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  1. Probably a long shot, don’t know what is out there for this kind of material. Looking for a very early VS black reel foot. No logo style. I know VS sells the newer ones, thought I would try this first to keep original.
  2. Very thoughtful idea. Perhaps a title change to clarify the idea and encourage it to catch on?
  3. I just noticed I botched the thread title. Can it be corrected?
  4. Is this a possibility? Maybe I’m behind the times? Is the only difference between the traditional and X lineup the line lay fix?
  5. Went in a different direction, closing thread. Thanks everyone for there help and interest.
  6. Personally, I’m moving away from Shimano. Used to be they were the best, so smooth compared to anyone else. I now find them too finicky and too many parts. Nowadays everyone else has caught up, most reels are butter smooth and easier to work on, less fickle. Shimano anti reverse hates cold weather and cold water, assuming your from a more northern climate. I’ve had the Super Stopper back spin on me too many times late in the season... -Daiwa BG 4000, incredibly smooth and dirt cheap price tag for what you get. You can get aftermarket knob that matches Slammer 3. -Penn Slammer 3 4500, I have this and it’s a solid little reel. I’m sure your gets lots of input from others. Be happy, fish don’t care! Tight Lines from NH.
  7. That’s a nice l That’s a nice looking rod.
  8. Thanks for looking, but interested in a bail setup
  9. Would you mind posting pics when u get a chance? That is a moose in your profile pic!
  10. Sounds good. I’ll check out the pics when they come in.
  11. Would you consider $650 plus I’d pick up shipping for priority flat rate box?
  12. Nope, thanks.
  13. Nice reel, but I’ll pass. Thanks.
  14. Asking price?