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  1. Agree on that, nice and even tough freshwater reel, from the El cheapo shimano's, the Nexave FB is also very nice.
  2. Ron, how old are yah in here
  3. I like it, i think there is no reason it will not catch fish especially in fresh water , cool Medusa
  4. I like those shrimp, very realistic , the other flies looks great to
  5. "Bob's Banger" thanks Go...oogle , Bob !, you are such a Banger LOL, sorry guys Now seriously, thanks guy, i found some really good ideas related to "Bob's Banger", and also interesting one while googling for "Rose Lipped Popper", it's a lipped fly "CRAB", really like it ,they look nice, Thanks.
  6. The head is not glued yet, just put it on to get the photo I'm gonna seal the head with a sealer and then I'll put epoxy resin on it, also maybe i will change the hook type, if you have any idea on it, i like to hear it. Thank you
  7. I like the colors you have choose, the green one on the wood is awesome. the two flies in the bottom of your post have slipped from the hook or that how they are tied ?
  8. you can be my partner, 50/50 on it , we gonna break the market
  9. So now i'm a pioneer .....I wish i was !
  10. That exact bunch, what i have picked up , all of them, beautiful !
  11. I think those are driving me crazy , that is what i'm going to do, more or less, when i'll grow up
  12. Sorry to hear that....prayers and thoughts sent, good luck.
  13. If i had those, i would hide them from my Gal, for her it's a nice looking earrings Thank you for sharing, just great
  14. What a nice color, looks like a dancer outfit, don't let it get wet
  15. This is something i am working on, I didn't decided yet what i am going to tie on it , but i wanted you to look threw the making process, the lip is made from a piece of brass and not from plastic because i'll need the extra weight, I'll post more pics when i'm done. Any ideas and questions are welcomed.