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  1. #18 and 21 please
  2. Okay Dave. I understand. I'll take #14 as well.
  3. Dave - see my edit above please
  4. Any more of 3 & 4, olive over white?
  5. #9 please
  6. #1 please and I'd take #14 if you could take something off for combined shipping with #1 and the spin from the other thread
  7. Are they still on the "wheel"? This has dragged on wayyyy toooooo long, since mid-October. I tried, but I've now given up and will go elsewhere.
  8. It's no longer $100 plug with use.
  9. Dark one, if you split. GLWS
  10. As it can't see as well with one eye missing, it might affect its swimming.
  11. Sorry , I just edited it before you accepted, GLWS Had to pass, sorry
  12. .
  13. Condolences.
  14. God Bless Mary! Your wife and family too!!