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  1. I know, that’s what people say. I also hear “find the bait, find the fish.” I know that this is wrong, because if the fish were always on the bait, the bait would go extinct. I believe the migrating game fish do their migration. And the bait does what it does. So the place you catch the fish is where their migration crosses the bait’s path. The rest of the time the bait and fish are in different places. The stripers aren’t following the bait, they just run into whatever bait is wherever they migrate. The cooling of the water sometimes makes fish eat more, if they’ll be hibernating. But the stripers (over about 4 years old) migrate out to warmer water, so they don’t need fat for hibernation. If the cold water makes them head for warmer water, the cold water will kill their appetite, because all cold blooded animals eat less at lower temperatures.
  2. It happens. I think they get damaged in transport or have factory defects. G Loomis claims most breaks are from kneeling on the rods or slightly compressing the blank regularly. I believe most snaps are because of damage to the rod. Mainly because I never catch fish big enough to snap rods. But also because I never snapped a rod. Every rod I ever saw snap was 100% the person who broke my rod’s fault. Stepped on, closed in doors, closed in trunks or wedged in the rocks. I never buy rods without seeing them and bending them in the store. It’s easy to see and hear the variations from rod to rod in the store. If it makes a crunching sound inside, I pass it because it’s probably already compressed and will snap. I heard that crunching sound in a lot of St Croix rods in the store over the years.
  3. No doubt. The Triumph Surf was always good stuff. I was talking about the smaller “freshwater” Triumphs that some people use for light inshore fishing.
  4. The bait is usually nowhere near the fish that eat it. Especially at this time of year (because the fish eat less as the water gets colder).
  5. Yes. I’m sure. But it was for the better. Otherwise I’d never buy one. I can only imagine how many rods they had to replace over the years under the warranty. Had to be tons.
  6. I think there is ever so much a softer more flexible feel to them. As far as taper goes, there are very noticeable differences from rod to rod in the store, from the few that I looked at, but they seem slightly more plastic than in the past (which is a good thing IMO).
  7. That’s a surprise, they’re pretty stiff, fast rods. But I was talking in less than 10 years. I think they now have a slightly more parabolic feel and can flex all the way down to the grip and reel seat. I remember them being unbendable in the reel seat area? i was wondering if they changed the material to cut down on replacing snapped rods under warranty?
  8. I bought a few of these for the kids to learn to cast with, they seem to have a better plasticity to them than a few years back. I was going to get something (anything) else, but nothing else was as light and balanced as the St. Croix rods. They felt much stiffer and more brittle a few years back. I would never buy one because of how brittle (or crispy) they felt. Does anyone know if they now use a different blank material.
  9. No. Fish!! Its all relative, my friend. There’s a guy on here that won the Powerball and gave it to the mates on a partyboat as a tip.......
  10. I use 50lb Seaguar fluorocarbon and the most expensive hooks possible (seriously) because I love throwing money into the water. It’s good karma.
  11. They are not line shy. They swim over and either try to rip the bait off the hook and line or try to gently bite or slurp it off. Or one will be gently biting at the bait with 3 or 4 others watching and then another one will swim through them, push the rest of them out of the way, steal the bait and run. The are basically just like people shopping in Costco during the holidays. I use sinking braid (it does exist), fluorocarbon topshot and snell material (because it sinks), both 50lb test because I like the line diameter (if the braid and fluoro are the same diameter, it holds bottom better and straighter), small hooks and the lightest sinker possible. And, IMO, the thinnest, lightest rod you can use for the sinker weight— because a thinner, lighter rod will hold bottom with less weight. Most people say that’s impossible. It is, until you actually try it
  12. Secret national law enforcement database, which would never have been accessible this way (and probably would not have existed) prior to the Patriot Act.
  13. its no different than I say there’s basking sharks, shortly thereafter news reports basking shark. I say giant striped bass, shortly thereafter world record broken. I say sturgeon, shortly thereafter reports of sturgeon being caught. I say there’s bald eagles sitting on the lightposts, news later reports bald eagles. It’s all right here online time stamped and ready to go. I say this is how a foreign power would do it. This is how a foreign power does it. Start looking across the bay in Toms River and not over seas, this is where all the great threats to US national security are. I should be be remembered as better than Nostradamus.
  14. nevertheless you jest.....
  15. What if he’s calling trump a “DOTard” to make the point that he is not recognizing the amount of damage over time that got us here. If only people would think instead of treating it like a message board flame war when there’s real nukes at stake, SMH. If Hillary won, it wouldve been WWIII.