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  1. you said you were” judging interest on what’s out there” and it’s used, not at all mint. Mint is unused never wet and brand new, not test casted. I’m being honest. Its a very nice pencil, good luck to you
  2. To be clear..... you want a GRS for a used Luna pencil popper?
  3. Jointed slopehead Conrad is the correct name
  4. I’ll take them, thank you.
  5. How much for all the j baggs without the swarter?
  6. If they are new all the better, I would gladly take em if you decide down the line. thank you
  7. I would like the two used darters on the right (gold and trans yellow)if you would split them out, gladly pay extra for the shipping split.
  8. Edited my post I see the darter I wanted was already sold.
  9. 5 please ( green)
  10. 7 Rivers you can take it, I will step aside.
  11. I will take
  12. Beautiful little gems they are, I’m trying to resist
  13. I will take #5
  14. Looking for trollers new or used
  15. I’ll trade the “m” slim storm pictured in my avatar for your “m” slim Troller.