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  1. Good to hear that you’re fixing it, we have a long road to Delaware for our tog adventure trip coming soon.
  2. Every single one of yous.....that’s all.
  3. Exzactly
  4. Go tigers go
  5. P/u a 55’ 4K tv with hdr including around the corner from my house
  6. I love Petey, you....not so much.
  7. Yep, I guess our boat yesterday took all the fish, lol
  8. Looks like we can’t meet up, so I’m second on the shipping if no one buys it locally
  9. Went out today again Pete, nothing to show this time. The fishing was dead today for everyone, just 5 keepers on my buddies boat today that i didn’t catch. This one was close but not close enough, had to take a pic on my others friend new jig color.
  10. I’m gonna pm you to discuss pick up arrangements, I’ll take it for now, but if it can’t work then I’ll pass. Pm coming
  11. How bout shipping to 07716?
  12. I can take this out of your hands, do u ever come down to jersey? Or y can ship it to me also, let me know how much more is to ship to 07716
  13. That’s why i left him, besides he doesn’t take care of his feet and hair.
  14. We broke up, so don’t bother.
  15. I want to touch your p parts.