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  1. A major injury to a rising young star isn’t funny imo Hope Wentz is ok
  2. Joking about new world record sorry
  3. Caught a 29 lb largemouth on vidoe
  4. I’m not the Donald i admit I’m a much lesser being thankfully
  5. Melanoma must hate the psycho? Maybe it’s not a death knell health issue for our most beloved President but certainly a mental breakdown at least. Hope he takes out N Korea before he fully crumbles?
  6. Good one RJ! Remember the old cannabis videos of crazed addicts? that would be me.... maybe a Trump retreat for realignment?
  7. Me to ... probably from me lol nothing short of amazing all the goings on though its exciting if nothing else
  8. Double?^^^^ Same day slow sautéed was incredible
  9. In the early 70s went out of Chatham on a six man charter on a 28 ft lobster boat most got seasick but we hauled in big cod and pollock 15 miles out in rough seas. Fresh sautéed cod was the best!
  10. Cool ill give him two months tops call it a hunch
  11. Cool ill give him two months tops call it a hunch
  12. Cool ill give him two months tops call it a hunch
  13. Culling hunts are necessary but not pretty. Locations where there are very limited predators and deer thrive and reproduce well Nature wins so management is required for their survival though many disagree there is no getting round the needed culling
  14. Very nice work Big healthy buck! I’ve known many hunters who hunted mainly on return routes to bedding areas
  15. Not here in very southern nh sure looks and feels it though