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  1. They are nasty creatures. If you try to feed them by hand, they consider you food.
  2. Anyone fishing since the 70’s can see there’s around 1/2 as many fish left. I am not against catching and killing fish. I kill a lot more fish than most people every year. But either I’m getting worse at it every year or it is getting harder and harder every year.
  3. I had farm raised reindeer from Greenland or Iceland in a fancy restaurant once - that was excellent. I could tell that it was boiled in a vacuum bag and then finished with a blow torch on the outside, after being boiled. I actually wound up meeting the chef because I could tell it had to be a farm raised male deer.
  4. I put white tail deer somewhere between the red meat equivalent of blue fish and bunker. But maybe not as bad as the dark meat from a rabbit.
  5. I’ve spent lots of time in New England and can tell you that if that is a fact, they are all terrible with the aim I was partially joking. But hunting and fishing are not very popular hobbies. They are becoming less common every year. There aren’t as many people doing it as it seems if youre one of the people that’s serious about it. Most guys who who say they’re into one of these spends a couple days a year at it. Only the die hards a are out there more than 10-20x a season. There are guys “fishing” their whole lives that have only been out there as many times as a serious fisherman is out there every year. I’m sure hunting is the same.
  6. I know, I know, I know! But seriously, they aren’t good to eat and there can’t be more than 100 serious white tail deer hunters in America and they risk lengthy prison terms if they get caught speeding on the way to the hunt with their guns in the car...........
  7. I don’t know about turkeys, but anything people hunt commercially for food goes extinct or nearly extinct. Not that many people hunt turkeys. But zillions of people eat fish. There were all kinds of animals in the US when It was discovered that are completely gone, to name a few horses, Buffalo, sturgeon and wolves. There are so many consumers of fish that all fish are being overfished. I am not against recreational fishing or hunting. I am against wild catching, trapping or harvesting of anything for the world food markets. If we eliminated or drastically restricted wild harvesting of fish and animals, there’d never be a problem with recreational hunting or fishing. Of the 350,000,000 people in America about 80-90% of the fishing population is probably a member of this site. It’s a tiny percentage of the people. Of the 7.5 Billion people in the world, nearly all of them eat fish. Everyone wants to protect the fishing and hunting industries, but the only way to do that is stop the overharvesting. Fishermen are liars. The claim that there are lots of fish out there is a fish story. The recreational fishing industry is about 80% smaller than it was 30-40 years ago. If everyone keeps lying to save the dwindling business, they will continue to overfish and continue to put themselves out of business. Im not one of these fishing and hunting is evil and everyone who does it goes to hell kind of people. But the fish are almost gone. Sharks? Most will be extinct or endangered in 50 years. No one should be fishing for any large sharks anywhere in the world.
  8. The reality is you’re wrong. Anything hunted frequently is gone or almost gone. Very few people hunt turkeys. There is hardly any wildlife at all compared to when the pilgrims landed here. The same goes for the whole planet. We are killing almost everything off.
  9. I am against trophy hunting. It is a terrible sport that causes extinctions. We farm pigs, chickens and cows for people to eat. We should be farming certain fish for people to eat, too. When it comes to recreational fishing, it should be limited to certain species that are not endangered and reproduce rapidly at sporting sizes. Anyone claiming we are not killing off way too many fish has either not done much fishing for any amount of time or is lying. Fish like the hammerhead in the OP should not be fished. Almost all large sharks are endangered. That includes sharks like Makos, which will be gone within our lifetimes. Those idiots in the video shouldn’t qualify for a fishing license. Every animal and plant hunted by people that is not farmed went extinct or is going extinct. Thats what farms are for. Big sharks collapse under their own weight out of water. Why aren’t these people protesting Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, when they boat giant great whites for TV? It’s no different than this.
  10. Thinness is overrated, IMO. So is strength. If you are fishing 10lb braid, you won’t have a problem landing a 150lb bass. Roundness and even thickness are more important. Thinness in the wind sucks. Trust me. Flat, thin line in wind that gives you a runny nose is going to be every. Single. Time. Flat, not round line will flap in the water, get caught by current and snag or tangle, plus require more weight to cast and hold bottom. And I am positive, that flatter, serrated lines will get shredded in the sandblasting area of the surf that most fish sit right behind. I look for the roundest, evenly thick/thin line. I will take roundness over thinness and break strength every time. But, I don’t go by what most people say. And I never catch big fish......
  11. It is one of the best materials, I’ve seen some on TV that mat was crazy. But couldn’t even find anyone that does it. I have boys, and find this guy hanging around everywhere—all the time!!! Funny we’re talking about this, because when we did that bathroom over, I couldn’t find anyone who does concrete!!’
  12. Concrete is nice. There’s just not enough people out there that craft it. It looks better than most stone when done right. What exactly are you doing with that poor Barbie doll?
  13. Let me guess, your hobbies include shark fishing and pictures of tuna fish bleeding to death.
  14. The only difference between Mr. Potato head and Misses Potato Head is the hat.
  15. Don’t use marble or limestone—it stains.