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  1. I have eaten American Shad and they were very tasty just gutted cook on fire wrapped in foil with oil and basic spices very bony! We were spitting lots of fine bones finger eating
  2. Is everything polluted now?...... Yes loving the Cone of Silence thing so much bizarre
  3. Early May they usually come into the Canal seems consistent even with a long cool wet Spring Off shore to multiple inland waters
  4. You heard about the rattlesnakes to.
  5. Trump has destroyed the love fest. Keep lying its looks good on the departing power
  6. 3 D Chess! Tillerson nailed it early on
  7. My favorite rod off the shelf has to be a 2 pc 11 ft Spinfisher rod circa 98? Bought from Bobby at Red Top. could fish her anywhere
  8. Modern performances available at local ATMs
  9. Nice shell work!
  10. Mission accomplished temporary relief for crooked Donald
  11. Nice trout! Thomas? Fins chewed up
  12. Pint of clams might be better
  13. In the last 45 years I have plinked thousands its fun!
  14. Saw my first chippie end of Feb Earliest I can remember in the burbs