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  1. Thank you guys, very kind of you. Kapfish, is the tri-pack Orvis vest, bought 4-5 years ago, never used here in sw During this two days Italian river trip was the ideal vest for an angler that dosen’t know exactly what to do after so many years....2 rods, 4 reels, miles of leaders and tippets .... The rod of the pics sequence is a nfc 6wt, I started the early morning with streamers without any result, than around 10am fish started feeding the surface and spent all the morning with a 6wt with 0.14mm tippet....never seen graylings so confident with so thick tippet. Had the 4wt in the car a little bit far. I had to force myself to stop fishing during a great fish activity to go back to the car around 12 but had the opportunity to fish properly in the afternoon with the streamdance 4wt. This during the second day, the first one all with 4wt rod and around 15 greylings, never seen so many and so aggressive in my life. Some local anglers told me I was very lucky to fish that river in those two very special days. Low pressure, no wind, low water level, rain and graylings aggressive in pre-spawning period.
  2. Thank you, the photographer was so kind and humble...he said "I’m a birdwatcher and this is the first time taking pictures to an angler, I don't know if you will like my three shots, I could take only three"
  3. Thank you, that river is 1h45mn drive from my hometown, with the beautiful Lake of Como in the middle
  4. After too many years absent from my natural freshwater scenes, from a day to another, I was suddenly hit by the desire to go back to my Italian Alps river. Put down my crazy 800grains two hands rod, bought a 4wt and picked up my old fly box. Two days with my beloved old parents and two days of fishing the very cold Alps of this late winter. Was a great emotion to enter again the crystal freshwater, brown trouts were lazy for the big cold but graylings were active as I never seen before. Had some like novice problems with the right choice of flies and with so thin tippets but after one hour was like I had never stopped river flyfishing for 15 long years. Nothing has changed except to the dramatic loss of my sight, so difficult to knot that small flies, and a much better health of that river after so many years of wise management by the local anglers and associations. When I was casting I saw an apparently professional photographer downstream from the opposite bank....15mn after he told me he was taking picture of birds and took also a sequence of me. He very kindly sent me these three pictures that I find very nice. Possibly the best pics of myself flyfishing. Now I am back in Lanzarote, too windy also for my two hands rod ..... :-(
  5. Wind was 10knots from my left side...easy conditions. Anyway in the same conditions I can’t cast so far with my GLX 9x9. I consider this blank sufficiently stiff, fast and light to cast "out front". I told some posts away that I am not an experienced two hand caster and less experienced in bad weather conditions, this is only a personal theory thinking about physics. For the same theory I think that a 12 feet blank would have been better, if it exists a 12’ spinning blank with those physical characteristics. Hope your project will be fine and will follow your next posts about it ;-)
  6. This topic is about an other kind of blank. The one I have used is a kind of surf-fishing Japanese blank for seabass, not a carp blank. It is very stiff, fast and light. I supposed too stiff for fly fishing but this last picture, in my opinion, shows that with a big amount of grains (+800) it bends like a modern fast fly rod. It’s a rod that weights 220grams and can cast an 800grains line easily to 100ft.
  7. The curve just before shooting
  8. With more than 800grains it seems that this rod needs more grains...the strong butt and the hard middle third call for muscles I have not :-) Is impressive the authority to pick up the whole skagit line, back cast and forward without pushing strong and 80ft are covered easily. To reach 100ft had to add 10-15ft of running line during a forward false cast. I have noticed that with some more feet out of the tip the loop get narrower. Never seen so much running line in my basket. It’s a stiff and fast rod and timing is very important, have done various bad casts. Obviously not a pleasure to fish, just funny to cast because the line travels so fast and had the impression that with more muscles and more grains it could do much better. I have built it just as an experiment but for European bass it is too powered. It could be perfect here only for Bluefish. Have a Beluah DH surf and I feel its charging limit when I force it with an OB10wt, this very conic profile Daiwa blank seems to not have limits but with a very sensible tip relatively to all that strength. Take all these words considering my poor experience with DH rods. I would be curious to see my rod in some good hands...the only problem is that I live a little bit hidden in the East Atlantic. :-)
  9. Loaded with 500 grams. Tip 80cm deflected from the rest position
  10. Sorry, wrong thread...
  11. Finally my rod was built :-) Tried last week into the surf with mild lateral wind. It casts easily 720grains Skagit + 120grains Mow 7.5/2.5 and I think it would need a heavier Mow tip (I ordered an extra-heavy Mow tip). 80ft very easily just picking up the head , back cast and forward. The rod weights 220gr and I could have done better with a 11’ blank instead of a 10’ blank more 1ft extension and a too heavy reel seat. As obvious with guides mounted the blank smoothered a little bit. Soon some photos and more thoughts about this little monster.
  12. Yes, when the fish came very close to me I walked 3-4 mts on the left to open the angle tip-line and waited 4-5 waves before the right one landed the fish. Sincerely thinking more about the two last big bass lost under my feet because the rod was too vertical to the fish...two times the hook out. Anyway I know this rod is a bit delicate...but the favourite in my arsenal.
  13. Thank you Rook ;-)
  14. Thank you guys, sincerely waves were 8 to 9 feet high but I found little wind and a warm evening (26 Celsius). Rain jacket, swimming shorts and felt sole boots
  15. Hard out front in Lanzarote Island this afternoon at high tide. Great fight and very difficult to land this bass, big waves and a very complicate shoreline, volcanic rocks everywhere... Thanks to the SOL guys for inspirating to fly fishing the surf