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  1. Out of shore casting reach for sure.
  2. Even slower today. Notifications can a long time to load.
  3. Lest we not forget the albie run.
  4. Anyone else finding that connecting to this site is a tad slow, when compared to connecting to other sites?
  5. Sea bass darter is sweet!!
  6. Thanks Triple B, but out done and out classed by t0phtrt for his multiple offerings of his darter.
  7. Budget is only a problem when my wife gets the mail before me, so I’ll leave this for a true qualifier.
  8. Orange BR & BM CB Sr
  9. Bms

    While you're checking . . .
  10. Bms

    2nds on lot 2 Really like the mini wadd and the gasoline and chartreuse maples. Any more? Eel skin maple perhaps?
  11. $35 lot please. Thank you for making these available.
  12. *
  13. I'm in.