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  1. Under a bridge...
  2. I wonder if anyone being a participant on any news show wouldn’t be prepped? Is this fake news sponsored by NRA?
  3. I agree. America shouldn’t be a country where freedom of expression is allowed for any reason.
  4. Special congrats to you sir. Dedicated fans are good for any team.
  5. 50 plus years ago we used to have unbelievable catches of hard hitting white perch at the horse shoe. The Meserve family lived just up a hill close by and a couple of the boys and I fished that area a lot.
  6. Have seen Robins here scouting
  7. I would think embarrassment would over rule
  8. Fly fishing gang Thumbs up!
  9. It’s fu. Y
  10. After unhooking that guys bait from my plug 3 times I decided to move
  11. Mad scientist?
  12. Scared still cant blame yah