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  1. I’ll take the chum
  2. I have a Ron Arra XRA126-1MH 4-6oz. It was wrapped by CMS. 270 meetup. I live in RI.
  3. I will pass, thanks for the split I know your preference was to sell the lot
  4. Thank you for posting ctown, I will take it. Pm on the way.
  5. No split on Parrot?
  6. Parrot
  7. I offered a surfster in your thread, it is the only one I had to offer. Still looking
  8. Yes it is, it’s made in the USA.
  9. I am interested
  10. Got a vs300 I can trade for the vsb100.
  11. WTB Troller SLIM and regular size. Open to colors at this point. Thank you.
  12. Sounds good to me, thanks for your time.