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  1. Video won’t work. 1D1336A8-B3D0-46F4-A360-9A8D79B514BB.MOV
  2. He told me the water went up like 7 degrees in a week and held for 2 weeks. When it dropped the fish were gone.
  3. What did you use for lure? I know a spot and swore I saw a guy who targets them trailering to that ramp. No reason going out there unless he was going for them.
  4. Middle
  5. That is a good guess. I have several shaped in that fashion.
  6. That is wicked cool.
  7. When in doubt ask Peter.
  8. Albright knot. Landed many large fish over the years without an issue in saltwater. Remove the lead in the area your tying.
  9. What the canal has turned into since social media is quite disheartening. The newer folks have no idea what fun it used to be. I still go but most of the time it’s just a token effort.
  10. Ha. I wish it was my shop. I’d give myself a big friggin well earned raise. Hope my boss see’s this but he is probably on the golf course.
  11. Here is his eelskin jig
  12. I much prefer to epoxy finish the plug first then epoxy the wire in. Looks neater.
  13. I have one at work if I think of it I will post tomorrow.