wondering about Santiam Rods ....They have a 9'6", 6-15#, 4pc for $100 that might work for me...I just don't know much about them...I see a few old post about them here...But not much info... Butch
  12. I like a 4pc rod because it fits INSIDE my suitcase, and not outside, where I have to handle it, pay for it, and keep an eye on it... My travels aren't primarily fishing trips, but the fishing is just a bonus....Thus a tag-a-long rod...Does anyone know anything about Santiam Rods out of Turner Oregon?... They seem to have a batch of travel rods... Butch
  13. Hook...What brand and model is your 4pc salmon rod? I use steelhead/salmon rods, almost exclusively, in Southern California surf, and really like the feel... I have been using two Toro Tamer Surf Explorers from Charkbait for my travel rods to the Caribbean. ....Paired with 3K and 4K Stradic ci4s ...It is well made, and I like it a lot...But it's not a steelhead/salmon rod, and I miss that action....So I was wondering where I can get 4pc 9'-9 1/2' steelhead/salmon rod ... Butch
  14. Same thing happened to me...I took in two spinning reels for service....They repaired one... The other was a cheap, older model Sedona ....They replaced it with a brand new, in box, latest model, Sedona FI....Pretty good customer service, I think... Butch
  15. I have caught over 40 (guesstimate) varieties of fish from the surf... Including bonefish, tarpon, snook, jack and small striped bass....But sightfishing a corbina or spot fin croaker in the So CA surf still gets my blood boiling....It can be very frustrating or rewarding..... True, you're not chasing 50# bass, but downsize your gear, and it can be just as much fun.... Ask the guys up north, who chase striped bass, but also enjoy fishing for surf perch... Just a different game...Give it a try... Butch