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  1. Wow thanks guys! very informative bunch..To think I was about to spool all of my rods with braided line. I'll go with mono and try to keep the fish away from the coral. I can see them trying to go up and over the coral after getting hooked.
  2. I suppose it was naive..I just always thought it was their main selling point and havent seen it on the package of too many mono lines. Can anyone recommend a good mono then? Do any have a smaller diameter than others or simply cast further?
  3. Thanks everyone! very helpful..Mono it is then. so why do all of these braided line manufacturers promote it as the best for abrasion resistance? thats a bit misleading isnt it
  4. I am going to be fishing around coral, barnacles and other highly abrasive surfaces and I want a line that will hold up. I read somewhere that you should have atleast 50 lb test mono for these types of conditions. If I have a 30 lb braid will it give me similar performance as far as resisting abrasion?
  5. Holly crap those are some massive Peacocks! Unfortunately I cant email him or PM him yet because I havent been a member for a week yet, but would anyone be willing to PM him and see if he would take a look at my thread? Also, If anyone has experience surf fishing in tropical waters in general (with coral reefs off the shore) I'd love to hear what you think. I assume I will need a strong braid line because the fish will probably run for cover, but any ideas for a rig? Maybe just a hearvy round weight with a leader and hook? Sorry, I just dont have much experience and have always just bought pre-made rigs. Gaspar1975, if you happen on this thread, do you know where I can find tackle in Brazil? I'll be in Sao Paulo for a while before leaving for Alagoas and everything is so remote there so I'll probably have to stock up in SP. Problem is, I cannot ever find anything remotely resembling a tackle shop down there. That would save me from having to buy it up here. My wife will probably take everything but the kitchen sink and baggage fees and weight restrictions are nuts these days.
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I look forward to learning alot from all of you in the future.. Let me explain why I joined. My wife and I love to surf fish. We dont have much gear and only get the oppurtunity to do so once a year for 4-6 days each time. I mostly rely on local bait shops for advice and rigs and they always set us up. This winter, we are going to Brazil and will be staying on the coral coast which is made up of nice deserted beaches and there is a coral reef off the shore that extends close to 200 miles parallel to the shore. I'm pretty sure there are many breaks in the reef as well..We want to fish while we are there but there are no local stores let alone bait shops as surf fishing is not popular in Brazil and this place is flat out deserted aside from a few inns. The locals use little skiffs and handlines. The problem is, I have no idea what tackle to take! We always bought pre made rigs at the local store and relied on local advice but this just blows my mind. I can post picture of the place if needed, so you guys can get an idea what the water looks like there if needed. So any ideas? What should I take as far as fishing line, sinkers, leaders, lures, etc? Will I need stronger pound test due to the coral band off the coast? What if I want to fish some estuaries and back waters? We are leaving in 2 weeks so I have to order my tackle pretty soon but this is causing me alot of anxiety on top of everything else with planning this trip. Any advice would be much appreciated..Thanks for reading