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  1. Lobster is better at home, too. Screwing around with them in a restaurant is a PITA.
  2. That’s hefty for date 2. What happened with the music teacher?
  3. Of course they are. If you listed the three wealthiest areas in the country, I guarantee that you are in one of them. Maseratis and Range Rovers go with the territory.
  4. And if you get hitched with her, you get government medical. Bonus.
  5. I know that its not worthy of a spot in the KML fleet, but this is rural Indiana that we are talking about.
  6. My first choice of dinner (Ivanhoe Drive-In... google it) was too crowded so I bailed. Instead I just had a crappy meal at the Hardees across the hotel parking lot. Shoulda drove 10 miles for Indiana sushi.
  7. This isn’t a typical sight for the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express.
  8. So, how WOULDA he attacked that bear?
  9. Nope. If saying you don’t trust an Intel community conclusion is treason, there would be a lot of people in prison. It was a common statement in the run up to the Iraq war... and it was correct.
  10. My cousin’s kid is at Brown. Her comment was “Eventually you reach a level where everyone in the class is smart and just being smart is no longer good enough.”
  11. I too have no party affiliation.
  12. When I went to orientation, the Dean said, we admitted 800 freshmen into this program. We can accommodate 400 sophomores. If you are here next year, the kid next to you probably won’t be. That’s just statistical fact. Work hard. Good luck. It was a nice welcome.
  13. Probably nothing. Classes start when... 5-6 weeks? And even after they start, kids add and drop classes for another couple of weeks.
  14. What would they do if you were touring the Grand Canyon this week?