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  1. If you let it go for 65-70$ I’ll take it.
  2. It’s all good, thank you both for giving me the opportunity. JasonV can take it, it’s a beauty of a plug.
  3. If you will split the lot, I would like the yellow.
  4. Those are Donny Jr’s
  5. I will pass, thank you
  6. If the green one is solid green, I will take it.
  7. I will take these. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the offer but I will pass on those Trollers. Looking for GRS Trollers in striped bass or other pattern.
  9. Z27, very good condition, ready to fish! $650 shipped.
  10. Green Mack darter( the one under yellow Mack)
  11. Fantastic, I will take it. Thank you. Pm on the way
  12. Thank you Sonny two, very nice plugs but they are not exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your posting. Ibe333333 yes sir, can you please post the picture and price in this thread just so we keep everything within the rules. And yes I will take it, thank you
  13. GRS Troller SLIM or Regular Troller. MACKS or Striped Bass pattern would be sweet. Thank you. ****would consider striped bass pattern of any kind surfster, slim, giant, Troller, etc...***
  14. It is a very nice needlefish.