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  1. Yes, when the fish came very close to me I walked 3-4 mts on the left to open the angle tip-line and waited 4-5 waves before the right one landed the fish. Sincerely thinking more about the two last big bass lost under my feet because the rod was too vertical to the fish...two times the hook out. Anyway I know this rod is a bit delicate...but the favourite in my arsenal.
  2. Thank you Rook ;-)
  3. Thank you guys, sincerely waves were 8 to 9 feet high but I found little wind and a warm evening (26 Celsius). Rain jacket, swimming shorts and felt sole boots
  4. Hard out front in Lanzarote Island this afternoon at high tide. Great fight and very difficult to land this bass, big waves and a very complicate shoreline, volcanic rocks everywhere... Thanks to the SOL guys for inspirating to fly fishing the surf
  5. Removed (repeated)
  6. Just bought for 300 dollars a new Streamdance GLX #4 bidding on eBay. I think Loomis has just discontinued Streamdance as they disappeared from the official website two days ago
  7. Have a BVK 9, stiff rod. Light but not light swinging. In my opinion a rod that must be overlined. Starded with a Bermuda TT #10 (310grains) and ended up satisfied with the Outbound #9 (375grains) Never tried but think it can handle some more grains
  8. Thank you Esa and Mike, I was thinking a lower handle about 18cm long just to improve the efficiency of my back cast that is always weaker than the forward cast. I've considered this length also from the experience with the Opal (14cm long). One inch longer would not disturb on my opinion. My way to hold the rod with left hand is something between Esa and Mike, I tend to hold the round knob in the center of my palm, that is the reason why I choose an oval tapered rear grip.(max diameter 3cm) Than, due to the chronic tenderness to my right elbow, I think the longer the rear grip the longer is the lever from the left hand and less stressed should be my right arm.
  9. Have received last week all the hardware to follow with my project... A Rec guide was missing from the box... Waiting they ship it and finally I will start (a friend of mine will do the job). Placed all pieces on the scale and 210-220grams should be the final weight of the rod. What length do you suggest for the rear grip considering that, if the rod works :-) , it will be overhead casted only? At the end I decided for two (16 and 10)Torzite and single foot Rec (6 and 5)for the other guides. Not snakes to not improve the stiff character of the blank. I repeat, in my opinion too fast for fly fishing... I will see...
  10. I can't say a bad word about my #8 and #9 TFO BVK. Wt8 was the rod that holded my hand in the first steps of saltwater fly fishing after many years of fresh waters than bought the 9wt for windy days. Much stiffer but great caster too. I noticed more than one weight size between these two rods (I think the 9wt is more a 10) Than I have made the mistake to buy a 10wt Nrx with the illusion to be better than the 9wt BVK... felt it "gummy" and even heavier than bvk #9 but paid less than 500 and I will able to sell it easier. The only "luxury" rod I have paid full price is a new Opal Surf and I am happy with but I imagined it a bit faster rod... In other words the two rods that engaged better with my casting style were the cheapest ones. Than for 250 dollars an italian friend of mine sold me a mint conditions GLX classic nine nine 4pcs, when I cast it the first time I was so happy to have found my perfect style wt9, extremely swing light and steady into a moderate wind. After the bad experience with the Nrx I realized that searching for gently used high end rods could be the way Now I taught fly casting to a spinning friend of mine and he wanted to buy my beloved bvk 8. Sincerely I didn't need those 150 euros offered but with those glx sensations in my mind I decided to stay without wt8 in my arsenal for a while and to search patiently for another used glx or, in case, for a second hand Sage Method. Went back to my home country for Xmas and visited my favorite fly shop in Milan. They recognized me after so many years and don't know exactly why and how I entered my car with a new sparkling glx classic #8 2pcs for 127 Euros.
  11. Lanzarote is much more extreme and more windy... but more natural, yesterday evening, at the top of high tide, a friend of mine caught a 3,5kg bass in the big surf with spinning rod. This is the best season, hope my job and wind leave me time to chase them these weeks. I have not experience with Skagit heads and tips, thank you for your advices.
  12. Next time come and visit household shops here in Lanzarote :-D
  13. Back in Milan for Xmas Bought in the fly shop an Airflo Skagit G2 Compact (24 feet - 720 grains ), when I will be back in Lanzarote I will try and add some 100 grains tips if necessary but it means adding 10 more feet to the belly. I think too much for a short rod. Anyway I will tell you next year :-) Happy Christmas to everyone
  14. Mike, I was only comparing the behaviour of long and short spinning rods. All spinning rods are TH rods so the only comparison could be done with TH fly rods. Casting spinning rods I have noted that with short rods I can apply the same amount of power, my arms are capable to, with a faster movement. And that short spinning rods have problems with bulky lures. Could be that short TH fly rods benefit more from short shooting heads with more concentrated weight? I would like to follow with DH and SH rods but my elbow has not completely healed.
  15. Thanks Esa, now I know what a clothes line is and what is its most logical use :-D