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  1. I apologize in advance Chuck...
  2. Zane is my great uncle
  3. Negative. I bet I know who they were though. I took a walk down there on Thursday and bumped into a guy fishing. He caught a nice bow.
  4. I don't leave the house until it's red
  5. Was anyone on here fly fishing for shad on a south shore river yesterday afternoon?
  6. Hybrid perch
  7. Wow. Learn something new every day! Thanks man
  8. Pfft. It’s brown.
  9. Pretty sure that's a brown trout
  10. Everything is on your bucket list
  11. I’m used to it now.
  12. Took a canoe ride with 2 of my kids on Saturday and picked up 9 bows in a little over an hour. They had a blast.
  13. I will for sure
  14. Got one on our trail cam a couple of months back. In daylight as well. I see probably one a year between Hanover and Norwell. Usually just running across the street. I did have one walk through our yard in the late afternoon about 5-6 years back, but that's the only one I've seen in the yard outside of the trail cam. Very cool animals. There are also conflicting reports about the screaming people hear. I don't believe it's actually been confirmed that Fishers scream. In most cases it is probably a fox.