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  1. Withdrawn.
  2. Would you take 40 for it?
  3. Do you have any grs trollers?
  4. I guess there’s no interest in the GRS tog, I will retract my offer.
  5. Would you trade for the troller sand pikie? It is a “M” SLIM in tog.
  6. I will take BM old run 2oz bunker darter.
  7. Love to get that Dino if you split the lot. I will offer 135 shipped.
  8. I offer 35 for the top Danny with eyes.
  9. It is a old thread but in bumped it up. Looking for GRS Trollers or SLIM Trollers and open to color patterns.
  10. To the Top, thank you
  11. I will take it for 45 personal check and a promise to put the lure in salt water.
  12. I’ll take the 6” white redhead Danny with white eyes please.
  13. 2 Winches. Top one was only carried bottom one is used and has caught a few.
  14. If you’ll take 55 for them, I will take
  15. Edit.