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  1. Couple of things. 1. You're much closer to a lot of North Shore locations, which I know **** about, than the cape 2. When passiton is talking about the gear he is using on the flats, that does not translate to other areas you might fish. The flats are wide open, sandy areas, with little to no structure.
  2. Where in the area did you move to? You most likely don't have to drive to the cape to find plenty of wadable areas to fish.
  3. Something to think about when you're reviving fish over the side of the boat...
  4. Damn, glad you're ok. Check out the TFO if you can. I have used my 10'6" (2-6) for pretty much everything. Great rod for the price. If you want to spend a little more, the Rainshadow 1208 SU is a very nice jigging rod. Had one, sold it because I have all but quit fishing.
  5. Yes. I have seen some big tog around the south shore in spring. I believe people start to target them when the dandelions start to show? I never target them myself. If I were to target them on the south shore, I would work the jetties.
  6. Correct. They sent me a brand new one when I sent mine back. I agree, smoother and lighter. Just not nearly as durable as a vs.
  7. No. I actually find it easier to work topwater. I think too many people fish topwater plugs way too fast. I like to keep contact and move it (in) as slow as possible while working the plug. VR is no comparison to VS. I have had both. VR did not last a season with me. Sent it back in, was replaced, sold it, bought another VS 200.
  8. Faster retrieve speed is nice to have for the canal to burn in your jig at the end of a drift. Sounds to me like the majority of your fishing is not in the canal? Deep wading, shallow water. I like a lower retrieve speed for the surf. Slower is better at night in my limited experience. You can still crank fast if you want to get your plug in, but a slow retrieve speed makes it easier to not retrieve it too fast when you don't want to. If you have the means, I would recommend a used VS 200. Not trying to be the dick who says you need a $xxx reel to catch fish, but I think it's worth the investment if you are burning through multiple reels. Based on your description of how you typically fish, it sounds like a good fit. Just my humble opinion. P.S. - it will work at the canal too...
  9. Thanks Tim. Now everyone will know... damn
  10. Thanks! I’m so there
  11. Hey FoliFish, how was mid canal, Cape side today? I'm thinking about going tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  12. I can help you out with carp (over 10 lbs) if you're willing to travel about an hour
  13. I would look to the Canal Rats to help with this. Do they still exist?
  14. I wish that was true, but not what I have experienced down there. Many of the "usuals" are the worst offenders.