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  1. IMO, it does matter, to thin it will not stick strong to the metal surface. in the cheap, axel grease is good because it can resist heat and pressure better than the engine oil, but it sometimes a bit too thick, so i mix with some drops of engine oil. ideally and by the manufacturer side, better use the brand recommended grease, IMO especially for drag washer grease, the shimano drag grease is good not too thin and feels like silicon based. penn grease which sell in small tube also good, but when the reels use for heavy fishing, it will turns to thinnest quick, for me its just not thick enough, axel grease last longer. try to open and servicing your reel yourself, once you get used to it, you can do it quick. first timer must very much attention on details and small small parts, once used to it, it will be very easy and you can understand the problems and tune up your reels better. on some of my shimano's, whenever the plastic bushing i can change to sealed beraing, or thick/wide bearing if i can replace it with double bearing that total wide the same, i will replace. i got no job but fishing and hunting, so i pretty much have time to do some time wasting work like these kind of stuffs.
  2. air spraying usually wont work, the old dirty grease will still ther on the gear, also warm water wont work, i did that before, takes too long to clean up grease with soap. easiest with diesel fuel. thats what i think .
  3. use diesel fuel instead, apply grease after you clean it before you assembled back. when all put together, put some more grease in between all gears, grease must cover all the gears teeth, then slightly on the gear body to prevent rust or salting. do not boil the plastic part or the gear, clean up with 1 inch or half inch paint brush that wet by diesel fuel, why diesel? because it wont evaporate quick. you can also immerse while brushing the gear, the gear only, body part should brushed to clean and grease then assemble back then fill with grease. if you open the one way bearing under the spool cover shaft, do not lubricate them, it will fail the anti reverse function. you can see it like a series of tiny cylinder attached to the shaft, like 12 of them i think. get the diagram next to you at all time, to have you remember where to put it back and get you used to the parts inside the reel. forgot to mentioned, also mneed to open one screw on the line roller, it also has bearing that need to clean up and greased. the rotor side. rotor plate where the bail arm end to end, no need to open, there is nothing there but the lock mechanism. good luck and hope this helps.
  4. tufflineXp and varivas avani, then power pro.
  5. i wouldnt put mono backing to the spool, why everyone put mono backing to the spectra/braid, or tape the line to the spool. i have never experience line slipage on braid, i just make twice round to the spool and make uni knot, then spool it thru the line roller and rod, WITH tension fropm tension machine. it will spooled in tight and dense, so when you press with your finger it'll hard spoooled braid. never slip. spool the braid into the spool the way they are spooled out. thru the line rollers and rod and tension to the braid, easy.
  6. where?
  7. +1 for this post. shimano stella is one of the best. i have own and tried almost any high end reels, testing their endurance and drag stability, shimano stella SW still the best so far. i havent put my hand on the new peen torque spinning, but for smoothness and reliability stella still winner. sp[inning reels without the on/off switch makes stella more sturdy, most of the high end spinning reels for offshore has no A/R switch anymore. if need reels that you can reel out, why buy stella?.
  8. IMO, never spray wd40 into the oil port, grease wiull become thin and not stick an dprotect tthe gear. just open and clean it , lube it, put it back. follow the diagram to put bakc, its simple and easy, just do not open the one way bearing under the spool, if you loose one single bearing cylinder, it will be hard to find. start with took off the handle, then the sp[ool, the nuts that hold the spool shaft open by clockwise rotation. then the side plate, you will see that saragosa is very simple. open it and put it back on the square aluminium box that if something fall, it will fall there not on the floor. once the gear was taken off, clean up with kerosene and brush, lube them with grease or auto axle grease ors shimano gear grease(expensive) then put it back. once you have done it,m it will be easy. i am servicing all my reels (spinning and overhead and baitcaster) myself but shimano stella, on stella there are toio many parts. good luck.
  9. we calkl this knot as: Mid - knot / FG knot/GT knots, and it is very strong and pass the guide easily. we add a bit burning the mono end to form a bubble for double safety if it slip, that when tied correctly in our experience never slipped.
  10. the fluorocarbon line is made to be more abrassion resistant than the traditional monofilamen. This yozuri hybrid coated with flouru to make it invisible under water, as to my experience, this yozuri hybrid will twist easily and will curl at high tension. it also not that abrasion resistant as i expected from flouru line. so for leader with better abrasion resistant i will pick 100% flouru though it stiffer, much stiffer, but also more abrasion resistant.
  11. Tuffline XP. Easy Dry, easy cast, small diameter, & cheap. Varivas avani GT for big mumma GT.
  12. pump. lift the rod/pump, reel in while move it down and keep the line tight, the movement of the rods can also be used to keep the line tight. try winching using spinning reel, even very high end reel will be broken and the main gear will striped off. it doesn't designed to use as winch or as crane. i believed the overhead/trolling reel as shimano tiagra does not designed as winch or crane too. by pumping the pressure will be on the drag system instead on the line roller 9 spinning) or main gear (overhead reel)
  13. agree ! we did broke 2 saragosa 18.000 last year on the gt fishing expedition. if i were you, i will not bother to replace stock drag with the carbontex and cal's grease, better buy shimano stella for long lasting use and battle proven reel.
  14. yes its called kakap putih or white snapper (?), those fish were caught at borneo. dave, you should go far east of Bali for landbased, and we found a new place to bali for barra fishing.
  15. seems like that you guys barra are different with what we caught here. as to my shallow experience, barra will also take popper, even we had double bite n one 15plus cm long lure, we had that experience before. it also takes spoon, but... as we fish in the jungle, we learnt that anglers with camouflage wear will get more strikes than the ones that wearing bright color outfit. yea, landbased gt fishing is awesome next to bali island, been doing it, popping fishing, the biggest landed is 55kg GT on penn 9500ss and 1mm thick monofilamen line - still keeping the dvd when we get that fish. ---